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In Pakistan Muslims kill Muslims; 27 Shiites dead and more than 50 wounded in suicide attack

Posted by jagoindia on February 9, 2009

Once Muslims exterminate minorities, they start targetting each other. That is what is happening in Pakistan. To understand this phenomenon of the peaceful religion  read here

Death toll in Shiite procession bombing increases to 27
South Asia News
Feb 6, 2009,

Islamabad – The casualty toll in a suicide blast outside a Shiite mosque in the central Pakistani town of Dera Ghazi Khan climbed to 27 dead and more than 50 wounded, police said on Friday.

A suicide bomber targeted a procession of Shiite Muslims Thursday evening when they were returning to the mosque after attending a traditional mourning ceremony.

‘Three blast victims died overnight at the hospital, taking the death toll to 27,’ senior police officer Maqsoodul Hassan said.

“Pakistan has a long history of violence between extremist groups among the majority Sunni and minority Shiite Muslims, although the general population peacefully co-exists despite the sectarian differences.

Thursday’s blast follows a number of suicide and other attacks on Shiite Muslims over the past few months, mostly carried out by militants also believed to have links with Taliban fighters based in the country’s ungoverned tribal region.

Sunni Muslims make up about 80 per cent of Pakistan’s more than 160-million-strong population. Most of the rest are Shiite Muslims.”

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Canada: Sunni Muslims beat up Shia Muslims in hockey game

Posted by jagoindia on January 31, 2009

Another great example of the peace religion in action!

Dad says Muslim hockey players attacked sons over religion
Tournament spectators joined in against non-Sunni brothers

Vancouver Province; Canwest News Service
Published: Wednesday, January 28
Two brothers were attacked by opposing ball hockey players and spectators because of their religion, their father said.

Ahmed Buksh said his sons, Elijah, 21, and Izaiah, 20, were playing at the B.C. Institute of Technology gym on Sunday in a tournament put on by the B.C. Muslim Sports Association.

“It was a targeted attack on two boys. I never saw anything like it,” Buksh said.

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Font:****”It was just disgusting.

“They believe we are non-Muslim. At the end of the day, that is the cause.”

Buksh said he and his sons are Muslims, but do not follow the Sunni branch of the religion, which the sports association favours.

“I just believe in being Muslim,” he said.

According to Buksh, the derogatory comments directed toward the men turned to open hostility during the early stages of their second game of the tournament.

Both were attacked by the opposing players.

One was hit in the head by a stick and the other suffered broken teeth after being hit in the face.

“Before you know it, it was just a massive riot,” said Buksh.

“I went in there as a father and tried to help.”

Buksh said spectators, some as old as 40, were also involved in the attack.

He said their coach was also attacked when he tried to help.

Police arrived and warned the organizers that, if another fight broke out, the tournament would be shut down.

No charges have yet been laid, Burnaby RCMP said.

A spokesman for the sports association said he was unable to speak to the matter, pending an “emergency meeting.”

The 20-year-old, who was playing in the B.C. Muslim Sports Association-sponsored event, said he was warned not to play in the tournament because, though he’s a Muslim, he is not a Sunni.

The mood of the game turned tense early on when his team took an early lead. Buksh said the opposing team, made up of Sunni Muslims, told him, “You guys shouldn’t even be here. You’re not Muslim.” photo here

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In Pakistan, Muslims are killing Muslims in the name of Islam

Posted by jagoindia on January 23, 2009

There are two aspects to Muslims killing each other in Pakistan

One is the Shia Sunni clashes. Violence between Sunni and Shia factions began from early 1980s. More than 150 people have been killed in the past year alone. Around 4,000 people have killed in total. More here.

January 10, 2009
Seventeen people have been killed and 30 wounded in clashes between Sunni and Shia groups in villages in the Hangu District in northwest Pakistan, police said Saturday.

7 killed in Pak Shia-Sunni clashes
19 Jun 2008 source

The second is extremist Jihadis killing Muslims in Pakistan they dont’ agree with. All In all a big killing party by members of the peace religion.

Muslims are killing Muslims in the name of Islam

For full article read here

To be sure, terrorist violence in Pakistan predates the arrival of NATO forces in Afghanistan. In the first 9 months of 2001, even before September 11, Pakistan went through 45 bomb blasts including 12 in Quetta, 10 in Karachi, 3 in Rawalpindi and 2 each in Lahore and Peshawar (there were bomb blasts in Okara, Gujranwalla, Sialkot and Gujrat). To be certain, attacks on cable television operators, beauty parlors and on women who either refuse to wear a veil or wear western attire had become common in settled Pakistani areas several years prior to September 11. At least 2 years prior to September 11, the state of Pakistan had lost its writ over some 10,000 square kilometers of physical terrain between Tochi and Gomal rivers (all figures are based on data bases maintained by the Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS), the Institute of Conflict Management and news reports).

Raison d’être behind terrorism in Pakistan: In effect, Muslims who reject the current world order want to impose their own world view on the rest of Pakistan–and that too through violence. In essence, it is a struggle for political power, a struggle between two world views. The struggle is for the soul of Pakistan and the origin of this struggle is older than September 11. Pakistan now has more casualties from terrorist violence than does Iraq or Afghanistan. In NWFP, the entire political leadership is on the run and extremists are winning. In Punjab, there is no political consensus on fighting terrorism. Nawaz Sharif, the leader of the largest political party in Punjab, does not even view the current terrorist threat as a clash between two world views. Shahbaz Sharif says, “The government should shun someone else’s war.” Nawaz Sharif says, “There’s no reason not to engage in a dialogue with those involved in terrorist activities.”

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