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What’s the point in talking to Pakistan?

Posted by jagoindia on July 26, 2009

What’s the point in talking to Pakistan?

Tavleen Singh, The Indian Express
July 19, 2009

India will not talk to Pakistan as long as its government continues to
nurture and shield those who attack India. Why is it so hard for us to
say this? Why is it so hard for us to tell the visiting American
Secretary of State that it is not possible to speak to people who talk
about fighting against Islamist terrorism but openly support an Islamist
reptile like Hafiz Mohammed Sayeed. Pakistan’s war against its jihadis
is mercenary and fraudulent. It is being fought to get that $1.5 billion
that the American government has promised to give it and for no other

Nothing makes this clearer than the release of the repulsive Sayeed the
day before our Prime Minister was due to meet the Prime Minister of
Pakistan in Egypt last week. It should have been at this point that Dr
Manmohan Singh announced his inability to have even two minutes of
conversation with Mr Yousaf Raza Geelani but he chose not to. He sat
meekly through a long meeting with the Pakistani Prime Minister and then
acquiesced to a joint statement that implied that India was supporting
terrorism in Balochistan.

Ever since the attack on Mumbai I have been hearing from Pakistani
friends a half-hearted justification for Mumbai on the grounds that ‘you
also are doing things in Balochistan’. Whenever I have heard this, I
have pointed out that if India had the ability to get up to some serious
subversive activity in Pakistan, we would be decimating Islamists, not
promoting their activities. Any fool should be able to see that it is in
India’s interests for the Pakistani state (such as it is) to remain in
control of its nuclear weapons and not let them slip into the hands of
bearded fanatics bred on a hatred of ‘Hindu India’.

We would help the Pakistan government fight the Islamists if we could be
sure that the fight was sincere. It cannot be if the Pakistani
government finds it so hard to keep the founder of the Lashkar-e-Toiba
in jail. The Lashkar was created with the sole purpose of promoting
jihadi terrorism. That makes it a terrorist organisation and it makes
its founder a terrorist. What more proof is needed to arrest Sayeed?

This is what I would like to have heard our Prime Minister say after the
meeting in Sharm-ul-Sheikh. Instead he came up with that puzzling
distinction between talking and dialogue. There will be talks between
India and Pakistan but no dialogue. So will we be talking to the walls?

Our problem with Pakistan is no longer Kashmir. That movement for
‘azaadi’ was subsumed long years ago by the worldwide jihad and nothing
proved this more definitely than the attack on Mumbai. This is why that
attack remains so important. There have been other terrorist attacks on
Indian soil but what happened in Mumbai was not just another Islamist
terrorist attack, it was an act of war. There is evidence that the men
who were guiding Kasab and his pals were based in Pakistan and there is
evidence that some of them were serving officers in the Pakistani Army.
Nobody who has heard the chilling conversations between the terrorists
and their Pakistani masters can forget the cold-blooded evil of every
instruction. Now stand them up and shoot them in the back of their
heads. Kill as many people as you can.

The men who gave these instructions are still alive and free in Pakistan
and there is no indication that the Pakistani government is doing
anything to bring them to justice.

If we go ahead with ‘talks’, then this is the only thing we need to talk
to Pakistan about. Where are these men? Who are they? Is it not true
that the attack was planned and executed by the Lashkar-e-Toiba? Is this
ghastly organisation being protected only because it is a division of
the Pakistani Army?

Unless we get some answers, there is not the faintest possibility of the
peace process moving forwards. We cannot talk about Kashmir because
there is no point in talking about it when the attack on Mumbai makes it
so abundantly obvious that the objective of the jihad is not to win
Kashmir but to destroy India. While Pakistan has remained stuck in an
Islamic time warp, India has moved on and embraced modernity and the
changing realities of a rapidly changing world. We have our problems but
they are 21st century problems not problems mired in 7th century Arabia.
It is this changed India that Pakistan cannot deal with and this is why
the jihad, this is why the attack on Mumbai and this is why there is no
point in talking to Pakistan until it provides us with some evidence
that it too wants to change.

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Dossier of RAW involvement in terror acts in Pakistan given to India

Posted by jagoindia on July 25, 2009

Proof of RAW involvement in terror acts given to India

By Baqir Sajjad Syed,

ISLAMABAD, July 21: Pakistan has handed over to India comprehensive evidence of Indian involvement in a number of terrorist acts on its soil.

According to sources, a dossier containing proofs of India’s involvement in subversive activities in Pakistan was handed over by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to his Indian counterpart Dr Manmohan Singh during their recent meeting at Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt.

Pakistan has also shared these evidences with the United States and Afghanistan, specifically asking the latter to prevent the use of its soil for disruptive activities against it.

Although the information given to India is being kept highly secret, broad outlines of the dossier available with Dawn reveal details of Indian contacts with those involved in attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team and the Manawan police station.

Operatives of RAW who remained in touch with the perpetrators of the attacks have been identified and proofs of their interaction have been attached.

Besides, description of Indian arms and explosives used in the attack on the Sri Lankan team has been made part of the dossier.

Names and particulars of the perpetrators, who illegally entered Pakistan from India and joined their accomplices who had reached Lahore from Waziristan, have been mentioned.

Furthermore, the evidence of Indian link lists the safe houses being run by RAW in Afghanistan, where terrorists are trained and launched for missions in Pakistan.

The dossier also broadly covers the Indian connection in terror financing in Pakistan.

A substantial part of the shared material deals with the Balochistan insurgency and Indian linkages with the insurgents, particularly Bramdagh Bugti, Burhan and Sher Khan.

Pictures of their meetings with Indian operatives are part of the evidence, which also describes Bugti’s visit to India and the meetings he had with Indian secret service personnel.

It makes mention of the India-funded Kandahar training camp, where Baloch insurgents, particularly those from Bugti clan, were being trained and provided arms and ammunition for sabotage activities in Balochistan.

The sources claim that Dr Singh agreed to ‘look into Pakistani claims’ and to take ‘corrective action’ if proven. He is said to have assured Mr Gilani that India is against interference in other countries and Pakistan’s stability was important for them.

A joint communiqué, released after the Gilani-Singh meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh, reflected information-sharing because it included reference to Balochistan and the information available to Pakistan; reiteration of Indian commitment to a stable and democratic Pakistan; and an agreement on sharing real time credible and actionable information on any future terrorist threats.

Mr Gilani’s close aides confirmed that in his meeting with Mr Singh he took up the issue of India’s involvement in the attack on the Sri Lankan team and other subversive acts.

Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said: ‘Yes, these issues were discussed.’

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Indian experts seethe over Balochi blunder Indo-Pak joint statement’s

Posted by jagoindia on July 25, 2009

Experts seethe over Balochi blunder

18 Jul 2009,  IST, ET Bureau
NEW DELHI: The Indo-Pak joint statement’s silence over LeT, the main jihadi troublemaker, as well as the reference to Pakistan’s unfounded charge  about Indian involvement in Balochistan are angering security experts.

According to experts, the Indian side bought hook, line and sinker Pakistan’s claim that there was ‘anti-terror consensus’ in the country even as Pakistan was yet to take even the baby step to rein in terror groups based on its soil.

The Zardari government has not yet produced sufficient evidence before its judiciary to link LeT and the Jamaat-ud-Dawa with the Mumbai terror outrage. It was in the backdrop of this that the prime minister accepted the promise of Pakistani prime minister Yusuf Gilani that he would try to persuade the Punjab government to act against LeT mastermind Hafiz Saeed.

Even on the eve of the meeting between the two prime ministers, the foreign secretary had claimed that there wont be any change in India’s bottom line. “They will have to bring perpetrators of the Mumbai outrage to justice; they have to dismantle terror infrastructure and end all violence against India”. But it quietly buried this tough line for getting back into talking terms, something that was being desired by the global powers.

Equally galling for the security experts is the willingness to treat Pakistan as a “victim of terror”. The joint statement gave Pakistan an opportunity to go the whole hog against India over Balochistan. India, which has been denying the baseless charges of Pakistan, have been maintaining that it was unacceptable to treat Baloch leaders as terrorists. The prime minister tried to underplay the reference to Balochistan by saying that he merely told his Pakistani counterpart that New Delhi was willing to look at the issue if they provide evidence of Indian involvement.

There is not a single reference to LeT or a single reference to its continuing terrorist infrastructure. But India has provided dignity to Pakistan’s baseless allegations against Baloch freedom-fighters by agreeing to make a reference to Balochistan in the joint statement in the context of terrorism by indirectly bringing on record in an official statement Pakistan’s projection of the late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and other Baloch leaders as terrorists. Hafiz Mohammed Sayeed is not a terrorist, but Bugti and other Baloch leaders were or are.

That has been Pakistan’s contention and New Delhi has let this figure in the joint statement. Mr Zardari and his advisers have been saying that they had to act against Sayeed and his associates because of the declaration of the anti-terrorism committee of the UN Security Council that the JUD is a terrorist organisation and not because they had any independent evidence against it. It was on these grounds that Sayeed was ordered to be released.

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In Pakistan, Muslim women held in military torture cells, forced into sexual slavery

Posted by jagoindia on February 15, 2009

Read some Paki claiming: “Pakistan is destined to play a special part in the Divine plan for Islam.”  Sure it is!

PAKISTAN: Young women held in military torture cells and forced into sexual slavery

January 12, 2009

A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission

Ms. Zarina Marri, a 23-year-old schoolteacher from Balochistan province, was arrested in late 2005, and has been held incommunicado in an army torture cell at Karachi, the capital of Sindh province. She has been repeatedly raped by the military officers and is being used as a sex slave, to induce arrested nationalist activists to sign state-concocted confessions.

Mr. Munir Mengal was also tortured and his penis was severely injured when he refused to have sex with Zarina Marri. He told RSF, “on 27th January, 2007 at 6 pm Major Iqrar Gul Niazi (Military Intelligence) called me in his office and showed me some nude pictures, and laughingly told me that you have been a director of a TV channel so certainly you have good relations with actresses.

When he returned to his cell he found porn pictures strewn all over it. Around 12 pm a low-ranking military officer called Subedar brought a female there. She was trembling and weeping. “He threw her on my body and told me, ‘You know what to do with her. You are not a child we have to tell what to do with her.'” Mr. Mengal says after half an hour the officer returned, and seeing them sitting apart, abused them and forcibly took off their clothes. Mengal said he was stunned when the woman began praying in the Balochi language. She told Mengal her name was Zarina Marri and that she belongs to the Kohlu area, headquarters of the rebel Marri tribe, a scene of a bloody insurgency that begun in 2005. She said she was a schoolteacher and that the army personnel had abducted her along with her one-year-old.

“They accuse us for spying for the Baluchistan Liberation Army,” Zarina Marri said. She begged Mengal to kill her. “I have been undressed several times for them.”

Mengal said on the refusal to have sex, the intelligence officials inflicted cuts on his private parts. “I thought I would lose my manhood,” he said. Ms. Zarina told to Mengal that she has seen some females in the torture cell but was not allowed to talk with them.

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Baluchistan wants freedom how to get it?

Pakistan army would not think twice before shooting Gandhi in a point
blank and move on. Pakistani army would not respect Gandhi like
British did. That is not the peaceful way I am suggesting.

The way I suggest may make you uncomfortable and not willing to take
the leap. But in my opinion, it is much more preferable than the death.

The peaceful way is to become Hindus.

The entire edifice of Pakistan is built on the concept of Islamic
nation. The four provinces are tied together in the name of pakistan
because of Islam.

If entire population of Balochistan declares themselves as Hindus,
what right pakistan has over Balochistan?

It is not one person converting to Hinduism. It has to be entire
Balochistan converting to Hinduism.  link

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