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3 – 4 incidents don’t make Hindu terror phenomenon

Posted by jagoindia on July 30, 2011

3 – 4 incidents don’t make saffron terror phenomenon: RSS

September 01, 2010

Bhopal: Mere occurrence of three-four incidents cannot be termed as a phenomenon which is a continuous process, senior RSS leader Ram Madhav today said reacting to Union Home Minister P Chidambaram’s “saffron terrorism” remarks.

“We believe there is nothing like Hindu terrorism or saffron terrorism in the country,” Madhav said addressing a seminar on “Politics of Terrorism and Media”.

Madhav said attempts were being made to create a bogey of saffron terrorism by certain parties.

He alleged use of the term “saffron terrorism” was as an attempt to divert attention from “jihadi terrorism”.

“The term saffron terrorism was deliberately coined with a vested political interest, so that no one can question the government on the issue of jihadi terrorism,” Madhav told reporters after a seminar here.

“The ongoing probe in the three to four (bomb blast) cases (linked to radical Hindu outfits) should reveal the mastermind behind these incidents. Then only anything can be said about them,” the former RSS spokesperson said.

To a question, Madhav said there was nothing like saffron/Hindu terrorism in the country. But it cannot be said that terrorism has no colour as it followed certain ideology. Madhav said when the philosophy of Hinduism is based on the welfare of the people, it cannot be linked to terrorism or fundamentalist elements.

The seminar was also addressed by ‘Saamna’ newspaper’s Executive Editor Prem Shukla and senior Congress leader Mahesh Joshi.

Shukla slammed Chidambaram for the remarks and said “Islamic terrorism” was coined after the 9/11 terror attacks in the US.


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There is no Hindu terror, It’s counter-Islamic terrorism

Posted by jagoindia on July 18, 2010

On May 3, Suresh Joshi, a joint secretary of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, issued a statement condemning the attempt to link the arrests of suspects in the bomb blasts in Ajmer and Hyderabad by the Special Investigation Team with his organisation.
Joshi’s statement claimed that the RSS only believed in the Constitutional path. It said the RSS would not support or protect anyone indulging in violent activities. The crucial fact that emerged from the short statement was that the accused have been removed from any posts of responsibility in the RSS.
Joshi also demanded that accused be investigated, but innocent people should not be harassed. The RSS is obviously worried. The organisation supported by millions and hated by millions has never been above controversy. But the arrests and investigation of some RSS office-bearers and activists is a matter too serious to be forgotten after a media statement.
After all, Devender Gupta, who was arrested by the Rajasthan police in April in connection with the 2007 Ajmer blasts, is now also an accused in the Mecca Masjid blasts in Hyderabad that same year.
Gupta was an RSS office-bearer from Bihar. According to the police he is linked to Sunil Joshi, an RSS pracharak in Mhow, Madhya Pradesh, who was murdered in December 2007.
Sunil Joshi was connected to Sadhvi Pragya Singh and Lieutenant Colonel Srikant Purohit, who were arrested in the Malegaon blasts case.
Sunil Joshi, who had been sacked from the RSS for his radical views, was associated with Abhinav Bharat, an outfit accused of inspiring the radical group who have resorted to terrorism.
The Central Bureau of Investigation is on the look out for Sandeep Dange and Ramachandra Kalasangar, who are allegedly part of the terrorist group.
Ram Madhav, the RSS’s media savvy and sober face and member of its national executive, vehemently denies the organisation’s direct or indirect involvement with these cases of terrorism and claims that his organisation is not infected by such radical elements.
He spoke to’s Sheela Bhatt.
It is reported that the RSS is quite worried by the investigation against its members in three states — Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh. This investigation is against an RSS office-bearer and the allegation is that he indulged in terrorism. Is the RSS worried?

Absolutely not. We only said that there are certain agencies investigating certain incidents. One of the functionaries (of the RSS) Devender Gupta was arrested by the Anti Terrorism Squad from Bihar. He was working as a Vibhag Pracharak there.

We said we want an impartial investigation and we don’t want innocents to be troubled. We told them that if necessary, we will co-operate. If there is any evidence against any individual, then take necessary action, we told them.

Don’t you think it’s a telling story that someone from your organisation is being investigated for such a heinous crime?

This is the first of its kind that someone working with the RSS is accused of involvement. But this is only the charge. The agency will have to establish the evidence in court. The RSS doesn’t support nor protect anybody involved in such activities.

I am asking again, are you not worried that the people arrested are your office-bearers? So far, you were blaming Islamic terrorism. What is this if not Hindu terrorism?

Number one, it is not a matter for us to worry about for these are charges against one person. He is arrested now. Let the charges be proved. We do not believe in such activities, so don’t assume that the RSS is involved in it.

If some individual is found to be involved in some manner, maybe he is not directly involved or maybe he is, let the investigation get completed.

We don’t know the charges yet. When we know about it, then we will certainly think about it. But beyond that there is nothing.

Let me talk about the other part of your question. This vicarious satisfaction of people like you is amazing. The event (arrests of Hindus) doesn’t mitigate the fact that there exists something called Islamic terrorism in this world, not just in India.

There is something called global terrorism that is inspired by the ideology of jihad. It exists.

Just because someone associated with the RSS or Bajrang Dal or any organisation gets arrested, it doesn’t mean there is no Islamic terrorism. How can you say that?

I am saying that there is no Hindu terrorism. For a simple reason — at the most some Hindus have indulged in such acts which have to be condemned by everyone.

At the most you can call these people’s action as counter-Islamic terrorism. It is not at all Hindu terrorism.

Nobody is indulging in terrorism in the name of Hinduism as Hinduism doesn’t support or encourage such things.

How can you say it is counter-Islamic terrorism when Hinduism doesn’t permit even counter-terrorism?

I am saying the same thing. I am saying Hinduism doesn’t sanction any such things.

Hinduism and terrorism cannot go together.

At least three major bomb blasts are being investigated for Hindu radical links. There are many people being investigated. All of them are linked with either the RSS or its ideology.

Remember one thing you are insisting that there are many people arrested or investigated. The police arrested 11 people for the Malegaon blasts and three for the Ajmer blasts. Only one, Devender Gupta, happened to be our Vibhag Pracharak, who is normally in charge of three districts.

Is it not true that Ramanarayan Kalsangra is an RSS member. He is absconding.

No way! If you go by technical facts, we don’t have membership. Nobody is a member of the RSS. I am admitting that one functionary of the RSS was arrested. We want the facts to come out and until then we don’t want to commit either way.

All other arrested people are linked to the RSS ideology.

What do you mean by that? They could be participating in other political activities too.

As a responsible organisation and as responsible citizens, we say that we don’t defend any acts of terrorism nor we are going to protect anybody.

Are you not shocked by Gupta’s arrest? He was one of you.

It is true that someone who was our Vibhag Pracharak is being charged. It is an unfortunate thing.

Mere investigation against one individual cannot make us disturbed or worried.

You are asking me repeatedly, but please tell me what is the charge against him? Is it proved?

The charge against him is that Gupta helped a person called Sunil Joshi, who is dead. The entire allegation is indirect. The police claim Gupta helped somebody who was supposed to be behind the violence.

What do you have to say about Abhinav Bharat? Most of those who have been arrested are directly involved with it.

We have nothing to do with Abhinav Bharat.

Was Sunil Joshi a member of the RSS?

Yes, he was our pracharak. He was removed from the RSS in 2003.

Has the core group of the RSS debated about these so-called Hindu terrorists getting arrested?

There is no Hindu terrorism.

There is nothing going on to sit and discuss. Since you are asking so seriously, I will give you the perspective. All this began sometime in 2008 in and around Indore, you can say Madhya Pradesh.

There were some arrests after the Malegaon blasts in 2008. Till 2008 there was nothing.

What does it suggest? If there is any involvement of any group, that might be a small group somewhere. The police are investigating that group, they will find out. But it is not a pan-Indian phenomenon. There is nothing to worry.

There were some incidents in which allegedly some group is involved. The group is being investigated and interrogated by the agencies.

Nowhere else are any other such incidents taking place.

I am saying that none of our functionaries will be allowed to get involved in such activities. If anybody is found involved, he will be immediately removed.

The RSS is a cadre-based party which inculcates certain views and ideology of India and its future. Then how come this kind of thing has happened — what you called an ‘aberration’? So far you were known for your training and discipline.

If the charges are taken to be true — and they are levelled against one individual of the RSS, then I can say it is an aberration.

The RSS has half a million people who have some responsibility or role in the organisation. At least 6 million, 7 million people are formally associated with it. It is a huge organisation. Anybody can walk in and join our activities.

Most people will not be charitable about this ‘aberration’. They would say the RSS has a certain ideology that is isolating Muslims and creates a kind of ‘us versus them’ divide.

In reality, even if the RSS is not involved behind the group who indulged in terrorism, your ideology was responsible for leading them to this violence.

This argument is as old as the RSS. It is weird logic. Now you are saying ideology is responsible, not you.

I am saying that what you understand is not our ideology.

Our ideology is unity and strengthening of Indians. We want a strong India and a united India.

Do you teach young minds not to be violent? Do you ensure that?

We teach them the great principles of Hinduism.

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If Pseudosecularists support Afzal Guru, entire Hindu community should support the Sadhvi

Posted by jagoindia on November 2, 2008

‘Entire Hindu community should support the Sadhvi

‘Sat, Nov 1 01:25 PM

Coming out in support of Sadhvi Pragya Thakur and other Malegaon blasts accused, Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thackeray lashed out at pro-Hindutva elements for “disowning” them and asked the legal community to come forward to defend the trio.

“The entire Hindu community should support the Sadhvi, retired Major Ramesh Upadhyay and Samir Kulkarni who are being framed by the ATS,” Bal Thackeray said in his trademark fiery editorial in the Sena mouthpiece ‘Saamana’.

Thackeray said he did not support any kind of terrorism that “weakens the country and we regret the loss of life in the Malegaon incident.

“But if the pseudo secularists in the country are supportive of Afzal Guru (Parliament attack convict), why should we not love and be proud of Sadhvi Pragya, Ramesh Upadhyay and Samir Kulkarni?”

“Every day Islamic terrorists are planting bombs to kill Hindus in India. The latest blasts in Assam too were engineered by Bangladeshi migrants. If a Sadhvi Pragya or a Ramesh Upadhyay or a Samir Kulkarni is born in the present milieu, they cannot be blamed,” it added.

Alleging that the ATS machinery was being used at the behest of the Congress which is practicing politics of Muslim appeasement, it said, “the arrests of cultured and educated individuals in connection with the Malegaon blasts is an effort to crush Hindus to please Muslim fanatics in the country.”

The editorial also lambasted pro-Hindutva organisations for what it called “disowning” the trio. “If Chhatrapati Shivaji and Veer Savarkar were alive today, they would suffer bouts of depression to see the passive tolerance of Islamic intimidation by Hindus,” the Sena chief said.

The editorial ends with a poser. “If a Majid Memon puts on the black coat to defend brother of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim in a court of law, can we expect another Memon to stand up to argue for Sadhvi Pragya, Upadhyay and Kulkarni?”

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In future, we will see more Indian faces of terror: Newton’s third law has started taking effect

Posted by jagoindia on October 30, 2008

The Rediff Interview/Terrorism expert Maloy Krishna Dhar
‘In future, we will see more Indian faces of terror’

October 29, 2008

With the arrest of a Sadhvi and her alleged accomplices for their alleged involvement in the Malegaon blast, the term Hindu terrorism has got new meaning.

Maloy Krishna Dhar, a former joint director of the Indian Intelligence Bureau, has studied terrorism in-depth for many years. He has written several books on Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence and Bangladesh sponsored terrorism. Dhar took time off to speak with’s Vicky Nanjappa about the new trends in terrorism and also about the spate of incidents that have rocked this country in the past couple of years.

What are your views on the eye for an eye attitude of some Hindu outfits?

Newton’s third law (for every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction) has started taking effect. We need to find out the extent to which the Hindu mind is being influenced especially when everyone is flashing what the minorities have had to say. Yes I would say that the mentality is growing and it sure is scary. I think it is time to look beyond the Bharatiya Janata Party and other saffron outfits and think of Hindus as a whole, and see up to what extent they are being influenced.

Sir do you endorse these views?

Definitely not. I have always been saying that people should have faith in the system and try and rectify problems in a democratic manner. I am trying to moderate the system. It is very important to have the Muslims with us. We need to moderate their views too.

What are your views on the Malegaon incident in which a Sadhvi was arrested?

No one is saying anything clearly. What is happening is that the Muslims allege that they are being maligned. Now parties which depend on the Muslim vote are finding it difficult to secure those votes. Another fact is that the BJP and its allies seem to be on a better footing to face the forthcoming elections. Hence it seems as though this is an attempt to reflect terror on the BJP. Let the noise regarding this case settle down and then the truth will come out.

There are allegations that former IB and military officials trained some Hindu activists to carry out blasts. What do you have to say about this?

This is blatant falsehood and bunkum. The IB has no expertise in bomb making. Some military personnel may have knowledge regarding this. But tell me is it necessary for someone to train when all the information is so easily available on the internet. These are just allegations which have not been proven.

You have written and spoken about the presence of ISI cells in India. Despite both the IB and the police claiming to be making inroads how is it that such cells continue to function and carry out blasts at will.

The ISI cells and its modules cannot be fully unearthed. There are several reasons for this. Whenever the IB or the police go for action, a hue and cry is raised by human rights groups and the so-called secularists. Political parties are weak and they end up falling back on the support of the minorities. Electoral considerations are another reason for not being able to unearth all the cells. In our country the police are under the ruling party and unless a free hand is given there is very little chance of making headway completely. Although the IB is an old and efficient organisation, their strength in terms of man power is not sufficient. We also need is an IB which will not go by the orders of the political parties.

What about the participation of the people while gathering intelligence?

Yes that is very important. Collaboration between the people and security agencies is required and this should include the Muslim community too. The Muslim community needs to know that being inspired by Pakistan is bad for them.

What are your views on the latest instances of terrorism and the birth of the Indian Mujahideen?

It is a new name that’s it. The Students Islamic Movement of India could not possibly function under its own name once it was banned and hence it became the Indian Mujahideen. Basically the IM has the people from the same resource pool.

What do you have to say about the new age terrorist who is educated and tech savvy?

As I said before, the IM has the people from the same resource pool of SIMI. SIMI always had a pool of educated people.

Do you think that the Mumbai and Gujarat police have cracked the entire IM module?

They are making headway for sure. But getting leads is one thing and connecting it is another. Once the leads are connected, one could say that they have succeeded completely. As of now what I see is just newspaper investigation and PR work by the police to show that they are doing some work.

There is a hue and cry about the Jamia Nagar encounter, but the Delhi  police maintain that this incident helped them crack the case. What are your views on the same?

Whenever such an act takes place there is bound to be a hue and cry. I would say that the operation is genuine but would also like to add that it should have been done in a better way. Encounter is a science and should be undertaken in such a manner that none can raise a finger.

We see that Jihad is becoming more home-bred. Why do you think this has happened?

It is not exactly correct to say this. It is only now that we are getting to see a more Indian face to this. It just shows that both Pakistan and Bangladesh have succeeded in creating modules in India. In the coming years we will get to see more Indian faces. The need of the hour is to eliminate these modules.

Terror has travelled south. Karnataka and Kerala have become hotbeds for recruitment and training. Did the IB see this coming?

I have shouted and screamed about this in the past. I had given a talk at the Indian Institute of Science two years back where I mentioned that several areas in both Karnataka and Kerala had several modules. But at that time no one believed me. However now everyone seems to be waking up to the problem.

Lastly please rate the states which have coped best with terror.

Well, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat have dealt best with the problem. Kerala has just woken up, Tamil Nadu is yet to wake up, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh are waking up.

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Cops: Hindu group behind Malegaon blast

Posted by jagoindia on October 23, 2008

Hindu group behind Malegaon blast: Police
Smita Nair, Oct 23, 2008

Mumbai, October 22 The Maharashtra police are said to have cracked the September 29 bomb blasts in Malegaon and Modasa town in neighbouring Gujarat saying these were allegedly carried out by the Hindu Jagran Manch, an Indore-based Hindu extremist group known to have links to the BJP’s student wing, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). The key suspects are being questioned, top Maharashtra Police sources have told The Indian Express.
Five Muslims were killed in a powerful blast in the communally sensitive textile town of Malegaon in Maharashtra and one Muslim boy was killed in the explosion in Modasa in Sabarkantha district.

Both bombs were placed on motorcycles parked in crowded areas days before Eid and set off after Muslims had broken their Ramzan fast on a Monday evening.

The BJP had condemned both the blasts. Investigators initially suspected Islamist groups such as SIMI or the Indian Mujahideen to be behind the near-simultaneous attacks — the first blast was at Modasa at 9.26 pm, the second minutes later in Malegaon — as they came in the aftermath of blasts in Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi.

Besides, the motorcycle in Malegaon was parked below the now-defunct first floor office of SIMI while the one used in Modasa had Islamic stickers on its seat.

However, investigators found that these were apparently attempts by the attackers to mislead them, the sources said.

The breakthrough, they said, came when they traced the origin of the two-wheeler used in Malegaon. The vehicle used was a LML Freedom brand although some of its parts had been cannibalised from other vehicles and the chassis and engine numbers had been erased.

But with this brand out of production, dealer records and help from forensic experts led the probe to Gujarat, the sources said.

The motorcycle was allegedly owned by a man with an “ABVP background” there while the attackers belonged to the Hindu Jagran Manch with its headquarters based out of the office of an NGO in Indore, investigators found.

Top Maharashtra police officials confirmed the breakthrough but refused to go on record due to the sensitivities involved, adding that Central agencies were aware of the development.

The blast in Malegaon had sparked mob violence as angry Muslims targeted the local police and grievously injured the first policemen to arrive at the site, including a probationary IPS officer.

The attack came two years to the month when three bombs had exploded in and around a mosque in the town and killed 37 people, mostly Muslim worshippers.

That attack was blamed on SIMI and nine men were arrested but the trial has been stayed by the Supreme Court.

Cops had informed Maharashtra deputy CM
24 Oct 2008, 0010 hrs IST, Prafulla Marpakwar & Mateen Hafeez, TNN

MUMBAI: In fact, when deputy chief minister R R Patil, who also holds the home portfolio, visited the affected areas of Malegaon, the suspicion of Hi
ndu groups’ involvement was brought to his notice.

When asked directly if activists of the ABVP or the Indore-based Hindu Jagran Manch were suspect, the IPS official was noncommittal, saying it was too premature to name organisations at this juncture.

In the immediate aftermath of the blasts, several former members of banned outfit SIMI were called in for questioning. Dozens of Bajrang Dal members were also questioned since the residents of Malegaon alleged that the Dal and the RSS too could have been involved.

Meanwhile, following reports that pro-Hindu organisations were involved in the blasts, security has been tightened at Malegaon.

Besides deploying senior officers, five companies of the state reserve police force and a company of rapid action force have been rushed there. ‘‘There is no immediate law and order problem, but we are not taking any chances,’’ he said.

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