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In Jalgaon Muslims go berserk again, pelt stones at Hindu marriage procession: Two Hindus dead in police firing

Posted by jagoindia on April 24, 2008

This is the second time Muslims are going berserk in Jalgaon and indulging in islamic terrorism (stone pelting, breaking rama’s idol during Ram Navmi procession etc) in less than a two weeks . Read full report in this hindu jagriti article

Muslims attack Hindus in Chopda : 2 Hindus die in firing

April 24, 2008

Chaitra Krushna Chaturthi

During riots, Muslims burn alive police; but during Hindu-Muslims riots, police kill innocent Hindus. Hindus must realize that the police force, although living off your money, is so ungrateful. Henceforth, Hindus need not have sympathy for policemen dying at the hands of Muslims! – Editor

Chopda (Maharashtra): Fanatic Muslims attacked Hindus and caused mass destruction by setting public property on fire just because Hindus played the song ‘Mandir Wohi Banayenge’ in Hanuman temple at Chopda, Dist. Jalgaon. (Such frequent attacks on Hindus is a sign of Maharashtra turning into another Kashmir. Hindus must now get trained in self-defence to fight against these ‘Jihadi’ Muslims – Editor) Two Hindus died in the police firing and 4 were injured. (When rioters were Muslims, why Hindus were killed in police firing? Police had come to control Muslims or kill Hindus? – Editor)

Just before the riots, suddenly, Muslims got together and started setting public properties on fire. Police reached the scene and tried to bring things under control; but as they noticed that the crowd was paying no heed, they fired few rounds in the air and later at the rioters. In this firing, Lakshman Chaudhary and Deepak Mahajan died whereas Limba Patil along with other 17 persons got seriously injured. It is understood that Hawaldar Shri. Tadavi fired these rounds. (What action is going to be taken against this Hawaldar is to be seen – Editor) It is also learnt that orders for firing were not issued. Muslims openly used soda water bottles, swords and lathis during these riots. (What preparations have been made by Hindus to face such attacks by Muslims? – Editor)

In the Hanuman temple in Phalaner area where Hindus are in majority, the song ‘Hum Mandir Wohi Banayenge’ was played yesterday. Few Muslims passing by this temple heard the song and then and there started arguing with Hindus present there. As the wrangling started between two groups, slogans were raised in the mosque like ‘Islam Khatare mein’ and ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. (This indicates that before leaving the mosque, Muslims had pre-planned to create disturbance. What action the Government is going to take against such traitors, pro-Pakistan Muslims? – Editor)

Shiv Sena has taken a stand that last rites of the two deceased persons would be performed only after the persons responsible for firing are handed over to them. Curfew has been imposed in the town and additional force from Reserved Police has been called for. During the riots, S/Shri. Amrutraj Sachdev, city chief of Shiv Sena and Deepak Johri visited the affected area when Muslims started shouting slogans that ‘Talwar Nikalo aur Inko bhi Maaro (Take out swords and kill even them)’. Shri. Sachdeva informed that police were just standing there and watching the scene insensitively. A few reporters were also manhandled by one group. Few are claiming that there was a fight among two groups in a marriage ceremony whereas few others are claiming that the riots took place due to dispute related to some financial matters. Adequate police force is not deployed although Chopda town has been declared as a sensitive area. (One can imagine what must be the plight of Hindus in Muslim majority areas – Editor)

Hindu Organizations have alleged that the Government is trying to suppress the matter. Interestingly, Shri. Prakash Hake, the city police inspector suddenly disappeared and got himself admitted in ICU in a hospital in Jalagaon. Police have arrested 32 persons in this connection.

There will be enquiry through crime investigation department – Home Minister

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Shri. R. R. Patil assured in the Legislative Assembly session that matter related to Hindu-Muslim riots would be investigated by the Crime Branch and judicial enquiry would be conducted of those found guilty. (If the Home Minister has no faith in the State Crime Investigation Department then why do we need such department? – Editor) The Home Minister was speaking after the president of the Legislative Assembly, Shri. Babasaheb Kupekar, granted permission to hold discussions on an adjournment motion based on the topic. Adjournment motion was put up by Opposition leaders Shri. Ramdas Kadam and Shri. Gulabrao Patil of Shiv Sena and S/Shri. Eknath Khadase and B. S. Patil of BJP. Immediately after Raver, now riots have taken place in Chopda in Jalagaon district. Such incidents are taking place quite often. Although playing of a song was claimed to be the cause of the riots, terrorists outfit ‘SIMI’ has spread a wide net in Jalagaon district which is the main cause of such frequent riots, alleged Shri. Gulabrao Patil of Shiv Sena. (Without support of a big organization, it is not possible for Muslims to cause destruction at such massive scale; but pro-Muslim Congress Government does not even think so and the riots continue – Editor) Shri. Ramdas Kadam, the Opposition leader said that police have killed two Hindus in firing. (Hindus must realize that police are afraid of insolent Muslims. Till Hindus do not talk the same language like Muslims, they have to sacrifice their lives – Editor) Guilty policemen should be suspended was the demand of the party.

In his reply, the Home Minister informed, “Police first fired in the air; but both the groups were in no mood to listen and the policemen were only 10-12, so they had to fire at the mob. (In riots caused by Muslims, they gather with arms in hundreds and still 10-12 policemen are sent to control such riots, is just a police farce. Such policemen killing Hindus must be anti-Hindus – Editor) If, however, police are found guilty in this case, action will be taken under Section 302 and family of the deceased would be compensated with Rs. 1 lac each.” (Police kill innocent Hindus and family of deceased Hindus is given financial aid through Hindus’ money. How long Hindus are going to maintain such ministers and Congress-front Government who put a price tag on lives of Hindus! – Editor)

Rediff pseudo secular article:

Jalgaon: 2 killed, 15 hurt in police firing

April 23, 2008 12:37 IST
Two groups belonging to different communities clashed over playing of a song during a marriage procession, leading police to open fire which left two persons dead and 15 others injured in Jalgaon district, police said on Wednesday.

Curfew has been imposed in Chopda tehsil town following the clash on Tuesday night, they said.

Trouble started when members of a community started pelting stones, soda water bottles and bricks during a marriage procession following a song played (by another community) in the function, which enraged them, police said.

Police fired more than 25 rounds to control the communal clashes in the area, they said adding, curfew has been imposed in the town till 1800 hours to prevent further flare up.

Around 10 kiosks were set ablaze by the angry mob following which police opened fire to disperse the two clashing groups, they said.

Three persons, including an autorickshaw puller, were hit by the bullets, out of which two succumbed to their injuries and one was later admitted to the district civil hospital along with all the other injured, they added.

Security has been beefed up in the area following the clash and the police force has been deployed to ward off any untoward incident, police said.

(The below is from a muslim source and needless to say biased. Still they claim the Hindus “refused to slow down music” good reason enough for the “peaceful” Muslims to start pelting stones.)

Jalgaon again burns, two die

By staff reporter,

Jalgaon: In a short span of 10 days, communal violence again erupted in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra, claiming two lives in police firing on the night of 22nd April when two groups clashed violently.

Simmering tension between the Hindu and Muslim communities in Jalgaon boiled over this time in Chopada tehsil when marriage procession with their music band blowing while going past a mosque was attacked. Reports say that the marriage procession was asked by people gathered for prayer in the mosque to slow down music but they refused. The violent clashes between the two communities forced the police to open fire which resulted in the deaths of two persons. Fifteen others were injured in the incident. Several shops were burnt in the violence.

To control the growing tension, the police have clamped curfew at Chopada tehsil. Several teams of paramilitary forces have reportedly been rushed to the area to prevent further escalation of violence.

Meanwhile, the Congress-NCP combine Maharashtra government has ordered a CID inquiry into the riots and subsequent police firing. Deputy Chief Minister R.R. Patil announced in the assembly that the families of the dead would be given compensation of Rs one lakh each. The victims are said to be from the majority community.

Earlier on 13th April, the Raver tehsil had to witness communal violence in a similar situation. The police then had to fire in the air to disperse rioting mobs when members of a Ramnavmi procession threw gulal on a mosque along the way. In the following violence, Yunus Khan, a resident of Raver, was beaten brutally and acid was poured on him. He succumbed to injuries four days later. It is not known whether the government announced any compensation in that case.

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