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Terror linkages: IMC-USA, CCIM, CAG, Tehelka, SIMI, Pakistan

Posted by jagoindia on September 7, 2008

Offstumped has done some awesome investigations on Chicago Indian Muslim organizations in light of recent news report connecting CCIM to SIMI.

War on Terror – And finally the Pakistan Link
War on Terror – More spotlight on Chicago’s Indian Muslims
War on Terror – Spotlight on Chicago’s Indian Muslims

It should be surprising to note how these frontal moderate Muslim organzations are connected to Islamic terror.

For instance let us take Chicago based IMC-ISA which is probably the most popular Indian Muslim Organization in the United States and has been in the forefront of the campaign to deny Modi, their sworn enemy, visa to the United States.

But what exactly is IMC-USA and its sister Muslim organizations all about and what id their connection to SIMI. Offstumped follows the trail:

Hyder Khan, Rasheed Ahmed and Khalid Azam seem to be public faces of IMC-USA. But investigations by offstumped reveals the big enchilada to be one Syed Azmatullah Quadri who incidentally is also the founder of another muslim organization IMANNET.

offstumped: So what exactly does Imannet do that IMC-USA ostensibly doesnt ?

Here is a sampling from 2002.

The killers of Gandhi now rule India and openly plan to ethnically
cleanse India of Muslims and Christians. They also want to annex Pakistan,
Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangla Desh, Mynamar (Burma) & Sri Lanka
and they possess nuclear weapons. They have treated the Dalits (Black
Indians) as sub-human un-touchables for 5000 years.

Thats not hyperbole but an actual solicitation for a fundraiser in New Jersey that lists Mr. Quadri’s well known colleague Mr. Ubaid as a speaker.”

Now IMANNET is linked to CCIM which was recently in a press report provided funds for SIMI

How are CCIM, IMANNET linked ?
“Upward Bound Program an educational Program for the advancement of the underprivileged Indian Students that is supported by Indian Muslims Education Foundation of North America (IMEF North America) lists both Mr. Asad Hussain of CCIM and Mr. Quadri of IMANNET as Advisory Members describing their day jobs.”

There is more. About Tehelka’s Tarun Tejpal, Ajit Sahi, Pakistan etc. Of course the linkages with CAIR and ISNA give them an international flavor.

– SIMI link to Chicago Indian Muslim organizations

– Tehelka link to SIMI

– Chicago Indian Muslim organizations link to Tehelka

War on Terror – And finally the Pakistan Link
War on Terror – More spotlight on Chicago’s Indian Muslims
War on Terror – Spotlight on Chicago’s Indian Muslims

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Indian Muslim Islamofascist group – IMC-USA, urges US State Department to deny visa to Sri Narendra Modi

Posted by jagoindia on July 10, 2008

Note: Islamofascist Indian Muslim Council – USA (IMC-USA) frequently partners with CAIR, the largest Islamofascist advocacy organization in the United States. More on IMC-USA here

IMC-USA urges US State Department to deny visa to pogrom politician Narendra Modi

Morton Grove, IL, USA, 2008-07-09 16:05:07 (

Indian Muslim Council-USA (IMC-USA), an advocacy group dedicated to safeguarding India ’s pluralist and tolerant ethos, has urged the State Department to refuse US visa to Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat, India on the grounds of his continued subversion of state apparatus against securing justice to the victims of 2002 pogroms and institutional violations of religious freedom of the minorities in his state.

IMC has learned that Narendra Modi is actively trying to obtain an US visa in order to rehabilitate his image as a pogrom politician and clear the grounds for moving into the national politics in India. IMC-USA, one of the founding organizations of the Coalition Against Genocide (CAG) campaign that successfully lobbied to prevent Modi from getting an US visa in 2005, is reviving the campaign to ensure that Narendra Modi is not allowed to enter the United States.

In a letter addressed to the Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, Rasheed Ahmed, President of IMC-USA detailed the institutionalized nature of the violations of the religious freedoms in the State of Gujarat including the subversion of justice to the victims of 2002 pogroms, marginalization by means of economic and social boycott and a ‘freedom of religion’ act which effectively curtails religious freedom by requiring to register and get approval of state officials before believing in a different faith.

The letter further stressed: “Refusing the visa to an egregious violator of religious freedoms such as Modi sends a clear message to all the Hindu nationalists who openly espouse a future India where religious minorities would at the best be second class citizens, that such actions will have consequences and they will be considered persona non grata by much of the civilized world.”

Indian Muslim Council-USA is the largest advocacy organization of Indian Muslims in the United States with 10 chapters across the nation.

– End –

Zeeshan Farees
phone/fax: 1-800-839-7270
More on Anti India/Hindu Islamofascist IMC-USA

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U.S. Islamofascist group CAIR Seeks Visa Denial for Modi

Posted by jagoindia on June 27, 2008

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is claims to be a civil liberties and advocacy group for Muslims in North America. Is that all? Read more

Senator Charles Schumer (Democrat, New York) describes it as an organization “which we know has ties to terrorism.”[2] Senator Dick Durbin (Democrat, Illinois) observes that CAIR is “unusual in its extreme rhetoric and its associations with groups that are suspect.” Steven Pomerantz, the FBI’s former chief of counterterrorism, notes that “CAIR, its leaders, and its activities effectively give aid to international terrorist groups.” CAIR: Islamists Fooling the Establishment

U.S. Muslims Again Seek Visa Denial for Gujarat Massacre Figure

June 19, 2008

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today sent a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice asking that an Indian official accused of complicity in the massacre of Muslim civilians in that nation again be denied a visa to travel to the U.S. Recent news reports indicate that supporters of Narendra Modi, chief minister of India’s state of Gujarat, hope to have him attend the upcoming second World Gujarati Conference in Edison, N.J., on August 29-31, 2008.

In 2005, CAIR partnered with the Indian Muslim Council-USA and the Coalition Against Genocide (CAG) to oppose Modi’s visa request to travel to the U.S. to speak at a convention in Florida. His request for a visa was denied.

In a letter to Secretary Rice, CAIR National Board Chairman Parvez Ahmed wrote in part “If a visa application is made for Chief Minister Modi, we request that it be denied on grounds similar to the Department of State’s visa denial in early 2005. Specifically, we request that if Modi requests a visa he be ruled inadmissible to the United States based on Section 604 of the International Religious Freedom Act, which bars entry to any foreign official who has engaged in ‘particularly severe violations of religious freedom.’”

CAIR, America’s largest Islamic civil liberties group, has 35 offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding. End


To know more about this phony moderate islamic group:go here

Council on American-Islamic Relations – Wikipedia

CAIR hits a new low of defamation

“Let there be no doubt that the Council on American-Islamic Relations is a terrorist supporting front organization that is partially fundedby terrorists, founded by terrorists, and that CAIR wishes nothing more than the implementation of Sharia Law in America” from

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