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Quranic verse ‘There shall be no compulsion in religion’ is simply not true

Posted by jagoindia on November 19, 2008

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The Fate of Infidels and Apostates under Islam by Azam Kamguian
In a feeble attempt to disguise the Islamic attitude to apostasy, apologists often quote the Koranic verse: “There shall be no compulsion in religion”. For a Muslim wishing to leave Islam this is simply not true. In Yemen it’s punishable by death as it is in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan under the Taliban and other Islamic states. The most famous incidence of Apostasy was in 1989 when Ayatollah Khomeini announced a fatwa, or death sentence against Salman Rushdie for his alleged apostasy in writing “The Satanic Verses”. In a similar vein in Iran in July 1998 a man was executed for allegedly converting a Muslim woman to the Baha’i faith, this was even though the woman claimed that her mother was Baha’i and that she was raised according to that faith. Freedom House’s Centre for Religious Freedom recently protested the forthcoming trial, before a Sharia court of Islamic law, of Hamid Pourmand, the 47 year old lay leader of a small Assemblies of God church in the southern port city of Bandar-i-Bushehr. Pourmand, a convert from Islam, is facing charges of apostasy from Islam and proselytising Muslims, both capital offences in Iran. The government of Iran puts someone on trial for his life solely for his religious belief. The state’s criminalisation of apostasy is always subject to political manipulation and indicates an absolute negation of individual rights and freedom. Iran applies an extremist interpretation of Shiite Islamic law or Sharia, which harshly represses the free expression of belief, including religious conversion by Muslims. Iran’s Sharia courts view non-Muslims as second-class citizens, whose testimony is given less weight than Muslims, and sometimes even as non-persons, without any legal protections.

In countries ruled by Islamic law and where political Islam holds sway, writers, thinkers, philosophers, activists, and artists are frequently denied freedom of expression. Islamic regimes are notorious for the violent suppression of free thought. Often, as a government allies itself closely with Islam, any critics of the government will be accused of blasphemy or apostasy.

Non-believers – atheists under Islam do not have “the right to life “. They are to be killed. According to Islamic culture, sins are divided into great sins and little sins. Among the seventeen great sins, unbelief is the greatest, more heinous than murder, theft, adultery and so on. Courageous apostates aim to skewer the hypocrisies and inconsistencies of a faith that commands the allegiance of a billion people-as well as the hypocrisies of those Western defenders of Islam who would not tolerate its strictures in their own cultures.

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Professor Baseer Ahmed, Vice-Chancellor, IGNOU, praises Ayatollah Khomeini

Posted by jagoindia on June 17, 2008

Imam Khomeini – A Unique Personality For The Muslims
June 02, 2008 17:51 PM

NEW DELHI, June 2 (Bernama) — Imam Khomeini, Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran and leader of the Islamic Revolution was a unique personality for the Muslims worldwide, said an Indian scholar.

In an interview with Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Professor Baseer Ahmed, Vice- Chancellor, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) said: “Imam Khomeini was a unique personality for the Muslims worldwide with his strong faith and practical devotion imbued with lofty Islamic aspirations.”

He referred to Imam Khomeini as a man with balanced mentality who was loved by all Muslims.

He added that although many years have passed since his passing away, his objectives are fresh and have still great effects on other countries.

Praising the exceptional personality of the great leader, Baseer lauded his unflinching struggle to restore the pride and dignity of the Iranian people in particular and Muslims in general by standing up against the arrogant powers.

He said: “Without any army or fighter, Imam Khomeini uprooted the strong Western-supported dictatorship of the Shah.”

Indian Scholar said Imam Khomeini reminded us that the duty towards Allah is very important but the duty towards mankind is much more important.

If a human being fails in one’s duty towards fellow human beings, it is difficult to escape from the displeasure of Allah.

“Imam believed, and rightly so, that if the Muslims of the world moved in the light of Islam and became the true follower of their religion, they would easily overcome the anti-human forces in the world”, Baseer said adding that he taught us the lesson of resistance and patience and to be afraid only of Allah Almighty.

Through this belief, Imam Khomeini shattered the myth of invincibility of America and Zionist regime by urging the Muslims to be alert if any dispute takes place among Sunni and Shia brothers, as it could be harmful to all Muslims.

“May Allah grace and bless the departed soul of Imam Khomeini.” “The great revolutionary leader is no more with us today, but, his soul continues to inspire Muslims in particular and humanity in general the world over” Indian Scholar concluded.


“He referred to Imam Khomeini as a man with balanced mentality who was loved by all Muslims.”

Here are some quotes of Khomeini

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