Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Love Jihad in Kerala:- How Islamofascists trap Hindu girls and convert them

Posted by jagoindia on March 10, 2009

“Few days back a secular Malayalam Daily, Kerala Kaumudi exposed shocking revelations about a jihadi organisation named ‘Love Jihad’ which has been conveniently ignored by rest of the media.

Trapping naive Non Muslim girls (Read as Hindu girls) in the web of love in order to convert to Islam is the modus operandi of the said organisation. Already more than 4000 girls have been converted to Islam by this Jihadi Romeos.”

Click here and  here

Muslim youth poach on hindu & sikh girls in Britain

68 Responses to “Love Jihad in Kerala:- How Islamofascists trap Hindu girls and convert them”

  1. This is a shocking fact. What Hindus should do is to Love Muslim girls and marry them, so they will become Hindus. Anyway they will like the young lads like us, just because they will be married to bloody old fellows like more than 20 years elder to the girls.
    Cultural Terrorism

  2. Amit said

    We should act against this reality … this is not only the case to save Hindus but also to save the Muslims people from thier own cult. this whole muslim community is same as rakhshash mentioned in our religious text.

    Act today otherwise it could be too late …then we need to see the same sitiution as pakistan facing.

  3. P G Rajeev kumar said

    If it goes on as they plan,we will be people quite unfortunate to witness another partition.To avoid it awareness classes should be conducted for teen-aged Hindu girls.Hindu organisations should take up this as a responsibility.

  4. ullas said

    Hi all,
    being as a hindu am always proud.I am living in a foreign country and i love a muslim girl,the first thing her parents told me is to convert.Bullshit…hinduism is religion is my soul.i wont do that..why cant muslims convert ..we hindus open minded fools…this terrorist have money and power…majority being ignored by authorities and media.What happened in malaysia?many hindu temples demolished.Hindraft thats e hindu organistaion there.all leaders in many temples demolished in pakistan.nothing happened.If muslims think thats babri masjid is the biggest wound what you call all these.CPM and congress are stupids.they know the majority hindus vote without brain..hindus open your eyes..protest against the brave…these people trying to implement talibanism..
    RSS and sanghparivar are necessary organisation,,instead of clsoing your eyes against them support them

  5. virgoptrex said

    Love “sanatana dharma”…my parents educated me about the beauty of Hinduism and I shall do the same with my kids…hate Islam (demonic religion)…The religion originated in desert… where people eat only flesh and kill innocent…their mentality and other practices are also like that..what can such a religion teach you? Just kill and chill (sex and alcohol)…The prophet was also a goon who was a coward and hypocrite…he mentioned that in Quran too…People who like destruction and violence should embrace Islam…rest all the majority of the people should follow Hinduism. Come on innocent muslim bro…don’t be bound by stupid deeds of your ancestors…think which path you need to follow…You can just practice Hinduism…you need not even need conversion! See the positive difference in your life!

  6. MURALI said

    instead of going behind demolishing masjids sangaparivar should work to make awareness among hindus against this sort of things.


  7. Harish said


  8. annonymus said

    I am a muslim, married to a hindu girl. my college sweet heart. Not conncted to any bloody jihadi groups.
    If we people start stopping people from loving each other, the world will be fill with hatred.
    really its a very sensitive issue, we have to find a wiseful solution.

  9. vivek venugopal said

    what we are hearyng is very disturbing.
    if we hindus do not act now we will be in danger
    of becoming minority and witnessing another
    partition in kerala,the situation has reached boiling point
    the islamic maniacs had invaded into every sector of our society
    even though its late we must start acting now

  10. Ali said

    I dont see the reason for you lads to be scared of islam… the gals being converted to Islam are probebly the one that get left out from your own social socity… meaning a reject of hindu…. perhapps you hindu folks should look at the reason of your girls converting to islam, rather stopping anyone else… i bet all the above 4 people who have commented on this has no guts to support another hindu gal so she can managet to move herself in the socity and live as a hindu……. shame on u first.

  11. R.SUNIL said

    what is this rss and other hindu organisation doing. they are meant to protect the hindus against the muslim bastards. they should become more and more active and make a strong revolution together to drive these beasts out of india. jai hind

  12. Rajani said

    Dear Sir,
    Love Jihad wording injures a girls self esteem. We cannot compramise with a persons faith. I personaly know Christian Mission workers wooing me for becoming their faith. Some of my friends have already converted to them. But my Muslim friends have been most decently behaved and have never ever talked about their faith. This seems to be deliberate to cover up Cristian covertion. This matter have to be reported and Courts may enquire into all conversions made in India in the name of love.
    Happily Rajani

  13. divya said

    I am a Hindu girl from Kerala , India . In my view “Love jihad” is made by media. A girl love a Muslim , because they are neat and their habit are very attractive .Near my house there is Muslim family. They help all of them .They said prophet Mohamed said to help neighbors , I like their character. they are not terrorist , if that is terrorist i like that , If helping a person is terrorist i am also terrorist . Only few Muslims are really terrorist. I studied about Muslim and terrorist only 0.000000005% Muslim are terrorist.
    In my view sarsaparilla is only help Hindu, they hate other .But view are human-being. we should help every one .Most of the Muslims are good persons . I love Muslims also

  14. Sibi said

    It is not Only Hindus, they are targeting Christians also.
    Syrian Christians in Kerala do have a legacy of 2000 years in India and Syrian Christians were part of this society for such a long time.
    Yesterday SNDP also protested against this Evil method.

    Pls read the articles which came in Times of India, IA , Hindu Etc
    ‘Love Jihad’ racket: VHP, Christian groups find common cause
    Ananthakrishnan G, TNN 13 October 2009, 08:00am IST
    Print Email Discuss Bookmark/Share Save Comment Text Size: |
    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: ‘Love Jihad’, a religious conversion racket which lures gullible girls by feigning love, has brought rivals Vishwa Hindu
    Parishad and Christian groups in Kerala together.

    The two have decided to join hands to combat the ‘‘social evil’’, which they claim is hitting their respective communities hard.

    ‘‘Both Hindu and Christian girls are falling prey to the design. So we are cooperating with the VHP on tackling this. We will work together to whatever extent possible,’’ K S Samson, an office-bearer of Kochi-based Christian Association for Social Action (CASA), a voluntary Christian association, told TOI.

    Samson said some days ago, CASA got to know about a Hindu family in a Christian parish where a school going girl was the victim. ‘‘We immediately referred it to the VHP,’’ he said, adding the saffron outfit has helped them in many cases.

    The Parishad on its part has started a ‘Hindu Helpline’, which claims to have received as many as 1,500 calls in last three months.

    ‘‘Many of these callers wanted to congratulate us for our efforts and some were threats,’’ said Vineesh, who manages the helpline.

    The Kerala Catholic Bishops Council has come out with a set of guidelines for Christian parents warning them to be more careful about their wards.

    ‘‘It’s shocking but it is happening. Many Christian families are getting affected,’’ said Father Johny Kochuparambil, secretary of Council’s Commission for Social Harmony and Vigilance.

    ‘‘We are careful as this is a sensitive issue and could even lead to a religious conflict. But now that the Kerla high court too has interfered in the matter, we have decided to take a stand,’’ said Kochuparambil.

    The high court has asked the DGP to probe the charges and report to it.

    Monday, October 19, 2009 11:50 AM IST

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    Home > States > Kerala
    SNDP to join fight against ‘Love Jihad’

    Express News Service
    First Published : 19 Oct 2009 12:35:00 AM IST
    Last Updated :

    CHANGANASSERY: The SNDP Yogam is planning to unleash a propaganda against ‘Love Jihad’, said general secretary Vellappalli Natesan here on Sunday.

    Vellappalli told mediaperson here that that the general body meeting of the organisation, slated for October 22 at Cherthala, would hold discussions on this score and finalise a course of action for the campaign. The move is on the basis of the unrest noticed in scores of families in the fold of the community, owing to the fallout of Love Jihad, he added.

    The SNDP leader also criticised the NSS leadership for demanding a larger share for the members of the community in the list of candidates put up by various political fronts. It is wrong to differentiate votes on the basis of caste, he said and wondered whether ‘caste boxes’ would be placed in voting centres, in a scenario borne by NSS demands.

  15. mohan said

    Only 3 cases of conversions to Islam and such a hungama especially from Christians, LOL, Christians are so intelligent, they spread christianity with western money in the name of charity to poor hindus i.e education and employment,they exploit weaker section in the Indian society and spread christianity. At the same time portray themselves as true Indians to hide their secret agenda, but sangh parivar now know Christian’s secret mission of patriotism to ruin hinduism.

  16. Mridula said

    This issue is not only by a group of people(Love Jihad),problem in the minds of people.A boy and a girl from a different religion loving each other,they can live without a particular religion.But problem will happen in future because of religion.For eg: religion is a compulsory column in everywhere,education, job etc.So whenever we are avoiding the religion seperation in these matters then only we can destroy these types of terroistm.
    Be Brave girls,you can marry the person of your wish, but think
    that If both are loving sincerely then this kind of conversion needed????

  17. Ismail said

    Divya u said it right!, These are all made up by some narrow minded people.. If India is one of the largest democratic country in the world with no compulsion in religion between i would say these are something seriously made to create an issue.. Islam is not at all a terrorist religion.. its been created by the media.. I can accept this love jihad can happen if this was 18th or 17th century.. but now as you all can see almost all girls and womens are well educated and bold to take decisions better than boys and mens..
    Do you think any girl who are educated and well known about the news happening around about terrorism and islam can be in a trap like this.. oh common grow up guys.. don think only guys are bold enough to take decisions.. Before judging things i would say atleast know deeply wot the incident is and know deeply about all the religions… Pls don create an enemiy among urselves and frens.. All Indians are bros and sisters..

  18. prabha said

    Love jihad is only media hype and everyone should understand the reality. I wonder, educated hindu girls are so stupid to be trapped by any man of any faith who are deceitful. This campaign only degrade the respect of hindu women

  19. Keralaforum said

    There is indeed a planned attempt. Money is flowing from outside. Information is spread on the net. Cross marriages are ok, if and only if there is no forced conversion after the marriage! In the case of ‘hindu’ girls marrying most non-hindus, the forced conversion is a reality. In intercaste marriages, both parties should be secular or at least respect the freedom of expression, freedom to live as they lived before. Most girls are converted to Islam (in Kerala, India, in the Western World too) , not only that they do not enjoy the freedom normally available to the normal Muslim girls.

    Fundamentalism from all quarters – Islam – Hindu – Christian – all will create problems for the society!

  20. Sagar said

    80% of the inter religion love culminates in conversion to either Islam or xianity ..
    Why the conversion happens to Islam or Xian?

    The main reason is Even if a Islam or xian converts to hinduism it is not acceptable to hindu society.

    Hinduism is not a structured relligion ( it is not at all a relligion by itself!!!)..

    How many of you tell about the Indian culture , vedas , Bhadavad Gita or Upasishads to there children ?

    we have a great culture and heritage which we dont want , so there is no surprise that these children can be easily lured …

    I conclude by qouting

    All Muslims are not terrorists”


    All terrorists are MUSLIMS :)

    Jai Bharath

  21. Shyam said

    Kerala has a new concern: “love jihad”. The state High Court on Wednesday directed the Kerala Police and Union Home Ministry to probe the alleged movement, under which young Muslim boys reportedly target college girls for conversion by feigning love.

    The court also asked the state and Centre to look into the sources that “fund” the love jihad, the number of girls who have got “trapped in the racket” in the past three years and its extremist links, if any.

    Justice K T Sankaran was hearing anticipatory bail applications of two Muslim youths, accused of “luring” two MBA students into marriage for reportedly the purpose of religious conversion. The court rejected their bail pleas.

    The two youths were allegedly associated with Campus Front, a student outfit of the right-wing Muslim organisation Popular Front of India (PFI).

    Earlier this month, the parents of the two girls had filed a habeus corpus in the high court after their daughters were found missing. On being produced in court, the girls deposed that they were “trapped” by the youths and forced to convet to Islam. Allowing them to go with their parents, the court had asked the police to probe the charges of forced conversion after trapping girls in love affairs.

    The students, originally residents of Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram, had been studying in a college in Pathanamthitta. According to them, one of them fell in love with a senior and eloped to marry him. This senior allegedly “handed over” the other girl to his friend. The girls told the court that they were taken to a centre in Malappuram where they were given literature and shown visuals promoting religious extremism.

    Police officials admit that there are cases of girls having been converted forcibly or “trapped” into adopting Islam. “The groups focused on girls from well-settled families, a majority of them Hindus,” sources said.

    Senior PFI leader Naseerudheen Elamaram refuting charges against his organisation said, “Religious conversion is not a crime; conversion takes place to Hinduism and Christianity also… One cannot paint all love affairs as cases of forced conversions meant for extremist activity.”

  22. m nasi said

    The real relegeus people will never talk like this nonsense,it is issue of politcs to split the people and to get benifit on it.I am humbly requesting my hindu,muslim and christian brothers and sisters to ignore such a nonsense issues.

    live with love and harmony. GOD BLESS YOU

  23. Raj said

    This is a very shocking incidence, this is not for the first time muslim organisations use such tactics to propagate islam. There are also muslim organisations behind who support this conversions financially and morally. Its time to act now otherwise today it is kerala, tomorrow it will be maharastra and soon this islamic bomb will penetrate deep into the roots of Hindu religion.

  24. Sandeep said


    Divya, I dont agree with you… You said they are neet. Are they really?… I think The Communist Govt has corrupted the minds of many Girls in Kerala… You read History for proof Islam never said to Help Neighbours That said to Kill Neighbours which they prooved by Attacking their Neighbouring Nations Similarly India also attacked by them.. Now when they realised that Hinduism Cant be destroyed by Arms they are using Love as Weapon….
    the person Who told you about islam ask him how the girls are treated …. And No other religion worships women than Hindu religion… the reason for worshiping Godess is to build respect for women… By putting your thoughts such as girls love Muslim guys you are loosing that respect…

    @ Rajani
    Rajani I agree that Christian Missionaries are wooing and converting Hindus. Both the religions (Islam & Christian) want to demolish other religions. So Its better to be aware of both…

    @ Ali
    Ali I agree that We have not restricted hindu Women not to go out without burkha as you guys still do We dont have established Taballifs to restrict the families which give freedom to Women… And we are not going to do that because we respect woman and we are having faith in them that they will definately understand what our religion is and they will play a major role to save our religion our country from any kind of terrorism attacks…

    Vande Mataram

  25. Jose said

    If this issue is still neglected by the authorities
    The time will come when all Hindu parents will send there children to RSS Shakas , Just Imagine about that !!

    Govt should Probe into this and take action against these fanatics.

    There are lot of girls in Hindu community who doesn’t know anything about whats happening around them ,

    I remember one of my Muslim friends comment ..

    These Hindu girls can be converted just by offering a plate of Biriyani :) (Just Kidding)

    It is the responsibility of Society and parents to give enough education regarding these kind of social evils

    Note :- There will not be Smoke without Fire.

  26. Deepak said

    Friends ,

    Jihad whether it is Love Jihad ,Romeo Jihad or Clinical Jihad , should be met with tooth and nail.This is a Truth and if you admit it or not , there are forces funding for this and I am working in Saudi Arabia and I know that there are some Indian Groups especially guys from Malappuram ,Kollam are raising funds for this .There are lot of campaigning for Fund Collection and all in the name of Conversion .
    Treat this as very seriously …

  27. Uma said

    One of my friend fell in Love with a Muslim Boy. After two months he distributed some literature condemning Hindu Belief Systems and Gods .Then he brought a newly married couple (Boy was Muslim and Girl was a Hindu Ezhava Girl) and they also tried to brainwash her . My friend talked to the Converted girl personally and she after some time advised my friend that don’t fell in to the Love trap because once you fell in to it ,there is no way out and even though she want to come out from the Clutches ,she can not .Her husband has other wives and he is paid by some groups ….Anyway thank God , my friend escaped from Love Jihad …This is not Love Jihad but Bloody Jihad …Satanic Jihad ..and jIHAD ITSELF IS DEMON…


  28. Akhil.S said

    Hai friends,
    I want to say first ”All musilms are not terrorist but almost all terrorist are musilms”. And then I reply to rajani you talk your musilm friends are decent it by acting by your friend. you want to see their mind you would talk about the topic love jihad. who will say it is a media creation their mind will accept love jihad. who will oppose the love jihad movement, they are the real muslim. Love jihad flows through popular front.

  29. satya said

    Dear Friends, this is definitely a problem. Our first instinct will be to OVERREACT EMOTIONALLY to this SENSITIVE ISSUE of RELIGIOUS FISHING. DON’T. I am a HINDU but at the same time I have some of my most “FRIENDS in NEED” as MUSLIMS. Actually there is NO BARRIER of a religion between us. I come from an ORTHODOX FAMILY but MY FAMILY has taught me to distinguish PEOPLE who help others, irresective of religion, at the same time, maintain their native faith in best interests of their people & the society & PEOPLE who act EMOTIONALLY without understanding the full extent of the consequences they have on the life of everyone around them, including the mindset of their own children.

  30. satya said

    It is true that a very large number of MUSLIMS are self proclaimed JIHADIS that best translates to others as TERRORISTS. BUT I DON’T agree with the concept that ISLAM is TERROR & VICE VERSA. It is in the way that the texts are intepreted & imbibed by each individual & taught to young MOULDABLE minds that lead to the problem. this is further agravated by the divertion of EMOTIONAL feeling & IRRATIONALITY of the MEANS. when there is FUEL, it just takes a SPARK to IGNITE. And thats in plenty in the world around us be it in the form of communal riots – the initial wave & the counter wave, the KASHMIR issue, the JERUSALEM issue, the high % of unemployment, availability of violence in media, drugs , alcohol & other addictions. A PRACTICAL STEP is that FAMILIES must take to inculcating GOOD LONG TERM VALUES. We must each individual as a human first. It is DEFINITELY HUMAN to ERR. BUT it is also the character of a MATURE HUMAN to FORGIVE & TRY to TEACH a BETTER PATH. i am an average indian & thats all what i know.

  31. ashwin said


  32. sidra said

    Hi Ali,
    Of course all Muslims are not terrorists. but you should answer me following questions.
    1. if you love a hindu/any other religious girl, why should you compel her to convert? if you have really love on her, then why don’t agree her religion?
    2. As per your islamic rules, are hindus have are acceptable? (or they are Kafirs?)
    3. Can a muslim to marry a Kafir?
    4. if hindu boy will marry a muslim girl, then what will be the reaction of you muslims? Can you tolerate if that girl will convert to hindu?

  33. S said

    Satya, you said –

    “It is true that a very large number of MUSLIMS are self proclaimed JIHADIS that best translates to others as TERRORISTS.”

    Agree with you there.

    “BUT I DON’T agree with the concept that ISLAM is TERROR & VICE VERSA. It is in the way that the texts are intepreted & imbibed by each individual & taught to young MOULDABLE minds that lead to the problem.”

    Yes, this is somewhat hard to believe that islam actually preaches terror and exhorts muslims to either kill or convert non-muslims. The Kuran is a terror manual. I can write specific verses from the Kuran for you, and I can talk about the life of muhammad as described in the Hadiths, the supposedly sacred islamic texts. Watch the movie below. It will take up around 15 minutes of your time, but you will understand a lot about the Kuran and islam.


  34. MOHIT said

    hindu bhai & baheno ,the problem is we are some time lost reason,we are not properly history of islam and what it has done to mankind/specially hindus.what harami pundits have advocated in society that rajputs will fight,we will discrimintae gainst lower cast,i will grab all riches from both hand,this way our society was framed,so there is no unity framework in hindus and we damm care about unity as we are 75% in india,when things like love jehad,riots (let muslims in india rose to population % 35-40) you will see on rampant basis,indian soil is used by local muslim to support ISI/underworld ,do we hindus are concerned what society it will shape upto when murdere of 200 people with 100% proof cannot be sentenced to death immediaytely ia m talking about kasab,WE HINDUS HAVE TO LEARN MANY THINGS VERY FAST.

  35. Malay Mukherjee said

    I am a Bengali Hindu. I do not know much about Malayalee Muslim Girls. But in Kolkata I see so many beautiful Muslim girls. I really dont mind marrying them, even they insists me for changing my religion. I am a non-practicing Hindu and I am sure after seeing my post-marriage behaviour and attitude towards religion, Muslim mollahs will also disown me. I will continue eating pork momo as it is one of my favorites. Truly speaking I believe that Islam 9at least its radical version) has created more problems in the world than it has brought peace and brotherhood and Islamic fundamentalists are 10000 times more harmful than the hindu fundamentalists. But believe me some Muslim girls are so nice and fabulous….

  36. raj.thrissur said

    Namastey…………… if anyone have any doubt or need any enquiry about Love jihad come to Nettissery village at Thrissur corporation and ask anyone in that village they will show you the victim of love jihad with proof (Praveena 23 aged Hindu girl who suicide because only of this horrible fanaticism)…my Hindu sisters please think a lot before love someone who them self make entirely different in shape by their some part of body… I never wish to hear a same story of praveena again…..

  37. Rohit said

    The BJP needs to come back to power and they need to first empower the Hindus. Other parties like the Congress CPI and CPM have vested interests and are not doing anything to help Hindus. They in fact are ruining our country. When the majority of the country is Hindu why are we the one’s who are suffering. Anybody who forcefully tries to convert a Hindu to some other religion should be executed. That would set a good example in the future.

  38. vishnu said

    this is the most dangerous situation in kerala against hindus . we will already to fight against them becarefull my friends our time is up to resist……………………………….

  39. Atul said

    Congress and CPM dont love our country india. We should vote only to BJP as they know what to do against muslims and have done that from time to time.

  40. gaurav said

    what Islam gave India directly and indirectly, an analysis done through neutral eyes and for revealing the roots of current and past evils in indian society-
    -child abuse
    -sati(became prevalent only after lustful crimes against women by islamic crusaders)
    -jauhar(mass suicide of women committed by wives of defeated rajput soldiers)
    -dowry(with growing influence of islam in medieval india condition of women deteriorated and gifts turned into dowry)
    -acid throwing on women(prevalent in most islamic countries)
    -almost all crimes against women in current indian society have roots in islamic medieval india.People need to be educated about that and not be made into spicy masala for daily soaps(pratigya,balika vadhu,etc)
    -child marriage(prophet himself did it)
    -intolerance towards other religions
    -caste system(legacy of both islamic and british rule.Current politicians dont want to eradicate this evil because it makes task easier for pseudo secularists-low caste funda+muslim votes makes majority.)In ancient India,this system existed as a economy based varna system(see the hindus of bali)
    -baby factory tradition
    -stone throwing
    -rising non vegetarianism
    -decline of ethics,moral values and dharma
    -disregard for nature and fellow human beings
    -khap panchayat talibani style rulings
    -violence and rowdiness
    -decline of a tolerant hindu

  41. Tanmay Deshpande said

    Jai Shree Ram! If muslim bustards can do things like that then hindu youths should have to use this method on muslim girls, so they can know hw its feel when it happen to our knowin people One True HINDU youth can fight with 10 muslims so muslims should have to stop that otherwise Hindu youth is ready to do that method on muslim girls with more fastly. Jap Hoga Gar Ghar Me, Mandir Banega Ayodhya Me .

  42. Indian said

    Love jihad is a truth tht exists in kerala and no one can deny tht,those who wrote responses here supporting tht,i hav only one question to ask wat will u and u r family feel if u r sister elopes with a boy of other religion and forced to convert in the name of love,later she finds tht she was cheated in the name of religion and by that time she wont b in a position to escape nd lost her life.. wil u b happy? or tht time also u wil say tht thre is nothing wrong in it nd v must encourage this? All muslims are not terrorist tht v agree but its unfortunate tht 99% terrorist attacks in India r done by muslims.. its not here in India all over the world….They are killing thre own people in the name of Jihad thn how they are going to b bothrd abt others? its the time tht v INDIANS(all religion) hav to b more vigilant against all these in the name of religion.I dont think tht any religion has asked for forcible conversion and killing innocent people…. JAI HIND

  43. Abyss Maal said

    What we need is an organisation that upholds the free spirited thinking and values and traditions of the hindu faith while at the same time adopts a tough stance to combat the plague that has spread on this planet..the plague called islam.
    Yes islam is really a cancer. No two opinions about it. The koran doesnt speak of forgiveness or compassion anywhere. Its all retribution fire and brimstone. And although illiterate and equipped with a juvenile imagination, mohammed sal allahu asshole in asylum (piss be upon his face) was a cunning bloke.He put in the clause in the koran that he was the last prophet so that nobody can question wat he says.Those who questioned him lost their heads. Thanks to the evil in men that islam unleashes, even non muslims who convert to islam have so much hate in them towards their former faith that its scary.Its a loathsome religion and its not meant for human consumption. Come to think of it,a thousand and four hundred years ago before islam came into being in 600 AD, all the people in the subcontinent were hindus or parsis or of other peaceable religions. All the muslims who exist here are actually converts. Which is probably the reason they hate other faiths so much. It is the oedipius complex.
    After islam came into being all the blood shed in the world happened. More people have been killed by muslims that in all the world wars put together. Even hitler wud be apalled at the genocide of innocent kafirs over the centuries.
    As for hindus the RSS is a geriatric haven full of senile and impotent old men with no fire power and no will power and no brains.They are all rhetoric and no action. BJP too is all big talk and no result. Somebody please stick a banana in advanis mouth. VHP is a rabid war mongering batallion of the same ilk of hindus who wud be better of converting to islam coz theyre as barbaric as the islamist fundamentalists.All these sangh parivar outfits have not managed to do one productive thing for the country. What we need is a vibrant intellectually driven and practically oriented ruthless organisation that can put an end to this islamic tyranny and tackle all islamic evils that affect our society. We need a hindu/christian/sikh/jewish/buddhist/jain/parsi/bahai HITLER to counter the muslim OSAMA !!! How I miss George W Bush. He was a likely candidate. OBAMA is a closet muslim.
    Muslims hate other faiths no matter how much they falsify that they dont.They call us all kafirs and they impose jazia on us. They say they protect their women but women in islam have no rights. Men get to screw huris in the after life when theyre in paradiso islamo and women get to watch their husbands frolic with virgins when they go up to heaven. The islamic concept of heaven is so juvenile. After reading the koran i had trouble believing that half the world believes in the bull shit thats written in there.
    I dont know any muslim who has any member of his family serving in the armed forces.Not a single muslim in india wud care to join the army.But look at the number of christian brothers who fight for their country.The hundreds of thousands of sikhs who died for their mother land.Muslims dont consider india as home.Theyre slaves to arabic language and culture and slaves of arabs themselves.Theyre better off picking dates in the desert and humping camels.

  44. Sharad said

    Some people want us to write Hindi in Arabic and now some people want us to write all languages in English. I dont really understand the reason why someone wants to spread their religion and what benefit they get at the end?

    India for centuries had great amounts of personal freedom even under the feudal and anarchy, ther was always will to follow their own faith that they believed. We could absorb vishunvaites, shivaites, jainism and buddhism into single stream Hinduism (is hinduism a religion or a way of life?). My point is we could follow our own faith and still live under same roof.

    I think rather than we getting arabized and westernized….we should Indianise them and make them part of India.

    1. Reformation of temples, the way temples run right now is atrocious. There is no philosophy nor the sprituality, the priests are not in a position to give the spiritual depth to individuals or the community and the dirty and scandolous baba’s are even worse. People goto temples with memorandums. We need structurize the system and establish guidelines and qualifications, invest in religious studies and mix more reason and science to it. Gita’s are a great guidelines to decision making(unlike quran and bible…you dont have rules in Gita but suggestions about how to gel well with community, living productively, keep focus on things and meaning to your life). Temples should become libraries for people to come, meet people, network and spend time.

    2. Indianize or integrate every spritual and religious concepts within Hinduism. Let not an individual faith affect personal bonding and I hope we would eventually have a day where every one is hindu but whatever faith they want (my brother stopped eating meat after hearing to lessons on Buddha…no he is not a buddhist but a hindu). Every temple has gods in 50’s add 2 more to them…(An indian version of christ, book of allah and granth sahib).

    It pains when we have an India so vertically divided internally. We are people of same kind, then why have this nation of religious ghettos.

  45. Vinu. said

    Whn u continues SAKHA, u can ensure tht ur sisters r safe from love jihad.

  46. surabhi said

    Rape was a rare thing in India but when Islamic fundamentalist put lots of restrictions on women like burqa n all then a non-muslim women who didnt accept such restrictions became a sexual object for men and rapes started taking place.

    every Indian muslim must not forget the fact that he or she is the descendants generation of millions of those Hindu women who were raped and forced to accept Islam. So this is the time every Indian muslim should come back to Hinduism once again so that the soul of their ancestors Hindu mother can rest in peace.

    Some leaders are playing the dirty game of muslim vote bank just to gain the power that’s why Islamic terrorism is rising from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. If nothing is done then soon India will be a new Afghanistan. I wish if all the Shivsena, BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Baba Ramdev come together and save our India from Islamic terrorism


    I think it is a duty of every parents to impart the teachings of Hindu religion to their Daughters so that no conversion will take place.

  48. abhi said

    hi friend,

    i read all these comments. it is very much required to spred ths mdg to all our hindus friends tht if u want to clean ur city first clea
    n ur own homes. these muslims r like a cockroch first clen these ideots frm own home.

  49. abhi said

    if u realy want to save our religion so plz bliendly support rrs sanghparivar vhp plzzzzzzzzzz

    jai hind jai shri ram

  50. Kitu Banerjee said


    You shameless Jihadi prick. Hindu girls are getting kidnapped and taken to Madrasas where they are forcibly converted by islamic muslims like you and after that being sold for prostitution by islamic gangs and madrasa going muslims.

    And you talk that Hindus should look inside, we have looked inside for a long time now its time to look outside to the cause to social decay for centuries i.e at islam and it muhammad emulating brain-dead soldiers of islam ie.muslims…have you ever looked inside islam? your so called fake prophet was a rapist and a pedohile, he used to abduct women, rape women after killing their husbands, or have you seen Burqa clad islamic tent-houses roaming around roads? Muslim women have the pathetic conditions to live in, you have the highest Honor killing and lowest education amongst the women, your women are sex slaves, now u poach Christian and Hindu women!

    You people are born criminals and when your devious islamic activities are caught red handed you shameless twats start blaming others! One think for sure islam and muslims who emulate muhammad a well known criminal, will never change, how would they change when rape, murder and criminal activities done by muhammad has to be emulated known as sunnah, every thing from rape of non-muslims, forcible conversions through coercion, plundering, terrorism is valid in islam….Its time to hit back with more ferocity and these bearded koran following muslim should be given a taste of their own medicine But it has to be more bitter!

    Time to act against muhammad “the pedophile” emulating musllah terrorists!

  51. Ananthanarayan said


    Hear my heart rending story. My family consists of my wife, two daughters. We are South Indian Brahmins based at Bangalore. In 2008, November, I had to resign my job in IT sector due to recession. In the same month, my wife got a job at a small Pharmaceutical company owned by a Muslim as his secretary. The owner does prayers 5 times a day. Initially, he was very nice and behaved respectably. after nearly 1 year, he moved all the staff from his personal office thereby keeping only my wife as secretary. Thereafter, he started wooing her. He started giving her money. Initially, my wife refused saying he should give in the form of salary rather than on adhoc basis. He persisted and my wife due to her weakness for money accepted. Then he started giving SMS in her cell phone in the night. I suspected and it separated myself and my wife. Thereafter, what he did, I do not know. Then he started supplying Islamic books which my wife was forced to read. He gave further money. Now, I realised my wife was behaving somewhat differently at home. She started sleeping separately. Started keeping cell phone under her pillow. Got up in the night without sleeping.

    Then one day she left me in March, 2010 with our daughter, saying she has to concentrate on official jobs so she is staying in a PG accomodation near to our daughter’s college. I agreed without suspecting anything. After two months, I suspected and tried to contact her at her place. She left that place abruptly and went somewhere. Since my daughter’s college was on leave, I could not locate them. But my wife was contactable on Phone and said that I need not worry. After, 4 months, I got a divorce petition from her. I was shocked. Immediately, I rushed to her office only to be told that she has resigned and gone and they do not know anything.

    On a court hearing, after one month, I followed her and located the place. She was offered a posh 3 bedroomed apartment in a posh area dominated by minority communities. Rs. 3 lacs advnace and Rs. 30,000/- as rent per month. She was given a car. A 5 days a week job.

    Next week, when I tried to visit her with my relative, I found she has again left the place. Now, I am unable to locate her. She also does not pick up my calls. Now, she says she is not interested in living with me anymore and tells me that I should not worry about our second daughter also since our eldest daughter is in USA employed.

    I contacted Mr. Kalak Abdul Hafeez, who is the CMD of her company and he tells that he does not have any idea about her since she is no more in his company. But, when we played a trick, he responded foolishly exposing his connection with my wife. However, I gather that she visited his office after her so called resignation. Now, we have understood that my wife and kid were systematically coerced and convincingly separated from my family and enticed them into their area.

    My wife is now attending islamic classes and celebrating ID. Now fearing stigma to my family, I am unable to take drastic steps. I cannot file police complaints because my wife is not cooperating. Her muslim boss says he does not know anything. A divorce petition filed by my wife is pending in the court. I have told my neighbours that my wife has got a posting at Hyderabad and staying in her parents house there.

    My family is totally destroyed. Please let me know what I should do.

  52. rohit sharma said

    not all muslims are terrorists but every terrorist is muslim and every muslim is devil and islam is the biggest threat for our nation and even for this world. we would have to fight a long battle to put down the islam. In contrast Hindu will think about the violence or terrorism. we fully condemn the terrorism and Islam.

  53. rohit sharma said

    Muslims chahe desh k baare me jitna bhi soche but ek din wo apne religion k liye gaddaar ban hi jaate h so I want to say that every muslims has no feeling about their nation. They all are hate our country aur our religion…

  54. priya said

    i dont agree with those hindu gals not accepting the truth of LOVE JIHAD. it s not created by media. it s going on now in telling this with my own first i too was the one who didnt agree with love jihad.i had a thought tat all muslims are not bad…
    i loved a muslim boy.he was in love with me at the same time he was in love with another hindu gal also..he asked me to convert into muslim only then he can marry me…he has asked that gal also to convert…he tried to dump me but by gods grace i understood his reality and his love with another hindu gal also i was really shocked…by my parents prayer i was saved from his trap…he was cheating both of us…y he wants to cheat and try to dump hindu gals… y cant he do the same to muslim gals…in wat ways hindu gals are cheap to them…is it that they are really good to indian society…parties like rss should surly needed to make awareness in our soceity..hindu gals must b aware of muslim guys…hindu gals falling in relationship with muslim guys should be stopped…v gals should not give a chance for muslims to demolish our religion..while there are many islamic countries in world, HINDUSTHAN s the only country for v must protect our religion and make HINDUISM live long…….”JAI HIND”

  55. @Priya@

    I feel sorry for you,that you faced some Bad situations and being cheated in Love.

    But Did he told you that he is from the Group of Love Jihad..?

    Again for the mistake of one person,you are blaming whole community.

    I was in same situation … with Hindu Girl…but Amazingly she was playing with me and playing with other guys too…

    Unfortunately not that girl,but with other guy she was involved,he came to know about me.and mailed me and infact showd me her email id….I saw how she was playing with me…she to asked me to convert to her religion,but my answer was u keep urs,i will keep mine.

    Shall I also call ALL HINDU GIRLS CHEATER.

    Cheaters dont care about religion…

    rememebr that…

    May God Bless you and give you what is best for you!

  56. its happening everywhere now a days
    Its a trick of Muslims to convert the whole country into an Islamic state
    These Muslims were never good towards hindus or India and they never will be

  57. maahi singh said

    Jihadi Romeos promise to marry unsuspecting young girls within 6 months if they convert to Islam and take and dump these girls in the conversion centers. These Romeos then go for their next prey. These girls are subject to various tortures for weeks in these conversion centers. There is information that these girls are shipped to foreign countries after drugging them. They are shipped from the unmanned coasts of Kochi, Kozhikode, etc., to Mangalore, Goa, Chennai, Lakshadweep, from where they are taken abroad. They are taken to the Gulf countries under the false pretence of a job and forced into prostitution once they reach there.

    It was found in investigations that many of the muslim girls found in police raids in the red light areas in Kochi and Kozhikode were actually Hindu-Christian girls who had converted to Islam in places like Mangalore and Bangalore.

    The statistics of the Jihadi conversions in Kerala since 2006 are shocking. The number of those converted in this way was 2876. Cases were registered in only 705 of such incidents. Kasargod tops the list of Jihadi conversions with a figure of 568. Only 123 incidents have been registered with the police.

    The numbers from 2006 till 2009 of such Love Jihad conversions on a district basis in Kerala is staggering. Below is a table giving the data district wise in Kerala with total incidents, cases registered, and those brought back with the help of various institutions and friends. The statistics of Waynad district are not available.

    Sr.No. Districts Incidents Cases Registered Rescued
    1 Thiruvananthapuram 216 26 6
    2 Kollam 98 34 7
    3 Alappuzha 78 22 6
    4 Pathanamthitta 87 36 11
    5 Idukki 156 18 9
    6 Kottayam 116 46 13
    7 Ernakulam 228 52 26
    8 Thrissur 102 41 19
    9 Palakkad 111 19 9
    10 Malappuram 412 88 31
    11 Kozhikode 364 92 29
    12 Kannur 312 106 27
    13 Kasargode 586 123 68

    Central investigation agencies have recieved information that 4000 such girls all over India who have been converted under Love Jihad are being trained for Jihadi activities by Pakistan-based terrorist organizations.

    Recently, an incident that left Keralites in a shock was the suicide of three girl students in Ambalapuzha. The reason behind that is being cited as Love Jihad. The three girls, Anila, Veni, and Julie, committed suicide as they were being tortured by their classmates, Soufar and Shanavas. Soufar and Shanavas reportedly have links to NDF, a muslim extremist organization in Kerala.

    The Jihadi Romeos are given special ranks, rewards, and money for carrying out their operation of trapping more and more unsuspecting girls into this. Jahangir Razak, a former student of Kozhikode Law College, one such Jihadi Romeo, is said to have trapped 42 girls till date. He is reportedly the link between a sex racket running in Chennai and terrorist organizations. One Shajahan from Pathanamthitta has trapped 6 young girls from Malayalappuzha Panchayat itself.

  58. ramesh.g. said

    It is most unfortunate to read that narrow minded Muslims are converting college going girls to Islam in the name of love.Some of my Hindu girls have said words of praise about Islam. They should know that of all the religions only Islam has spread by sword ie it was spread by the followers of so called Prophet.How can such a religion be at peace with-itself.Someone one has rightly said through this page that all Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims. The rest of Muslims who are not terrorists are because they are more influenced by Hinduism.A girl says that Muslims are mot neat and tidy and more hones.FORGET ALL THAT. Read a bit of Sanskrit and know the richness of Sanatan Dharm. I was educated in a convent school of Shillong in late fifties and still I have no love fro Christianity. Muslims in our country are thriving only because Hindus are liberal.They are taking advantage of our liberal attitude. In Bhopal a girls college was in a Muslim dominated area where rubbish and vulgar Muslims youths in best of their attire would show their body as a result soem Hindu girls got trapped and married these KATUAS(as they called in MP)because they have blunt and cut penis, only to torture their female while having intercourse.Sadists of the first order. All the news about the evil deeds of Muslim youths reached the government and immediately the government changed the girls college to a that of boys college. The drama stopped immediately. The Hindu society should take a stern step against the evil designs of Muslims youths. Their roots are in Saudi Arabia.They want to spoil the demographic structure of not only Kerala but also that of India also. It is my request to the young girls of Kerala to study their own religion and see how rich it is. How good it is.It is the mother religion of all the religions. Please help us to put an end to this evil religion called Satanic Islam(sulman rushdi)

  59. Srikant said

    Its not like the muslims dont know about the opressions going on within their community. I have a lot of friends (muslims) and mind you they are the best, always ready to help in time of need. I had no reason for any kind of distrust towards them . In fact one of my friend atiq is married to a christian . He has no problem in performing pooja on diwali and he is equally proficient in playing guitar in the church. In fact they are misunderstood. Its illiteracy that is taking them to the wrong path and which makes them a tool in the hands of unscrupulous people.

  60. Sankardas said

    The ultimate reason for religious conversion is our democracy. By hook or crook everybody wants to remain in power. In democratic system the majority will achieve power. Each and every political parties are encouraging caste and creed to build up their vote banks. The organized minorities ( Muslims and Christians)are on the way to increase their numbers. The different casts in the Hindu religion are behaving themselves as separate religions.

  61. Vidhya said

    The Love Jihad is not ending in Kerala.It is still continuing..Here is the latest one reported from Trivandrum.
    The report came in the Malayalam Daily “Kerala Kaumudi” says that the girl,Sandhya Raj from Karaman, was studying in a nursing college in Varkala.Her parents fixed her marriage and she didn’t object.On 25.04.2011 her father dropped her in the Trivandrrum central staion to her college and she didn’t returned.When enquired in the college,it was reported that she didn’t came to the college on 25th.Her father complaint to the railway police next day.On enquiry it was found that she eloped with a Muslim Jihadi Romeo,Anwar.And also made to know that they already registered their marriage two months back at Paravur Registrar’s Office.

  62. Rakesh said

    I think Divya is in love with ismail or someone muslim boy and she is totally blind in love, love jihad is a real thing its happening in RATNAGIRI (Maharshtra) Also,
    one thing should we clear if suppose hindu guy loving with muslim girl and he get married with her then how muslim community react, they will Violent immediate, but hindus are diffrent

  63. Somnath said

    Muslim culture indian culture ko respect nehi karta.
    Ak hindu larki ko kabhi apni dhram ko chorna nehi chahiye..agar oo chor k chle geye samaj lena ki oo apni dhram ko aapman kar raha hai.
    Sabhi hindu larki se mera nibedan hai ki aap love jehad main nehi fase.Love Jehad ak sahi cheese hai,..Dhram paribartan hai ye..ismain na fase.
    Or Hindu k iilab Mahilaoo ko samman kisi or dhram main nehi diya..
    Aaise independent aaise samman kisi or dhram main kaha??
    To plz..apni Mata pita ka samman bacha k chalna hai.
    sanatan(Hindu) Dhram chorne ka nehi…sirf garv karne ka hai..taki tum is dhram main janam liya ho.
    dekho aaj ve Hindu dhram main mata pita ko pujte hai..lakin or dhram main kaha??
    jo kuch sikha hai,jana hai,dekha hai sab kuch uusi k liye.
    Usko aapaman karna ghor pap hai.
    tum kya dhram paribartan koroge..himmat hai to uuskidhram paribartan dekhunga kon kisko pyar karta hai…
    hamare Samaj ko khatam karna uuska terget to muslim league ka kehena hai..Hindu ko khotam karo..
    alag alag desh banaye..lakin hum to uuse rehene k liye jagaha diye…uus par v gaddary??
    Pyar kon karta hai janne k liye uska dhram paribartan karbaoo tum kabhi nehi choroge Hindu dhram
    Sirf Garv Karna…..
    jai bharat mata
    jai Hindutav

  64. vinu said

    i dont think there is an organised effort from muslim community for love jihad,but jehadi groups like jama -ath & NDF used to support it & encourage good-looking muslim youths to love high class non muslim girls (hindu) to increase muslim population .hindus should be beware of that

  65. manoharan said

    Sister Divya,

    you like peoples are very danger in india, Islam wont teach about the help to poor, it only teach the terrorism they all initially acting to help others but at one stage you come to know about their real face. who told hindus are not a helping mentality, what about mata amirthananthama? what about the vivekanantha kentra, Ramakrishna mission?. dont hate about yourself ur point of view is very short. dont blame others ur a hindu first grow the helping mentality within you then everything will be allright becouse this is the duty of individuals. according to Bhagawat Gita “Duty yours Result Mines” so every one shoud help every others by their capacity you only pointing nearby muslim family, dont judge anything with one family. indias first threat is from muslim fondamentalist dont forget it. dont hate hiduism it teach peace of the world. love jihad is a very dangerous threat to hindu youngter dont fall on it becouse they have a chance to marry more than one girl so Girls are in Alert, proud be a Hindu.

  66. Lovemuslimgirils said

    Sister Diviya is some muslim guy in the name of hindu girl….so dont give her that much perference.
    All muslim guys I ask one question, if I love and marry your sister will you guys allow that?
    I know answer is “no” when that is the case why are you back of other religion women?
    You muslim people are unwanted for entire world…no west likes you, no east likes you and no one likes you because of your demon character.
    still you claim yours is a peace religion…….I dont know from where to laugh.
    I always love to laugh from down when I hear such statement.

  67. ravi said

    please give kasargod to karnataka….karnataka ll end this love jihad

  68. kaadi said

    I happened to see this site very late. but in the name of acting in serial and filim these NRI Kaakkas will pretend to love then trap them to convert to islam. later after six month throw them out. I know a girl from a well known family and an educated girl loved a muslim boy and married. her parents was a well known christian family. later when whe got married her mother got heart attack and father also died. now she is left alone by her relatives and this bastard had gone behind another girl. he is not even allowing the divorce petition to file.

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