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Allah in the Vedas: Zakir Naik’s lies exposed -must read

Posted by jagoindia on October 24, 2008

Excellent material to counter this shaitan who is misleading countless Hindus .  Zakir Naik and his million lies should be kicked out of India and sent to Saudi Arabia.

Allah in the Vedas: Treachery of Dr Zakir Naik
Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari,  Blog Posted By: hindtodaynews on:4/19/2008

Islam is a creed that cannot survive without lies. Any so called Islamic scholar, whenever presents a discourse on Islam before a non-Muslim civilized audience, begins with a blatant lie that Islam means piece. While, in fact, Islam is just the opposite of that called peace. Though it is well-known that Islam treats women no better than domestic animals- simply as objects for satiation of lust and a machine for procreation of children, these scholars say that the Koran has given dignity to women and Islam provides equal rights for men and women.

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35 Responses to “Allah in the Vedas: Zakir Naik’s lies exposed -must read”

  1. Desh premi said

    I would like to only ask Dr.Radheshyam Brahmachari one question.As per his name is he a unmarried male female or chakka.This is not to make him angry but tell him that the truth is only in Koran the final holy book sent by Allah in this world to make better of mankind ( books started from Vedas,Ramayana,Mahabharat,Bible,New testament bible etc.)which none of people like Dr.RSB did not understand and will never understand,otherwise he would never talk rubbish.Look deep in ones heart and you will find the almighty answering all questions.VHP,Bajrang dal,BJP ,Laskar are the real Dr.RSB..ssss.

  2. sunil said

    I request Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari to enter in to open discussion with zakirnaik in front of thousands of people ,if zakir finds guilty ,file a case against him and put him behind bars

  3. bharat said

    Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari….a simple shayri for you..kuch baat hai ki hasti mithi nahe mitaye..sadiyo raha hai dusmaan dure jaha humara….nywyz..i blve Mr. sunil is perfectly said….why dont enter in to open discussion with zakir naik in front of thousands of people..but i knw you dont hv ny evidence …

  4. Amit said

    Dr RSB You should make a debate with Dr naik ,so people should know the true

  5. rana said

    Dr Zakir Naik has been consistently spreading lies & provocating terrorism in India. If he was in Pakistan or any country, by now he would have been charged & punished.

    Like the painter Hussain, Naik has also denigraded the Indian culture by depicting wrong information through his biased and arrogant attitude.

    He claims to be a student of comparive religion but reatedly says that “don’t waste time in reading about other religion, but just remember some lines” ..obviously to put them down.. What a strange doctor!!!

    Subject these people to Sharia Law, which they preach, & stone them accordingly!!!

  6. rana said

    Enough is enough

    You’d achieve nothing by debating about any topic with a manipulating arrogant preacher who appears in tie, suits, …and so forth… and calls himself as someone loving Indian culture.

    He’s a deluded fundamentalist who can get away with glorifying terroristic idealism…. sadly only in India.

    India being too liberal and sitting on a time bomb is being looted by its own politician not only in terms of material wealth but also spiritual wealth as well. People like Naik have joined these exploiters and it’s to be seen how long they’ll prevail..

  7. Dharma Rakshak said

    Yes Allah is called Shiva in Vedas and all Muslims are urged to leave the beef eating Asura Dharma of the Arabs and join the Vedic Dharma Invincible Hindus.

  8. Understanding said

    Hi Zakir Naik always affraid of giving answers to the criticisms. He use the soft spoken Hindu religious leaders like Shri Shri Ravi Shankar who could not answer him properly. Now please try to visit where Ali Sina has challenged the fool muslim leaders like Dr. Naik to contest and debate. However, this fool has not at all replied.

  9. Common Man said

    Zakir Naik is an as*h0l*. Illopanishad was written by Dara shikoh(brother of Aurangzeb the as*h0l*), who wanted to corrupt the hindu scriptures, there by adding the rubbish ‘illopanishad’. Now that extra-ordinary ‘Saudi arabian’ bastard ‘Zakir Naik’ is parroting this to innocent hindus. First of all ‘None of the previous 24 prophets’ listed in Quran, never visited ‘Mecca’. Forget about visiting, they didnt even know there was a so-called city in the southern Arabian peninsula called ‘Mecca’. All they knew was ‘Baca’ few miles away from ‘Jerusalem’, which still exists in the nation of ‘Israel’. So there is nothing divine in the book called ‘Quran’.

  10. Indian said

    Mr Zakir Naik quotes from veda and upanishad and proves that allah and mohammed(pbuh) are there in the vedas. If any one in the world has disagreement, go to his lecture places and question him. None of the Indias will agree that he is a liar until it is proved. If every Indian accepts Islam, nothing will happen in the country as snagh parivar says. The sangh parivar are misleading the Hondu elievers from vedas and upanishads.

  11. nonbeliever said

    Why is it that the so called secularists,so called intelligentsia,Indian Muslims and Indian Christians think that that this god /allah was partial and biased towards the tribal people of a desert and gave them all the truth and gave false-hood and idol worship to sophisticated cultures like Greeks, Egyptians and Hindus. What sort of a god is this who gave divine book dealing with cleaning private parts, killing non believers, equating women to dogs etc. Why do Secularists believe that Quran and Bible are above criticism. Why do they think that sentiments of muslims and christians should not be hurt but hinduism can be lambasted. They talk of pluralism but support monotheist’s belief that their god is only god and others’gods are devils? The truth is man created god/allah/ devas to control the other man. If there was really a god he would have revealed the same truth about himself to all.

  12. S said

    The bloody history of the cult of Christianity –

    History of jihad. Scroll down the country list on the right side of the page to read about the jihad against India.

  13. Parvez K said

    Let me request Dr. Radhasyam Brahmachari to come open in front on the entire nation and have a open forum discussion with Dr. Naik.

    I think this is the best reply we can give on this forum. Understand, when we all will face Almighty Lord on the day of judgement. Get ready for it through the guided path shown to us.

    Think of the creator who gave you life and not of those who build God for namesake, it will lead you no where except Hell fire. I’ve pity on all non believers, please face the truth…

  14. The Yogi said

    I don’t understand why everyone is taking Dr Zakir Naik so seriously, in my opinion he is nothing but an ignorant fool like all deluded bigots in the world. This man doesn’t have even rudimentary knowledge of vedic philosophy nor is his understanding of Sanskrit language which is an extremely difficult language to master in the first. One must first understand that the Vedas are written in an archaic form of sankrit and every verse of vedas has a deep esoteric meaning which ignoramuses like Dr Zakir Naik are not competent enough to understand or interpret. His books and lectures are full of blatant lies wherein he deliberately twists the meaning of vedic and other sanskrit verses to suit his own vested agenda. However such tricks may work on muslims{who have no knowledge about vedic religion or scriptures} and ignorant Hindus but not on everyone else. I f anyone wants to really understand vedas then he must have superb mastery over Vedanta, yoga and of course Sanskrit and Dr Zakir Naik clearly lacks even rudimentary knowledge in these departments.
    Let me tell you all that other great Indian scholars and yogis too have interpretated vedas like Aurobindo, Swami vivekananda,Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Swami Sivanda, Swami Chinmayananda, Paramhansa Yogananda, Lokmanya Balgangadhar Tilak, and so on, and none of them have mentioned anything about Mohammed being mentioned in the vedas, so if you are trying to tell me all these people were wrong and and only Dr Zakir Naik is right then its all bullshit and nothing else. I wonder what Dr Zakir Naik aims to get from all these lies, what the heck he is trying to prove? all religions come from God and all religions lead back to God, its all mentioned in the Bhagvadgita and has also been proven by Ramakrishna Paramhansa: why muslims can’t accept this simple fact why you are still holding onto the idiotic and irrational notion that Islam is the only true religion and all other religions especially Vedic religions are false. Please use your head and be rational and learn to see the truth.

  15. Amit said

    You can read what I feel about zakir naik on my website.

  16. Amit said

    Why Zakir Naik sucks!!

  17. patrioticmonk said

    I am Hindu by birth and I am proud of that by for me Muslims are also brother as I have gone through it and it says Allah,Bhagwan is one which all Vedas say.It is time to bury the books like Quran and create vedic Islam.I am ready to challenge Zakir Naik but he should come to me as he has no knowledge,Check some of My videos which are having complete description and how I have xposed Zakir Naik.

    Just type this in Google Videos.

    Zakir Naik exposed by sanskrit scholar

    Jai Bharat Mata Ki

  18. patrioticmonk said

    Please check my videos and I have open challenge to anyone in this world , I challenge any Muslim,Hindus,Christian any scientist who want to discuss Vedas.

    I can talk Quantum Mechanics to sand from Vedas in Sanskrit

    Islam is religion of illiterates and most of the people are fooled by bit more educated Mulsims. Regarding Zakir Naik apart from Muslims no one knows him in India so question of challenge doesn’t come. When Hindus will see that they laugh and say another Muslim idiot in que as the history of Muslims are like that.Do not waste your energy just look into my videos and I will keep on exposing him.He is kid God forgive him.

    Type in Youtube of Google Videos

    Zakir Naik exposed by sanskrit scholar

  19. rk said

    Hi.. Thanks for this informative article. I really liked it. I also came across this similar site with nice articles and videos on vedic prinicples –

  20. just think said

    Are you serious? It just makes me laugh how people repeat rhetorical lies about points of view they don’t agree with trying to put them down all the while they are just achieving the opposite.

    Millions of people the world over of various religions have researched and embraced Islam and they are mostly WOMEN, who heard about how horrible Islam treats women and found out the shocking truth. When people, like the writer above, try to bash Islam or any other point of view, with out objectivity, it only increases the viewers’ intrigue and interests.

    be happy with the commentary of mindless viewers clapping for you just because you are pointlessly bashing their enemies. It’s obvious with your introduction that, not only do you lack understanding, but even objectivity to prove your claims.

    happy bashing :)

  21. dharmayoddha said

    I CHALLENGE this idiot Zakir Naik to a debate. I will challenge him on rationalism. Basic thing he tries to prove that allah and islam and mohammed is there in vedas , bible etc, and people shouold convert to islam. Islam is the ONLY true religion and all others are false. Well, Mr, Zakir Naik, then why did allah/god create non-muslims 500 crores and muslims only 100 crores. He would have created EVERYBODY as born muslim. Assuming Islam is true and hinduism is false, I want to practice my false religion and am more than willing to go to hellfire. Who is this pseudo-intellect naik to stop me from doing what I feel is right? I KNOW smoking is bad for my health, but I smoke anyway. Who is anybody to stop me?

  22. Aman said

    All Zakir Naik needs is semi-literate audience who clap on his idiotic logics and justify women being kept as sex-slaves and considering that paedophile Muhammad as a Prophet…
    All those who hv written in favour of Zakir Naik, keep clapping guys, Zakir NAik needs you…LOL

  23. Microhunt said

    “Ekkam Braham dvitiya naaste nhen na naste kinchen !!”
    – God is one, not a second; not at all, not in the least bit!!

    My comment is – “The Deaf, the dumb, the blind, shall never come to the true path”. Even if you show 1000s of signs they will stay astray. Palanhaar(Vishnu-one of the name of God) has sealed there heart!! Because He(Almighty God) knows that whether you warn them or not; they will never believe in it!!! And on the day of judgment(End of final kaliyug) they will actually experience the Rudra(shiva) form of Almighty God causing terror in their heart!!!!!!!!!!

  24. JaiDurga said

    What I do not understand that, despite using deception as a means to make converts, someone of his influence should be working on all of the problems with Islam and teaching against terrorism, bad treatment of women, against Talabani, and all other evils in Islam instead of lying and bashing other religions. Someone with his power of speech could help make that religion a much better one and he should do that instead of making false associations to bring in more converts…but I know that Islam is all about trying to convert the world; its just sad that its ‘by any means necessary’.

    Sri Ramakrishna lived and showed that you can find God through Vedanta, Christianity and Islam and you can! So why waste so much energy in making converts to a people already destined for God when it’s in your capacity to make the world for everyone a bit better?

  25. Vedantist said

    Please visit, in this site both zakir naik and islam are exposed rationally and fatally.

    Zakir Naik can be stopped if we all promote this site and go to media and put charges against him.

    So please visit this site.

  26. joy said

    Dr. ZAKIR nayak is a half doctor and he kills the patiants.

    ask him wat is god he will point allah and allah is loard siva in rigveda.

    there is no law to stop saying other religion is bad and it is this by insulting religion is the bad habit

    say about quran and its values why you need hindus vedas and christain bible , because it is the fact islam need all of these it could not stand themselfs what is happenning all muslim places every day killing and torchering why they not want to speak this . every body have too many ways to talk about american senet and its methods , but why we have our mulim contries, whether realy all of these contries are as per quran sharia, all have one dictator who will make you people slave – slavery is the simple of islam

  27. Gour Mohanty said

    I do not know what is exactly being conveyed by ‘Allah in the Vedas’.Primarily it is all bunkum and bullshit.Does this cooked up theory intend to bring respectability to Allah almighty , who does not understand a word of Sanskrit,the language of the Vedas?Or does the manufactured theory intend to bamboozle the secular Hindus whose knowledge of Sanskrit ,not to talk of Vedas,is no better than Allah , the all powerful?Surely , very few people have gone through the Vedas .They should do well to go through the Bhasya of Swami Dayananda Saeaswati or study ‘On The Vedas’ by the modern day sage Sri Aurobindo to quench their intellectual thirst than read or listen to all that balderdash spewed by Dr Zakir Naik.The secular pundits who pooh poohed the Vedas till yesterday had egg on their faces when Swami Bharati Krishna Tirtha ,the late Shankarachrya of Puri took the intellectual world by storm with his Sixteen Mathematical Principles for solving Mathematical problems.Even the present learned Shankaracharya of Puri Sri Nischalananda Saeaswati Maharaj is an adept in Vedic Mathematics.If one is genuinely interested to know the Vedas one should with all humility go to sit at the feet of such revered scholar-saints , and not pay heed to propagandists and rabble-rousers like Dr Naik and his claptrap.

  28. zakir is a fool said

    zakir naik is a terrorist. the first guy to comment in this discussion ” Desh premi ” is a rascal. He will surely become a chhaka .. let him write down. Nobody will know but that desh premi will know when he really becomes a chakka because he has called a great saint like wise. This third class zakir naik and his terrorist friends must be destryoed immediately.

  29. Sanatan -the eternal said

    Hello All,

    Few religions in this world flourish after criticising other religions. No doubt Islam is one of them.Sanatan is eternal were every one is part of it.So let us not fight for these fools who are continously arguing we are the best.

    Regarding Zakir Naik he is as fraud as fraud people brought by him like shankaracharya and fake arya samaj president.

  30. Indian said

    “Fanuk banke hifajat, jiski Hawa kare,
    wo Shama kya buze, jise roshan Khuda kare”
    It was quote that if Mr. Radhasyam Brahmachari is having very well knowledge about Hindu literature than he should surely have the guts of debate with Dr. Zakir Naik. Who is right will win, simply misleading our brothers in the name of Hinduism, which came from the name of river Sindu. Peoples who were residing near river Sindu been named later as Hindu.
    We should always respect the knowledge which is true, then whoever be the person. We should use our logic as a good knowledgeable person do. Simply on saying of some stupid one or giving there idea without knowing any one properly is like following the Donkey style. We are not Donkeys we are humans and have knowledge of thinking.
    The only truth is that’ super power who have created the Universe cannot be define by statues. It is the thing which can only be feel. God is not a human being , no one can give birth to this Super Power who only himself have given birth to all Universe. This is the common logic which any small child can understand. We are wasting our time in worshiping statues.
    Example., Take a statue of any God and drop it from the distance above, it will surely broke in to numbers of pieces. If it it is God than how it can brake, yes God cannot be in Statue. He is immortal, invisible we can only feel him. Stop worshiping statues, believe in one God which is actual truth. And still any one wants to worship any human being than worship our Mother and Father because of whom we are here to read and debate with one another. Our existence due to them and God. They are the only true replica of GOD, than may how they be, Good or Bad. They are Gods replica.
    We are at last Human with RED BLOOD, and been divided in different CAST / Religion like Shivsena, BJP And Congress. And our religious teacher are non other than like political leaders who want there party to be in power. They are to do nothing with our feelings, our development, they all are playing dirty game like Britishers have done “Divide and Rule”
    The common people fights, there house been looted, they are killed, but have heard any Ministers house been looted, or any minister died in bomb blast. They will not because they travel in Luxurious cars purchased from our TAX

    We should logically believe in our religion.

  31. hindu militant said

    I want to debate with zakir naik, that idiot doesnt take up my challenge. He is a LIAR who says prophet mahound died a natural death, I can give proof otherwise.

    Worshipping a stone idol is wrong because a idol cannot protect itself. Well, 270 muslim places of worship were destroyed in gujarat, your allah is also false god, who cannot protect his holy place nor his believers.

  32. rocky said

    Hi all i read all comments above all are logical. Why ppl let him allow to say about Vedas, do any hindu say about Islam any thing. I saw mr. naik many speech all look fake and making victim innocent people for Islam. One as we know Hindusim is world oldest art of living a human being life every thing is scientific. In Islam nothing every thing illogical. Ask mr naik why pray in Arbi language ? !!! does Allah dont understand other language and language of heart. every thing is written in Islam nothing forheart. Killing heart means killing some one but what new for Muslim to kill some one :)). Mr naik said center of earth is mecca madina . some body ask him can he tell the center of a ball . Dear if any body give me chance to face to face conversation with i bet he will find a big loser and puzzle him self.

  33. General patton said

    Mohammed himself was a terrorist in his time, when he ordered to kill those who left Islam. He took part in many battles against people just for the reason they did not accept Islam. He married ayesha, a six-year-old girl. We call this pedophilia and this is a mental disease. His actions were that of a mafia don. Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror.'” Qur’an:8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels.”

    Muhammad produced no miracles and when pressed he claimed that his miracle is the Quran. Yet a cursory look at the Quran reveals that this book is full of errors. Quran is replete with scientific heresies, historic blunders, mathematical mistakes, logical absurdities, grammatical errors and ethical fallacies. It is badly compiled and it contradicts itself. There is nothing intelligent in this book let alone miraculous. Muhammad challenged people to produce a “Surah like it” or find an error therein, yet Muslims would kill anyone who dares to criticize it. In such a climate of hypocrisy and violence truth is the first casualty.

    many species of animals are more civilized than muslims-CHARLES DARWIN

    Muslims even cant exist themselves peacefully in islamic country. This is natural, and thats what their mannual say so. cant help. the middle east is always in anarchy. they create trouble for themselves and also to the civilized world.
    what has this cult of this pedophile given to the world except war,suffering,misery.

    google “thighing” and see your reality.

    Goat-bearded, bloodthirsty monsters

    you are nothing but sperms of invaders as your great grandmothers were deflowered by ghaznis and ghoris, and you were coward enough to convert. so, do not feel proud about this

    Muslims hate Jews.
    Muslims hate Christians.
    Muslims hate Buddhists.
    Muslims hate Hindus.
    Muslims hate Zoros.
    Muslims hate Yajidis.
    Muslims hate bahis.
    Muslims hate Ahamadis.
    Muslims hate the West.
    Muslims hate Muslims.

    cult of piss

    In India, they fight with the hiindoos.

    In Thailand, they fight with the Buddhists.

    In the Philippines, they fight with the Catholics.

    In the Middle East, they fight with the Jews.

    In Europe, they fight with the cri1stians.

    In China, they fight with the communists.

    In Russia, they fight with the Russians.

    In Germany, they fight with the Protestants.

    In Malaysia, they fight with the Chinese and Indians.

    In France, they fight with the secularists .

    “cult of piss” ?

  34. S. Kapur said

    Zakir Naik is a rascal and fool. That rascal preaches against Hinduism. How such rascal is allowed to spread his falsehood in India. Usko das jute mare to uski akl thikane aa jaayegi.

  35. mani said

    zakir naik is thinking himself as a Inteligent, actually speaking he is a fool no.1 who are all follows him they are also fools… Like he said tat MANU SRUTHI says we can have non-vegetarian, but the same MANU SRUTHI says we should not have.. people should think and try to please ALLAH…..
    quran(80.24.32) says whaat we should eat.. but this non-sense is interpretating according to his mental speculation just for sense-gratification…

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