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Arrest of 5 Kerala Muslims solves Bangalore terror blasts, say police

Posted by jagoindia on February 8, 2009

Kerala terror module key in 11 accused for Bangalore blasts

Solved, claim cops: 9 held for Bangalore blasts

Feb 07, 2009

VEILED FACE OF TERROR: Abdul Sattar, a native of Malappuram in Kerala was arrested in Hyderabad.

New Delhi: Bangalore Police claims that the July 25, 2008 blasts case has been solved and all the main accused arrested. Nine persons have been arrested in connection with the serial blasts that had rocked the country’s IT hub and police say most of them are from Kerala.

The arrested men are Abdul Sattar, Abdul Jabbar, Mujeed, Faizal, Abdul Jaleel, Manaf, Sarfuddin, Badruddin and Fakria. They have all been arrested from Kerala.

The plot was revealed to the city police by Sattar during his interrogation. The Bangalore police had got his custody from the Hyderabad Police. All the arrests are linked to a Kerala-based terror module which sent youths to LeT camps in PoK.

He said that misguided local youth – who were influenced by the radical group in Kerala – were behind the blasts. “They did it to create a sensation,” he stated.

Bangalore Police Commissioner Shankar Bidri said the case was a watertight case.

“A dedicated team worked for three months on the case. The Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat Police helped us. Since no militant group had claimed the responsibilty for the blasts, our job tough was made even more tough,” he added.

“Four people who helped plan and execute the Bangalore blasts were killed by security forces in Jammu and Kashmir when they were trying to cross the border. It was major lead for our investigation,” Bidri said.

One person was killed and several people were injured on July 25, 2008, when nine low-intensity bombs exploded between 13:30 hrs IST and 14:15 hrs IST, some near the Electronic City in Bangalore.

This is the second time in two-and-a-half-years that the country’s infotech capital was struck by terror.

The Bangalore blasts followed a terror attack in the city in December 2005 and similar serial blasts in Jaipur on May 13.

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Kerala Jihadi Abdul Sattar, arrested in Andhra

Posted by jagoindia on January 26, 2009

‘Jihadi’ held in Andhra
Hyderabad, Jan. 21: Andhra police have arrested an explosives expert from Kerala who allegedly sent youths to Pakistan for training in jihadi activities in Kashmir.

Abdul Sattar, who police say designed some of the bombs that went off in Hyderabad in 2007 and in Bangalore and Ahmedabad last year, was detained in Hyderabad last week. He was today remanded in the custody of Karnataka police, which wanted him in 10 cases.

Sattar is accused of recruiting youths from Kerala and putting them through the basics of militancy in some Hyderabad madarsas before sending them to Pakistan.

Andhra police zeroed in on Sattar after arresting one of his alleged recruits, Sheikh Abdul Jabbar, from Tirur in Kerala’s Malappuram district, from Hyderabad last November. Jabbar was later handed over to Kerala police.

“With the arrest of Sattar and Jabbar, we have found out how Muslim youths in two districts of Kerala, Malappuram and Kannur, are being lured into terrorism,” said a senior intelligence official.

Police officials said Sattar, a businessman in electrical goods, had first come to Hyderabad in 2004 and stayed at Jamia Arifia Nooria, a seminary-cum-educational institution in Cyberabad’s Bandlaguda.

Sattar had links with Arifuddin, a cleric and a custodian of the seminary’s dargah who had come to Hyderabad from Kerala 20 years ago, police said.

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Kerala cops launch massive hunt for Islamic terrorists of extremist Muslim outfit, NDF

Posted by jagoindia on October 25, 2008

Islamic Terrorist organization National Development Front

From The Hindu

NDF recruitment agents for extremist groups: CPI(M)
Thiruvananthapuram (PTI): The CPI(M) in Kerala on Friday alleged that little-known Muslim group National Development Front (NDF) has turned into a recruiting agency for extremist organisations. “This is not a small thing. The Union government should investigate the terrorist link of NDF,” state party secretary Pinarayi Vijayan said during a book release function here.

“Though the terrorists are Indians, they are loyal to the people who want to destroy the nation. They get funds from foreign country and also arms training,” Vijayan claimed. He demanded that NDF’s fund source should be probed.

NDF under scanner as hunt on for jihadis in Kerala
VR Jayaraj | Kannur, Saturday, October 25, 2008,

The newly-formed anti-terrorist squad of the Kerala Police and the intelligence department on Friday launched a massive hunt for operatives of Islamist resistance outfit National Development Front (NDF) after they confirmed several of its activists had links with terror elements outside the State.

The search for such operatives had begun after the police were convinced of this with the arrest of NDF activist Abdul Jaleel of Edakkad, Kannur, on Sunday, even as top police officials said that an intense probe was necessary with the possibility that Kerala could have become a recruitment base for terror outfits outside the State.

A large number of NDF activists in Kannur district were under police scanner for their suspected links with terror groups. The investigators have intensified surveillance on NDF workers in Kannur, Malappuram, Kozhikode and Ernakulam districts on the basis of information provided by Jaleel, who had received calls on his mobile phone till October 5 from one or both of the Malayalee militants killed in Lolab, Kashmir on October 7.

The NDF, campaigning in Kerala as an Islamic resistance force, could have of late become an outfit from which terror operatives were being recruited, sources in the police said. They confirmed that the focus now was indeed on the NDF as the persons arrested or questioned so far had some connection with the outfit.

Apart from the police investigation on the NDF, political parties of the State also launched an offensive against the Islamist outfit. CPI(M) State secretary Pinarayi Vijayan said on Friday that NDF had perhaps become an agency recruiting operatives for terror outfits outside the State and that it had started sending such recruits for training outside India.

Police sources said they were focusing more on persons who were not there where they were supposed to be than on people who were obviously there. “Look for the absent factor. That is the way to fix this problem to some extent. This is because there is a strong feeling that those missing are engaged in terror operations somewhere else,” said a police official.

He said a trend of missing of Muslim youth had been noticed of late in the State, especially in Kannur district. Almost all these young men had some links with NDF, he added.

Chettippady village near Parappanangadi in Muslim-majority Malappuram district saw hectic police activity on Friday as they searched for the details of Omar Farooq, a friend and associate of Abdul Raheem, who along with Faiz, a friend of Kannur’s Jaleel, was killed in Kashmir on October 7 by the security forces. Like Raheem, who too hailed from the same village, Omar was also an accused in the case related to the burning of a Tamil Nadu State bus at Kalamassery near Kochi in September 2005.

Omar, who was in Chettippady till October 10, had been missing since then. The police searched Omar’s house as well as a mobile phone shop from where he had arranged for fake identity documents for getting a SIM card.

During the search for Omar at Chettippady, the police found that Raheem’s brother-in-law (sister’s husband) Adul Razaq (26), of Neduva in Parappanagadi, also had been missing for the past 30 months. Razaq’s father had lodged a complaint about this with the Parappanangadi police on October 16.

According to Raheem’s sister, her husband, a hotel worker, had left home almost two-and-a-half years ago to work in Kottakkal in Malappuram district itself. Since then he had been missing. The police, who were examining whether he had any links with extremists, said he too was suspected to have been an NDF worker.

According to unconfirmed reports, the police in Kannur had detained more than 60 NDF activists for interrogation. The interrogation was in progress at a secret station, it was said. Sources said many of these detained NDF workers had connections with Jaleel.  End

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Indian Muslims using Karipur airport to smuggle weapons

Posted by jagoindia on October 19, 2008

Kerala, Saturday, Jan 21, 2006
Smuggling of weapons rampant in Malabar

Karipur airport is now a conduit for smuggled weapons, writes Biju Govind

The seizure of weaponry in an unaccompanied baggage from the Karipur airport last week reveals that smuggling of weapons into North Kerala has been going on through this route for a long time.

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) had seized a huge carton containing parts of various types of guns and other materials, including a part of .22 rifle, 12 magazines, sets of trigger lockers, two rifle rest and pellets. Many of these packets have labels of a company in the United States.

Intelligence officials say that the baggage was lying at the cargo section of the airport for over a month. Sleuths have also arrested a person hailing from Palakkad in connection with the case. A court in Kochi dealing with these cases has remanded him to judicial custody at the Viyyur Central Jail in Thrissur district.

Officials have not been able to find out for whom the weapons had been brought to the State. One of the versions given by the accused during police interrogations is that weapons had good demand and would fetch handsome profits.

Senior officials of the Central agencies say that one thing is clear — Karipur airport has become a transit point for smuggling weapons into North Kerala. Besides, there is a demand for weapons in the State. Since rifles and semi-automatic sub-machine guns are available in the open market in many countries, these can easily be dispatched to India via ports and airports, they point out.

The Central Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) have stepped up their surveillance after the DRI officials seized the weapons at the Karipur airport.

Some of the cargos transporting agencies have also been put under the scanner for the purpose. Reports of intelligence officials suggest that weapons have been smuggled through the airport under the cover of bringing toys from foreign countries. Electronic sensors and guns are being brought from Mumbai.

Most cargo consignments arrive at the airport as unaccompanied baggage and these are usually claimed only after a few weeks. The police suspect cargo delivery agencies are behind the operation of smuggling out the unaccompanied baggage from inside the airport.

Earlier, intelligence officials had warned about these activities. But Customs officials seemed to have turned a deaf ear to the warnings. Doubts have also been raised against them for being hand in glove with the smugglers.

Meanwhile, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) officials from its Chennai and Kochi offices are still carrying out raids at the airport.

Earlier, the State’s intelligence wing and the IB had apprised the CBI about the nefarious dealings taking place at the airport.

In spite of the rampant smuggling of weapons to North Kerala, the police department seemed to sitting idle over the investigations of several cases. Police personnel have not bothered to investigate the procurement of arms by organisations even after the seizure of weapons at Karipur airport.

The police teams constituted to nab the culprits in connection with the seizure of 45 gelignite sticks at the cloakroom of the State-owned Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus station have not made any headway in the investigations in the case. The Texgel 80 batch of the gelignite sticks had been manufactured at the Industries Explosives Limited at Kadpadi in Tamil Nadu.

A sub-agent of explosives, hailing from Malappuram, was arrested for stockpiling these banned explosives. Frequent raids are being conducted at granite quarry sites and residences of sub-agents in Malappuram and Kozhikode districts.

But the police are still clueless about the culprit who had kept the gelignite sticks at the cloakroom.

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Two Muslims caught with huge cache of arms & ammunition at Karipur Airport, Malappuram

Posted by jagoindia on October 10, 2008

Note: Malappuram where the airport is situated is a Muslim majority district in Kerala and this mini Pakistan is the center of Islamic extremism in Kerala. That should put the whole issue in perspective!

Air Customs seize huge cache of arms & ammunition at Karipur Airport
Kozhikode | Friday, Oct 10 2008 IST

Air Customs authorities have seized a huge cache of arms and ammunition from two passengers from Dubai at Karipur International airport near here.

Air customs sources said 29 pistols, 30 revolvers and about 1000 rounds were seized from Maughoor Shahid Ali Mohammed (31) and Kalekar Rafiq Ahammed (34) natives of Maharashtra, who arrived at the airport on an Emirate flight last night.

On interrogation, the accused have clamed that these were toy pistols and brought for scaring away animals in their farm land.

Stating seized materials were original gun, the sources said further investigation was on.
— (UNI) — 09DR81.xml

Also check out this 2006 news report from The Hindu

Kerala, Saturday, Jan 21, 2006
Smuggling of weapons rampant in Malabar
Karipur airport is now a conduit for smuggled weapons

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Kerala’s Muslim majority district Malappuram – A Mini Pakistan Strangling Hindus there

Posted by jagoindia on September 6, 2008

Kerala’s Muslim majority district Malappuram – A Mini Pakistan

Publication: Hindu Voice, February 19, 2006

Hindus are under siege in the Muslim majority district of Malappuram – Kerala. The district was carved out to create a Muslim majority district by the Communist government headed by E.M.S Namboothiripad.

Today, we see a continuation of social, economic and political exclusion of Hindus in Malappuram. Hindus are marginalized and controlled by social, educational and political engineering by Muslim fundamentalists. Hindus are restricted in employment, educational opportunities, political participation and upward mobility. The municipality and all Panchayats are controlled by Muslims. Muslims intimidate and threaten Hindus to deny them active political participation. Their ultimate political goal runs through a vital interim objective-the creation of an unremitting paralyzing sensation of fear in the target Hindu community.

Today, Muslims in Malappuram differ from the invading Muslim army of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. Muslim armies of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan murdered thousands of Hindus, destroyed hundreds of Hindu temples, engaged in forced conversion, murder, loot, rape, sabotage and blackmail. The tactics of invading Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali were different. However, the tactics of Muslims in Malappuram is to achieve wider goals, including marginalizing and force out Hindus from the district.

Several thousand Muslims from Malappuram are employed in Gulf countries. With the free flow of money from the Middle East and with the political power of the Muslim League cabinet ministers, Muslims work to undermine economic security of Hindus and disrupt Hindu family life. The goal of their strategy is to drive Hindus out of the district. Some congress politicians become a tool in the hands of the Muslim fundamentalist groups in Malappuram district.

All the schools and colleges are controlled by Muslims and special privileges are accorded to them enabling them to neutralize Hindus. Hindu students are an easy target for psychological indoctrination. One of the most telling examples of such policy in action is the cancellation of educational classes on Friday and Muslim holidays including the month of Muslim Ramadan. By using such psychological manipulation, Muslims succeed in creating anxiety, fear and panic among young Hindus. The atmosphere created
by such acts casts a great shadow over Hindu society. Hindus also feel unsafe in their own homes and workplaces, daily life is disrupted, causing considerable harm to personal and family morale. Hindus in general are depressed, marginalized and demoralized. Suicide rate among Hindus are increasing in Malappuram. The Muslim message is: until you leave Malappuram district, you will not be safe.

Muslims exert economic pressure on Hindus with money and political power. Muslims try to amplify Hindu fear by denying them economic and educational opportunities at institutions and businesses controlled by them. With the free flow of money from the Gulf countries and government subsidies, Muslims are grabbing lands, property and small businesses from poor Hindus. Poor, unemployed Hindus are driven out of urban areas dominated by Muslims.

Government policy of Muslim appeasement, special privileges and financial aid exclusively for Muslims is what makes strategic threats of Muslims more harmful to Hindus.


The Hindu population that must live under the threat of jihadis in Malappuram, are in need of economic aid, employment opportunities, political and social support for survival. And this can be done through more educational opportunities, technical support for information processing business, social and political support in order to prevent the damage caused by Muslim domination.

Hindus from across the country must provide support to neutralize Muslim social pressure and economic exploitation. Special privileges and appeasement of Muslims by the government must cease. The government and the political decision makers have a responsibility to all their citizens in providing economic and educational opportunities. Among other things, decision makers can help by allocating the necessary funds for Hindus for education, and economic activities. Above all, Hindus all over Kerala must recognize the strategic psychological damage which could be caused by ignoring the plight of Hindus in Malappuram. It is time for Hindus to be organized and united to prevent another mini Pakistan forming in Malappuram.

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