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Sri Lankan Muslim: Muslims being the worthy fighters and jihadis, can sort out the Tamil within a very short time

Posted by jagoindia on January 31, 2009

Mind of a Sri Lankan Muslim

by Dr Omar Zia
29 Jan, 2009
Two years ago while traveling through Sri Lanka I befriended a taxi driver in Colombo.

He was a young devout Muslim from a family of ten: two aged parents and eight grown-up children. He was the youngest member of the family born and bred in Sri Lanka. From my chats with him during several excursions in the city, I pieced together a detailed picture of the conditions and aspirations of Muslims in Sri Lanka.

Muslims constituted only 7% of the population in in Sri Lanka. This boy of 22 knew that. He told me in a meaningful way that non-Muslim Sri Lankans are too cautious when it comes to raising a family. They worry about the education and upbringing of their offspring too much; for that reason, birth-rate amongst non-Muslims is quite low. Muslims in Sri Lanka, on the other hand, believe that Allah will provide everything and do not care how many children they have. This boy was prophetic. Current Muslim population of Sri Lanka is listed as 9% according to many guide-books.

Upon my enquiry as to how he got along with his non-Muslim neighbors, he praised them for their placidity and then complained that he found it quite annoying that Muslims had to take their cowardly neighbor religious sensitivity into account and slaughter animals hidden from the public eye. He assured me that as soon as Muslims were in ascendancy in his country, which, he was sure, would happen in his lifetime, one of the first laws to be passed will be sanctioning of slaughtering of animals in the open, like in any Muslim country. While visiting Hindu temples with me, he proudly informed me that Muslims never allow non-Muslim Sri Lankans to enter mosques, as they were unclean. He was also quite sure that if allowed, Muslims being the worthy fighters and jihadis, can sort out the Tamils within a very short time.

In order to understand better the Muslim society in Sri Lanka, I even accepted his offer of a cuppa at his house towards the end of my stay. All that I had heard from this young ‘time bomb’ proved absolutely certain. Indeed, the visit proved even more shocking: the rest of his family members appeared even more radicalized and angrier at their majority countrymen. I felt absolutely horrified at the prospect of what is in store for the affable, but oblivious to danger, non-Muslim Sri Lankans.
For  mind of a corrupted Paki click here
Dr. Omar Zia is a Pakistani-born ex-Muslim.

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Canada: Sunni Muslims beat up Shia Muslims in hockey game

Posted by jagoindia on January 31, 2009

Another great example of the peace religion in action!

Dad says Muslim hockey players attacked sons over religion
Tournament spectators joined in against non-Sunni brothers

Vancouver Province; Canwest News Service
Published: Wednesday, January 28
Two brothers were attacked by opposing ball hockey players and spectators because of their religion, their father said.

Ahmed Buksh said his sons, Elijah, 21, and Izaiah, 20, were playing at the B.C. Institute of Technology gym on Sunday in a tournament put on by the B.C. Muslim Sports Association.

“It was a targeted attack on two boys. I never saw anything like it,” Buksh said.

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Font:****”It was just disgusting.

“They believe we are non-Muslim. At the end of the day, that is the cause.”

Buksh said he and his sons are Muslims, but do not follow the Sunni branch of the religion, which the sports association favours.

“I just believe in being Muslim,” he said.

According to Buksh, the derogatory comments directed toward the men turned to open hostility during the early stages of their second game of the tournament.

Both were attacked by the opposing players.

One was hit in the head by a stick and the other suffered broken teeth after being hit in the face.

“Before you know it, it was just a massive riot,” said Buksh.

“I went in there as a father and tried to help.”

Buksh said spectators, some as old as 40, were also involved in the attack.

He said their coach was also attacked when he tried to help.

Police arrived and warned the organizers that, if another fight broke out, the tournament would be shut down.

No charges have yet been laid, Burnaby RCMP said.

A spokesman for the sports association said he was unable to speak to the matter, pending an “emergency meeting.”

The 20-year-old, who was playing in the B.C. Muslim Sports Association-sponsored event, said he was warned not to play in the tournament because, though he’s a Muslim, he is not a Sunni.

The mood of the game turned tense early on when his team took an early lead. Buksh said the opposing team, made up of Sunni Muslims, told him, “You guys shouldn’t even be here. You’re not Muslim.” photo here

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‘Aatank-garh’ Muslims want separate criminal trial system for Indian Muslims

Posted by jagoindia on January 30, 2009

Azamgarh man bought cycles, planted bomb in Jaipur

Post-encounter, diary reveals Azamgarh ‘link’

Muslims now want to be tried under separate law
Friday, January 30, 2009,
Staff Reporter | New Delhi

An over 1,000-strong Ulema Council congregation at Jantar Mantar on Thursday demanded a separate criminal trial system for the nation’s Muslims.

The gathering of Muslims from Azamgarh, led by 20 ulemas belonging to Islamic seminary Jameat-ur-Rashad in UP, claimed that a National Judicial Inquiry Committee be set up to look into cases in which the Muslim men were arrested by police on charges of terrorism but released by courts due to lack of evidence. “The Muslims freed of criminal/terror charges for lack of evidence should be compensated,” demanded the congregation. It also demanded scrapping of the recently passed anti-terror law — the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

The crowd arrived at Delhi from Azamgarh in UP by a special train, called the ‘Ulema Express’. The demonstration, which began at 10 am, was also attended by students of the Jamia Millia Islamia and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). Each of the ulemas who spoke to the cheering crowds, insisted that a judicial inquiry be set up especially to look into the September 17 Batla House encounter by a sitting Supreme Court judge. In that encounter, two terrorists from Azamgarh involved in the Delhi blasts were gunned down by the State police.

“It is unacceptable to the Muslim community that innocent, educated young men should be picked up by law-enforcement agencies without any proof, to be released later by the courts for lack of evidence. The media highlights them as hardcore terrorists and their lives are tarnished forever. There should be a provision for compensation to such people,” Ulema Council convener Amir Rashidi Madani said.

Blaming political parties for not supporting them on the issue, Madani said that the Ulema Council would field two candidates from Azamgarh Sadar and Lalganj Lok Sabha seats in the forthcoming Lok Sabha election. “We are also trying for a third alternative. A few parties have approached us for support. But we want that any alternative should be headed by the Ulema Council,” said Madani, whose son Aamir Talha was picked up by the Maharashtra ATS on terror charges. He was later released by the court.

The event was organised by the Coordination Committee of Indian Muslims, an umbrella organisation of five bodies and the Ulema Council of Azamgarh.

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Who looted India more? — The Muslims or the British

Posted by jagoindia on January 29, 2009

Who looted India more?
By M.S.N. Menon, The Organiser, Sep 11, 2005

The British, say the ignorant Hindus. And they are not a few in this country. The talk is always of colonial exploitation. Of Jalianwala massacre.

It is also said that the British transferred huge amounts to Britain and that they tried to maximise revenue collections in India.

What are the facts? Prof. Dharma Kumar of the Delhi School of Economics refutes the charges. He writes: “This is very far from the truth and may indeed be more true of the Mughal rulers, if one takes the texts of the period and the work of the Aligarh school of historians seriously.”

And he goes on to quote the first volume of the Cambridge Economic History of India, which says that “a tiny ruling group consisting of the Mughal Emperor and 8,000 or so nobles (of a total population of 100 million ) actually collected over half to one-third of the GNP as revenue.” According to the US economist Raymond Goldsmith, the income appropriated by the top group in Mughal India was the highest known to man. The only exceptions were the Egyptian and Mesopotamian theocracies.

True, the British tried to collect as much as they could, but they were a people used to low taxation. In fact, in the first budget speech after the 1857 Mutiny, it was said that Hindu taxation law was generous to the rulers. Prof. Kumar says that the British might have collected 7 per cent of Gross National Product (GNP) in 1872-73 as revenue. During the World War II, the revenue collection was by no means high, he says. Thus during the World War II, it was not more than 12 per cent. Tax revenue fluctuated between 6 per cent and 7 per cent of the national income between 1900 to 1947.

In the last year of British rule, land revenue constituted. less than one-tenth of the total tax revenue. The land revenue probably did not exceed 5 percent of gross agricultural output in the 20th century for the country as a whole. This is in contrast to the Mughal period, when land tax was the highest. In fact, Britain was reluctant to impose high land tax after the rise of nationalism.

Prof. Dharma Kumar writes: “Indian historians are too often obsessed with the exploitative nature of colonialism and generations of students have learnt from them. It is true the British exploited, but they were also building a new modern India.”

As against this, after imposing their rule over India for over seven centuries, the Muslim rulers remained as foreign dynasties and refused to identify themselves with India. In these seven centuries, they did not build one great school or hospital. All they did was to build palaces and gardens for their enjoyment, tombs to perpetuate their memory and forts for their security. In fact, India continued to be a Dar-ul-Harb for the Muslim rulers, whereas India was the jewel of the British crown.

In the long period of the Muslim advent, the Muslim invaders and rulers did not spare one Hindu or Buddhist temple or Vihara. Everything was looted for gold and precious stones. The destruction was complete in the north. The number of temples destroyed by Aurangzeb alone is estimated to five, if not six, digits, according to his own court chroniclers. There was nothing left for the British to loot in India. In any case, they never indulged in looting the temples.

India was the richest country in the world till the advent of Islam. All the great diamonds belonged to India. India knew mining and processing of diamonds. The Mughals had two underground rooms of a capacity of 150,000 cu. ft., each packed with precious metals, diamonds and stones.

Mohd. bin Qasim robbed Sind of 630 million dirhams in the 11th century. Mahmud Ghazni raided India 17 times to loot temples and palaces. The sultanates sent looting expeditions to the south. On the invasion of Ghazni, Nehru writes: “From Thaneswar he took away, it is said, 200,000 captives (for sale) and vast wealth. But it was at Somnath that he got the most, for this was one of the great temples and the offerings of centuries had accumulated there.

The Muslim armies had plans to loot the rich cathedrals of Europe, but they were routed by the French. Similar ambitions to loot China were frustrated by the Mongols who devastated the Muslim empire and destroyed the Caliphate.

Loot was the first objective of every Muslim invader, not conversion. This is sanctioned by Islam. It says : “Eat what you have taken as booty. It is lawful and good.” (The Spoils 65) ( As against this , the Isha Upanishad says: “Enjoy what God has given the. Covet not that which belongs to another. “)

The legitimisation of plunder by Islam was what made the Islamic advent in the world so gory.

But our Indian “comrades” are ever ready to distort history. Prof. Prabhat Patnaik of JNU for example writes: “Every act of the British… was meant to serve rapacious colonial interests. ” No sensible thinker can pen such nonsense. Was the creation of the Asiatic Society also a “rapacious colonial” enterprise? More men of eminence are on record in British history, who opposed colonialism.

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Terrorists are like animals: Supreme Court judge, human rights activists fighting for ‘animal rights’

Posted by jagoindia on January 29, 2009

Terrorists are like animals: Supreme Court judge
Tue, Jan 27

New Delhi, Jan 27 (IANS) Equating terrorists with animals, a senior Supreme Court judge Tuesday said people speaking for their rights are actually advocating ‘animal rights’.

‘Those who violate the rights of society and have no respect for human rights are not humans but animals. And people fighting for terrorists are actually supporting ‘animal rights’,’ said Justice Arijit Pasayat, addressing a conference organised by the Indian Law Institute.

Speaking on ‘Investigation and Prosecution of Offences Related to Terrorism’, Pasayat called for a united effort to fight terrorism.

Blaming society for the spurt in terrorist attacks, Pasayat, the third most senior judge of the apex court, said: ‘We are hypocrites and speak in different tones when it comes to terrorism.’

Advocating stringent anti-terror laws, the judge said: ‘It is important to have special laws to deal with terrorists and we need to give enough time to our investigators and prosecutors to prepare the case with strong evidence.’

Echoing Pasayat’s views, senior advocate Fali S. Nariman said terrorists could not be equated with those accused of petty offences.

Nariman advocated taking away the right of silence from terrorists and advised the government to re-consider the Malimath Committee’s recommendations that suggested amendment in one of the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code to combat terrorism.

‘If an alleged terrorist refuses to answer the court’s query, the presiding judge should be empowered to draw an adverse inference against him,’ said Nariman.

Solicitor General G.E. Vahanvati said since Pakistan was unwilling to assist India in combating terrorism, it was time to strengthen the criminal justice system.

‘If a lawyer does not want to fight for Kasab, we should not force him or her to do so. Let Kasab defend himself before the court, if he can speak another language other than terrorism,’ he said, referring to Mohammed Ajmal Amir alias Kasab, the lone Pakistani terrorist captured during the Nov 26 Mumbai attack.

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Mangalore’s entry into India’s Islamic terror map

Posted by jagoindia on January 28, 2009

Mangalore’s entry into India’s terror map

Vasanthi Hariprakash

Sunday, October 26, 2008 10:49 AM (Mangalore)
Mangalore in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district has been an unlikely newsmaker, first because of church attacks in September and now because of the number of arrests that have been made in connection with the blasts in Delhi and Ahmedabad.

There have been six arrests of those accused in serial blasts in the country, all within a fortnight and all by the Mangalore police. Mangalore’s terror connection came as a surprise to many, most of all, in Mangalore’s Muslim dominated areas like Ullal, from where the arrests were made.

Arrests were made in the area over the course of two weeks in October, mostly on charges of supplying the explosives that would be used in the bombings in Delhi and Ahmedabad.

Arrests made on October 3:

Mohammed Ali – Age 56

Javed Ali (Mohammed Ali’s son) – Age 20

Naushad – Age 25

Ahmed Bawa – Age 33

Arrests made on October 16:

Rafiq Bawa – Age 26

Fakir Bawa – Age 40

The police say that Rafiq Bawa was the driver of Riaz Bhatkal, one of the main founders of the Indian Mujahideen and who comes from the nearby town of Bhatkal.

They say Rafiq and Fakir were among five Indian Mujahideen members, who had taken a house at a remote village near Koppa taluk of the neighbouring Chikmagalur district, where they assembled the explosives and even tested them.

“During investigation, the Delhi Police got certain clues that the explosives for the serial blasts were transported from here. Whether Mangalore is a place for enhanced terror activities, it is premature to say, but it is a fact that few of the boys from Mangalore are found to be involved in the blasts,” said Ashit Mohan Prasad, IGP, Western Range, Karnataka.

Police say they have proof not just based on confessions. They found gun powder, a chemical mixing jar, a chemical-testing thermometer, and also tools used during target practice.

However, Mangalore’s Muslims and activists, unused to being linked to the geography of terror, are deeply upset. They warn that police excess may only increase the radicalism.

“The manner in which the police behaves here, during the time of riots or say during the recent church attacks, is actually pushing the youth towards terrorism. Police must conduct enquiry even thousands of people, but they should not harass the innocent,” said Umar U H, founder, Citizens Dignity Forum.

Familiar arguments from Azamgarh and Delhi’s Batla house are now heard in Mangalore, marking its tragic entry into India’s terror map.

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Girl’s disappearance from Mangalore raises Islamic terror fears

Posted by jagoindia on January 28, 2009

Girl’s ‘disappearance’ from Mangalore raises terror fears
20 Jan 2009, 0409 hrs IST, Ananthakrishnan G, TNN

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Intelligence agencies have begun a probe into the mysterious disappearance of a student of a Mangalore nursing college and her
arrival at an Islamic seminary in Kerala’s Kozhikode.

The incident assumes significance following reports that Pakistan’s ISI has been giving training to women for jihad. Intelligence sleuths say four people, including two from Kerala, have been involved in the recruitment of women cadre for jihad, especially after 26/11.

With Mangalore’s links with terror modules coming out in the open, intelligence agencies suspect there may be a racket operating in the region to woo women. SIMI is believed to have established a women’s wing in Kerala.

The nursing student, in her early 20s, went missing from the college about 45 days ago. Later, she informed her parents in Kerala she was going to study Islam in a Kozhikode seminary, family sources said. The parents, with the help of police, contacted the seminary in Kozhikode. They met their daughter in the seminary and asked her to return home, but she said she would come home on January 14 after finishing studies. But when the parents again went there on January 12 to bring her back, they were told that she had left the place about a week back.

The same seminary was in the news as it was here that Varghese Joseph alias Mohd Yasin one of the four terrorists from Kerala killed in an encounter with security forces in Jammu and Kashmir in October 2008 was converted from Christianity into Islam. At least 40 people 32 Hindus and eight Christians were converted here in December 2008 alone, intelligence sources said.

Family sources said the student contacted her mother over the phone on Sunday, but there was no information about her whereabouts. Police, however, said the student was in love with a Muslim man and wanted to marry him.

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Video:- Muslim converts back to Hinduism. Find out why

Posted by jagoindia on January 27, 2009


click here

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Preity Zinta: Narendra Modi should be the PM of India, If we have five states like Gujarat, India will shine

Posted by jagoindia on January 27, 2009

Way to go Preity. If only rest of Bollywood has the same awareness and chutzpah as her.  (Her father was in army and brother is also in the army fighting Islamic terrorists in Kashmir)  Wikipedia article Quote “These features were noted during the Bharat Shah Case, when she testified against the underworld; following this incident she was described by journalists as “The only man in Bollywood”

Narendra Modi should be the PM of India

Preity Zinta interview in the Mumbai Mirror
“Till last year, I didn’t support Modi but today I support him with all my heart. He should be India’s Prime Minister.Look at how he has administered Gujarat. Every politician has something bad to his name but Modi is one politician who also has something good to his name. If we have five states like Gujarat, India will shine.”

Preity Zinta concerned with sharing conference platform with dreaded Kashir terrorist  Yasin Malik
Later as I was having tea with Priety Zinta she also expressed apprehensions about being on the same platform as Yasin. her father died in the Army and her brother has been fighting and risking his life in Kashmir.

More on JKLF Yasin Malik who has admitted to killing innocents video

Yasin Malik originally came into prominence as a militant in JKLF and underwent training on arms and ammunition in Pakistan based training camps. He has admitted to have killed a group of unarmed Indian Airforce men while they were waiting for their transportation to arrive in period of 1989-1994 – in his interview with Tim Sebastian (link)

Another link

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Kerala Jihadi Abdul Sattar, arrested in Andhra

Posted by jagoindia on January 26, 2009

‘Jihadi’ held in Andhra
Hyderabad, Jan. 21: Andhra police have arrested an explosives expert from Kerala who allegedly sent youths to Pakistan for training in jihadi activities in Kashmir.

Abdul Sattar, who police say designed some of the bombs that went off in Hyderabad in 2007 and in Bangalore and Ahmedabad last year, was detained in Hyderabad last week. He was today remanded in the custody of Karnataka police, which wanted him in 10 cases.

Sattar is accused of recruiting youths from Kerala and putting them through the basics of militancy in some Hyderabad madarsas before sending them to Pakistan.

Andhra police zeroed in on Sattar after arresting one of his alleged recruits, Sheikh Abdul Jabbar, from Tirur in Kerala’s Malappuram district, from Hyderabad last November. Jabbar was later handed over to Kerala police.

“With the arrest of Sattar and Jabbar, we have found out how Muslim youths in two districts of Kerala, Malappuram and Kannur, are being lured into terrorism,” said a senior intelligence official.

Police officials said Sattar, a businessman in electrical goods, had first come to Hyderabad in 2004 and stayed at Jamia Arifia Nooria, a seminary-cum-educational institution in Cyberabad’s Bandlaguda.

Sattar had links with Arifuddin, a cleric and a custodian of the seminary’s dargah who had come to Hyderabad from Kerala 20 years ago, police said.

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