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Pakistan loving Shahrukh Khan attacks Baba Ramdev

Posted by jagoindia on June 3, 2011

Statement on Pakistan by SRK
I and my family is from Pakistan, my father was born there and his family was from there. Can we just circumvent all that is said about India and Pakistan by the politicians, by anybody else and say ‘it’s a great neighbour to have, we’re great neighbours..let’s just love each other’,

Baba Ramdev’s agitation politically motivated: Shahrukh Khan
Indore, June 2, (PTI):

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan today said that Baba Ramdev’s proposed hunger strike against corruption and repatriation of black money stashed in foreign banks, is politically motivated and he would not support the agitation.

“Koi support nahin karunga…unka agenda hai…jaise hi koi neta ho jata hai…voh yeh sab karne lagata hai (I will not support him…he’s got an agenda…as soon one becomes a leader…he resorts to such kind of agitation),” Shahrukh told reporters at the release of a theatrical trailer of his upcoming flick “Ra.One”.

“Jo jiska kam ho, usko voh karna chahiye..agar koi neta ban kar karna chahta hai to that is not the right way to raise an issue (One should do what is appropriate for him or her. If anyone is trying to slip into shoes of a politician then that is not the right way to do it.),” he said appealing to youths not to fall prey to corruption.

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Salman Khan says Pakistan not to be blamed for 26/11 Mumbai attack

Posted by jagoindia on September 12, 2010

Update:  I am really sorry: Salman Khan  Link

What did Salman say:

In an interview to Pakistani channel Express TV Salman said, “It was the elite that were targeted this time. Five star hotels and all. So they panicked. Then they got up and spoke about it. My question is why not before. Attacks have happened in trains and small towns too, but no one talked about it so much,” the 44-year-old actor had said during an interview to Express 24/7 channel.”Everybody took this up because the Taj and Oberoi hotels were involved. The attacks happened because our security failed.””The attacks happened because our security failed. Everybody knows that the Pakistan government was not behind it and it was a terrorist attack,”

Salman Khan puts his foot in his mouth

via Bollywood Hungama News Network, September 14, 2010

Salman Khan is my favorite actor right from his MPK, his first movie. His handsome features are enhanced by his stage presence and charisma and he has single handedly steered the movies he starred to unprecedented successes. (No offence meant to his other supporting casts who also are important for production of a good movie) .

Just day before yesterday Salman had the whole world eating out of his hands with his spectacular box office hit ‘Dabangg’. Came the news of the interview he gave to a Pakistani TV channel and the hell broke loose. And before long he had expressed unconditional apology for his comments on 26/11. He does not seem to be particularly attempting any damage control but yet was persuaded to go through with his apology bit, with all the political parties except Raj Thakre’s MNS, pulling him up in most unkind words.

Salman has got away with murders (literally). But he has not reckoned that 26/11 is altogether a different cup of tea. For a consummate actor that he is, his knowledge and views about 26/11 are coarse and shallow.

He is right when he implies in his badly worded comment that in India only the elite get the goodies.

The TV host was seen clearly prompting word ‘elite’ in his mouth. And it is correct to say that after the blasts that took place earlier , the victims were soon forgotten. Also consider the fact that compensation for an air crash victim is many fold than that given to an rail crash victim.

He is also right when he said that Indian Intelligence faltered. There was a clear warning before 26/11 sent by the USA but was lost in the labyrinth of intelligence maze just the way all signals were missed by the US about 9/11 and also about attack on Pearl Harbor in 1939.

But he is horribly wrong when says that Pakistan Government was not involved. Even a school child has understood how Pakistani ISI and the Army systematically planned the 26/11, starting from recruitment and hard hard training for more than a year. To a select few with all the state of the art weaponry and electronic gadgets. A regular military operation would be planned so carefully. The smoke screen that the Pakistani handlers threw for communicating with terrorists was not missed at all. They obtained satellite phones, one accidentally was dropped in the hijacked boat. The purchases were done through many fronts and layers in Italy to mask the real purchaser. Everything was confirmed by Hadley’s statements given to Indian team.

I don’t know if he is patriotic, but he appeared to be in an appeasing mood towards Pakistan, Why else he would make a silly statement like that ? But LK Advaniji too made a statement on Jinnah in Pakistan that invoked passions from his own party men.

All I can say, Salman needs to educate himself on the facts.

Too much hype around 26/11 as the elite were targetted: Salman
Indo-Asian News Service
Sunday, September 12, 2010 (New Delhi)

Salman Khan’s much awaited Dabangg opened to full houses across the country cashing in on the festive weekend.

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has triggered a controversy by claiming that “too much hype” was created around the 26/11 attack as “elite people were targetted” and that the Pakistani government was not behind it.

In an interview to a Pakistani channel, Salman said: “Too much hype has been created around the 26/11 attacks because elite people were targetted. Attacks have happened in trains and small towns too, but no one talked about it so much.”

“Everybody took this up because the Taj and Oberoi hotels were involved. The attacks happened because our security failed,” he added.

“Everybody knows that the Pakistani government was not behind it and it was a terrorist attack. Our security had failed. We have had lot of attacks earlier, and all of them were not from Pakistan. They were from within also.”

His comments have drawn strong reactions. Public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam told a news channel: “Salman’s comments are illogical and an actor shouldn’t have commented on terror attacks in this manner.”

Salman invites flak for ‘unwarranted’ 26/11 comments
Indo-Asian News Service
Sunday, September 12, 2010 (Mumbai)

Salman Khan’s comments on the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks have triggered strong protests and condemnation with political leaders saying the Bollywood star’s remarks were “unwarranted and irresponsible” and made “no sense”.

In an interview to Pakistani channel Express TV, Salman Khan was reported as saying the 26/11 attacks were widely publicised and noticed only because two major hotels in Mumbai were targetted and claimed the lives of rich and influential people.

Reacting to the actor’s statement, Public Prosecutor Ujjawal Nikam said: “If Salman is making such a statement without knowing the details of the case, it is foolish. Terrorists do not strike after differentiating rich from the poor nor do they differentiate a village from a city. The attack has wide ramifications as it killed many people and because the conspiracy was allegedly hatched in Pakistan.”

Maharashtra Congress spokesperson Anant Gadgil dismissed Salman’s comments as baseless. “This statement is not right. It is not about taking note of the attack because rich people were killed. It is about loss of lives,” he said.

Agreed Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) general secretary Atul Bhatalkar. “Most political parties have always taken note of attacks, be it the terror attacks in 2008 or the 1993 blasts or the Malegaon bomb blasts. What Salman has said is totally out of context,” Bhatalkar said.

Abu Azmi, state president of Samajwadi Party, urged Salman to help the victims of terror attacks instead of making irrelevant statements. “The attack first happened at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), where common men and women were killed and injured. What sense does such a statement make?,” questioned Azmi.

Azmi also mentioned that a woman named Sabira was badly in need of funds for herself and her son. Sabira lost both her legs in the attack and was still waiting for some financial aid. “Salman should extend support to her instead of making such statements,” Azmi added.

Despite repeated efforts, Salman or his family members were not available for comment.

In New Delhi, BJP spokesperson Syed Shahnawaz Hussain condemned Salman’s remarks and demanded the Bollywood actor apologise for his “unwarranted comments”.

“We strongly condemn Salman Khan’s unwarranted and irresponsible comments and that too to a Pakistani channel. How can he say only the elite were targeted? Is he not aware of the common people killed at the railway station and also the security forces? Moreover he has no right to give the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) and the Pakistani government a clean chit… He should immediately apologise,” Hussain told IANS.

Salman Khan in an interview to Pakistan’s Express TV said the Pakistani government is not to be blamed and that it was a security failure on India’s part.

“Salman’s comment at this point when all the evidence is pointing a finger at the ISI and Pakistan, is totally uncalled for. This will weaken India’s case and strengthen Pakistan’s. He is an Indian celebrity and he has disappointed many Indian fans. If there was POTA today he would be behind bars,” Hussain said.

“Salman should concentrate on films and not make such comments,” Hussain added.

The Nov 26-29, 2008 attack left 166 people dead as 10 terrorists who sailed in from Karachi let loose coordinated shooting and bombing attacks largely across south Mumbai.

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My Name Is Khan glorifies Islam, message is Pan Islamic

Posted by jagoindia on February 20, 2010

In fact, the buzz is also strong that SRK couldn’t have taken an anti- Pakistan stand because MNIK has a strong pro- Muslim storyline. Also, SRK enjoys a huge fan base in Pakistan.

“My Name Is Khan glorifies Muslims with the line that not all Khans can be called terrorists. In such a scenario, the star cannot afford to anger Muslims and especially spoil his Pakistan market. Already, the buzz is strong about his film in the Muslim world after the Sena issue,” pointed out a trade analyst.


The stakes are high for MNIK , and a failure at the box- office would severely harm SRK’s position in the industry.

If you have seen MNIK you will know that the film’s theme and message is pan-Islamic, the audience spread all over the planet but concentrated in South Asia, the Middle East including the Gulf, and Europe.

The IPL-Pak players’ issue was secondary to MINK but at the same time central to ensure that MINK was accepted by Muslims worldwide. For once in his life SRK played the Muslim card. The man who said he wouldn’t apologise to the SS and asked why he should at all do that was to begin with willing to create a tense environment in Mumbai and India. That is the bottom line.

Looking back everything is clear as mirror. My Name Is Khan is an international hit. SRK played his cards well. I think he should now get his bearings right and head for northwest Pakistan, pick up the Raju/Rahul name/act and do an action flick with the last scene showing him at the entrance to Osama’s cave dwelling telling that long-beard in a measured tone ‘hey My Name Is Not Khan…’


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Open letter to Shahrukh Khan: Please do not ask us to love Pakistan

Posted by jagoindia on February 17, 2010

Please do not lump the people of India and Pakistan together. We Indians are proud to preserve our separate identity. And please do not insult the land that gave you your life, name and fame, by claiming that her worst enemy, who wants to break her into 1000 pieces, is a great neighbour.

Open letter to Mr. Shahrukh Khan

By: Bandyopadhyay Arindam

Your name is a household phenomenon in Indian and even beyond her borders. Your fame has put you in the Newsweek “most powerful people list” recently. However, as you may recall from your recent experience in New Jersey Airport, real life is a little different – it does not always follow the path predicted by a scriptwriter or director.

Of late, we have been reading about your opinions and statements on matters beyond the celluloid world. Nothing is wrong in it. You live in a free, democratic country and are entirely entitled to your opinion. But as a common man, also from the same soil, I think I have the right too to raise a few points that may not conform to your views of the real world.

I hope you will read it out.

When recently, the Pakistani players were not selected for the IPL, it was almost predictable that NDTV, the award-winning, mouthpiece of our Indian liberal media select you for your views and you certified that “It (Pakistan) is a great neighbour to have. We (India and Pakistan) are great neighbours. They are good neighbours.”

I have a few words to say about those statements.

One may recall your effort to clarify the Pakistani team captain, Shoaib Malik”s apology to the Muslims, living all over the world, for failing to win the final T20 match against India, likely much to the embarrassment of a lot of Indian Muslims, as expressed by Shamin Bano, mother of the man of the match, Irfan Pathan. What was more embarrassing was your effort to try to defend Shoaib in a subsequent interview, “I don”t think he meant to segregate Muslims and Christians and Hindus and say this was a match between Islam and Hinduism. I don”t think that…”

I doubt whether Shoaib talked to you personally about his thought process at that time. You did not really have to respond for somebody else but perhaps you could not resist the temptation to show your brotherhood and solidarity.

This reminds us again of Dr Ambedkar”s observation that, “The brotherhood of Islam is not the universal brotherhood of man. It is brotherhood of Muslims for Muslims only.

Partition of India was what Pakistan wanted and got. It was painful to millions but many more millions in present India have been spared. Since then Pakistan has offered us only hatred. It has imposed on us three major wars, the Kargil insurgency, the Kashmir conflict, the series of serial blasts, the routine violation of border ceasefires, attacks on the Parliament House and the recent Mumbai 26/11attack.

Did you have these in mind when you talked about them being good neighbours?

In another interview you had tried to explain the concept of Islamic Jihad. “I think one needs to understand the meaning of jihad .. I”ve understood the essence that jihad is not about killing other people; jihad is about killing the badness in you.”

May be you understand jihad better and deeper than the superficial meaning of what we, the rest of the mortal mankind, overburdened and terrorized by the inter-religious, intra-religious and sectarian violence that is plaguing the world in the name of Islam today, do. For we, the less educated, cannot really make a difference between Jihad and Qatl, between Jihad by heart / soul, Jihad by pen and Jihad by sword or between lesser and greater jihad.

We wonder, whatever its meaning may be, does it minimize the significance of the mindless killings that we see today in the name of Islam, across borders, all over the world? Does it change the nature of the killers whether you call them holy warriors, mujahidins, fedayeens or plane suicide bombers?

We agree with you that terrorism has no religion. But hopefully you will also agree with the people who perceive that most terrorist in the world today happen to believe in the scriptures of Islam. They actually believe that they themselves are the true Islamists.

The so called “moderate” Islamist, perhaps does not want to contradict them or may be does not dare to speak out against them. You have probably not forgotten the FIR against you for listing Prophet Mohammed as one of the most unimpressive personalities in history, the threats from which you had to skillfully wriggle out. Others who are not so fortunate, famous or flexible are suffering lifetime, as Tasleema Nasreen or Salman Rushdie would testify. For blasphemy in Islam is punishable with death, even for a believer.

Do I have to spell out the fate if it is a non-believer?

It is due to the inherent intolerance and exclusivity of Islam itself despite your effort to convince us that there is an Islam from Allah and very unfortunately, there is an Islam from the Mullahs.

Here is an historical insight from writer Irfan Hussain, “The Muslim heroes who figure larger than life in our history books committed some dreadful crimes..all have blood-stained hands that the passage of years has not cleansed. Indeed, the presence of Muslim historians on their various campaigns has ensured that the memory of their deeds will live long after they were buried…Seen through Hindu eyes, the Muslim invasion of their homeland was an unmitigated disaster.”

So why should the “non-believers” care to accept them? Why should the majority of Indians like to welcome back such disasters again?

Since partition, India has come a long way in progress and development to her current status and is projected as an economic superpower in coming decades while Pakistan is perceived as a failed state on the verge of disintegration.

What does India have to gain by offering neighbourly friendship to such a hostile and failed state?

India has never been an invader and is not in conflict of any other Muslim country. None of the wars and conflicts with Pakistan was instigated by India. In the current geopolitical situation, one can argue for the Muslim world”s grudge and anger against Israel or the west and USA but one fail to fathom why India should also be at the receiving end and why Indians should be the second largest group of people to die from terrorists attacks. Indian majorities do not have anything to do with the Danish cartoon or the death of Saddam Hussain; so why should they suffer from Islamic havoc on those occasions.

In almost all occasions of terrorism, questions are raised about possible role of Pakistan, its terror bases and its terrorist organizations, as either directly or indirectly involved. Be it state sponsored (as recently admitted by President Zardari) or by non-state actors, Pakistan or Pakistani born are prime suspect in terrorist activities all over the world. ISI has been accused of playing a role in major terrorist attacks including 9/11 in the USA, terrorism in Kashmir, Mumbai Train Bombings, London Bombings, Indian Parliament Attack, Varanasi bombings, Hyderabad bombings, Mumbai terror attacks or the attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul.

Do you believe these are marks of a good neighbour? Then what is the reason for your preaching of love towards Pakistan?

Perhaps, as you said, because it is your ancestor”s homeland, you have a soft feeling for Pakistan and cannot see the difference. On the eve of accepting an honorary doctorate from a British university, we heard you say, “I really believe we are the same ..when you come away from India or Pakistan you realize there is no Indian or Pakistani – we”re all together. We are – culturally, as human beings, as friends”

Which Pakistanis are you referring to?

The Pakistanis belonging to the land, admonished as the epicenter of global terrorism, not just by India or USA but even by its friendly allies like Iran or China.

Or is it the self-created, Talibanic Pakistan, who still imposes Jijya on the non believers or finds pleasure in blowing up girl”s schools.

Are you talking about its President class like the current Mr. Zardari, vowed to wage a 1,000-year war with India or the late Mrs. Bhutto who started Jihad in Kashmiri that lead to the exodus of Hindu minorities from the Muslim majority state of India, as refugees in their own country?

Are you referring to Pakistanis loyal to the ISI and the military who train their soldiers with only one objective, i.e. to fight Hindu India?

If your mind is concerned about the faceless mass of Pakistanis, does it also include the dwindling minorities?

Or are you just concerned about the celebrities and the social elites?

It is true SRK that we belong to the same human species but it is hard to stretch the similarities much further between “us” and “them”.

We from the same original land of Bharat but we want to keep her intact, they want to break it into thousand pieces.

Our ancestors happen to be the same. We acknowledge and adore the heritage but they abhor and decimate whoever is available in an attempt to wipe out the link.

We are culturally the same. We have created the culture over centuries what they dream to destroy in moments.

Ours is a 10,000 year old civilization, theirs is a 62 years old country undoing whole human civilization.

We extend our hands repeatedly to promote friendship and amity; they give us ISI, Lashkar, Harkat, Kashmir, Kargil and 26/11 in exchange.

Do you think that the Indians nationals who died in all the above wars, the Indian soldiers who lost their lives in cross-border ceasefire violations or the Indian civilians who are killed by the ISI trained Islamic terrorists and their affiliates, in all those serial blasts, all over the country, willfully sacrificed their lives as a friendly neighbourhood gesture?

Can you face the families of the victims of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or the martyrs of the Kargil war and try to explain to them that “They are good neighbours. Let us love each other.”

Can you explain why the two gunmen at Cama hospital, during the Mumbai carnage, asked the man who gave them water, what his religion was, and shot him dead when he said he was a Hindu?

If you cannot, then perhaps you understand why the majority of India does not consider Pakistan as a good neighbour to have.

Perhaps you believe that the peaceful religious co-existence that you created in your home (and we appreciate that) can be extended to the large world outside. As you rightly said, we Indians trust and do accept everybody but what you did fail to mention was that it is the Indic tradition, essentially coming out of its pre-Islamic Hindu ethos.

If you think otherwise, show us a single Islamic country where the non-believers enjoy the same equality as the believers. Since partition, the Hindus left over in Pakistan and Bangladesh has suffered terribly. Strictly Islamic countries, like Saudi Arabia, do not allow any other religions to exist. Hindus working in the Gulf countries are not allowed to practice their religion in public. Saudi Arabia insists that India sends only a Muslim ambassador. Hindu Muslim unity by and large has generally been a matter of Hindus trying to please or accommodate Muslims. One cannot forget when Vajpayee was extending his hand for peace Musharraf was planning the Kargil insurgency.

Let us remind you, your own statement “I am a Muslim in a country called India .We”ve never been made to feel this is a Hindu country.”

Can you find me a Hindu in Pakistan who can reciprocate that sentiment?

Some years ago, another Mr. Khan, first name Feroze, from your fraternity was banned from entering Pakistan for saying, “India is secular unlike Pakistan”.

That is the basic difference of the land of “Hindu” India from the Islamic “pure land” of Pakistan.

So please do not ask us to love Pakistan.

Please do not lump the people of India and Pakistan together. We Indians are proud to preserve our separate identity.

And please do not insult the land that gave you your life, name and fame, by claiming that her worst enemy, who wants to break her into 1000 pieces, is a great neighbour.

Otherwise it would be sad if somebody accuses you of putting your religion ahead of your country.

Please give it a thought.
Arindam Bandyopadhyay.

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Karan Johar, Khan and Bollywood distort reality and should be made to pay for Pune victims

Posted by jagoindia on February 15, 2010

“This is why you shouldn’t take Bollywood at face value. They are not on the side of the vast majority of Indian people nor the wider national interest of India.

The terror attacks in Pune over the weekend may or may not have been avoided, but one thing is clear if Bollywood had cared half as much about reality of Islamic Jihadis instead of making movie after movie distorting reality of how these people actually operate, we may have had more security forces, and more rigorous methods on the ground to protect the innocents who were killed in Pune yesterday. Not to ignore the possibility of a more immediate cause of this, diversion of national and state security forces for the stake of some Khan movie.”

Rest click

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Pakistan lover Shahrukh Khan mum on Pune terror attack which killed 9 and injured 60

Posted by jagoindia on February 15, 2010


Khan felt that the youth should circumvent all that is said about India and Pakistan by the politicians and say, “It (Pakistan) is a great neighbour to have. We are great neighbours, They are good neighbours. Let us love each other.”

“Let me be honest. My family is from Pakistan, my father was born there and his family is from there,” he said.
Shahrukh Khan silent on Pune blast

February 15,  2010 By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Terrorism doesn’t usually concern Bollywood but the recent bomb blast at the German Bakery in Pune couldn’t have come at a worst time for the Maharashtra Government and Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan. In the last few days there has been a ego clash been the Congress and the Shiv Sena over the release of the Shahrukh’s movie My Name Is Khan. The movie had released all across Maharashtra especially in Mumbai amidst tight security.

This after Shiv Sena had called for a boycott of the movie after Shahrukh has supported the cause of the Pakistani players in the IPL. Sena had termed Shahrukh as a traitor who supported the cause of the Pakistan whose hand has been confirmed in the Mumbai attack. If Pakistan’s hand in the Pune blasts is proven, Shahrukh will find it tough to save his face. For now the My Name Is Khan actor has been silent on the issue.

Shiv Sena which has been vocal in it’s opposition to Shahrukh Khan has criticised the government. In the party mouthpiece Uddhav Thackeray said “It is the sin of (Ashok) Chavan that killed nine innocents in the terror attack” Criticising the extra security cover given to Shahrukh’s movie instead of busy market areas he added “The bomb blast could have been avoided if the same security was given at appropriate places.”

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Love jihad in Bollywood: Khans marrying Hindu actresses

Posted by jagoindia on February 15, 2010

Visit this link:

Everybody in Khans viz. Salman Khan, Saharuk Khan, Ameer Khan, Fardeen Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Arrbaz Khan, Sohel Khan and so on deserve their hidden agenda to plan spoiling Ash to Amrita in many ways.

One scoundrel named Saif Ali Khan spoiled Amrita Singh for the years and divorced her with his two children and now throwing a spell of Islamic light upon Kareena Kapoor. What a bad luck to KK ! She is entering an ultimate process of tallaquk in Islam. The another hidden agenda of a Great Khan could not be materialized when Ash married an Avisekh of lower age to get rid of series of disturbance by that Khan. These stories are unfinished as the Islamic plans to encroach every sphere are enormous.

There was a time to disguise the name of Yusuf Khan to be a Dilip Kumar as hero. That was a different story. But now the Khans are overwhelming the MFI in every pride of Khans to allure the Hindu actresses and their girls are mysteriously absent in the Mumbai Film Industries now a days. Only two Muslim actresses are in the picture. Though both Katrina Kaif and Soha Ali Khan are of mixed blood. The days of Mamtaz, Saira Banu, Wahida Rehman, Nargis, Jeenat Aman, Parveen Babi are gone. “D” Company just restricted the entrance of Muslim girls into the Film Industries to make it as the play zone with Hindu girls by the Khan and other Muslim financers, producers, directors and actors. These Khan bacchas marry Sharmila, Gouri, Amrita, Madhuri and other Hindu girls, but never send their girls to Hindu families as a mark of so-called broadness of Islam.

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Will Karan Johar Make a Film on Islamic Terorrism: My name is Kaul, not Khan

Posted by jagoindia on February 14, 2010

My name is not Khan, I am Mr Kaul

Tarun Vijay,  22 December 2009

I am not Khan. My name bears a different set of four letters: K A U L. Kaul. As those who know Indian names would understand I happened to be born in a family which was called Hindu by others. Hence, we were sure, we would never get a friend like KJ to make a movie on our humiliations, and the contemptuous and forced exile from our homeland. It’s not fashionable. It’s fashionable to get a Khan as a friend and portray his agony and pains and sufferings when he is asked by a US private to take off his shoes and show his socks. Natural and quite justifiable that Khan must feel insulted and enraged. Enough Masala to make a movie.

But unfortunately I am a Kaul. I am not a Khan.

Hence when my sisters and mothers were raped and killed, when six-year-old Seema was witness to the brutal slaughtering of her brother, mother and father with a butcher’s knife by a Khan, nobody ever came to make a movie on my agony, pain and anguish, and tears.

No KJ would make a movie on Kashmiri Hindus. Because we are not Khans. We are Kauls.

When we look at our own selves as Kauls, we also see a macabre dance of leaders who people Parliament. Some of them were really concerned about us. They got the bungalows and acres of greenery and had  their portraits  were worshipped by the gullible devotees of patriotism.

They made reservations in schools and colleges for us. In many many other states. But never did they try that we go back to our homes. They have other priorities and ‘love your jihadi neighborhood’ programmes. They get flabbier and flabbier with the passing of each year, sit on sacks of sermons; issue instructions to live simply and follow moral principles delivered by ancestors and kept in documents treated with time-tested preservatives.

They could play with me because my name is Kaul. And not Mr Khan. I saw the trailer to this fabulous movie, which must do good business at the box office.

There was not even a hint that terror is bad and it is worse if it is perpetuated in the name of a religion that means Peace. Peace be upon all its followers and all other the creatures too.

So you make a movie on the humiliation of taking off shoes to a foreign police force which has decided not to allow another 9/11.

The humiliation of taking off the shoes and the urge to show that you are innocent is really too deep. But what about the humiliation of leaving your home and hearth and the world and the relatives and wife and mother and father? And being forced to live in shabby tents, at the mercy of nincompoop leaders encashing your misery and bribe-seeking babus? And seeing your daughters growing up too sudden and finding no place to hide your shame?

No KJ would ever come forward to make a movie, a telling, spine-chilling narration on the celluloid, of five-year-old Seema, who saw her parents and brother being slaughtered by a butcher’s knife in Doda. Because her dad was not Mr Khan. He was one Mr Kaul.

Sorry, Mr Kaul and your entire ilk. I can’t help you.

It’s not fashionable to side with those who are Kauls. And Rainas. And Bhatts. Dismissively called KPs. KPs means Kashmiri Pandits. They are a bunch of communalists. They were the agents of one Mr Jagmohan who planned their exodus so that Khans can be blamed falsely. In fact, a movie can be made on how these KPs conspired their own exile to give a bad name to the loving and affectionate Khan brothers of the valley.

To voice the woes of Kauls is sinful. The right course to get counted in the lists of the Prime Minister’s banquets and the President’s parties is to announce from the roof top: hey, men and ladies, I am Mr Khan.

The biggest apartheid the state observes is to exclude those who cry for Kauls, wear the colours of  Ayodhya, love the wisdom of the civilisational heritage, dare to assert as Hindus in  a land which is known as Hindustan too and  struggle to live with dignity as Kauls. They are out and exiled. You can see any list of honours and invites to summits and late-evening gala parties to toast a new brand. All that the Kauls are allowed is a space at Jantar Mantar: shout, weep and go back to your tents after a tiring demonstration. Mr Kaul, you have got a wrong name.

A dozen KJs would fly to take you atop the glory – posts and gardens of sympathies if you accept to wear a Khan name and love a Sunita, Pranita, Komal or a Kamini. Well, here you have a sweetheart in Mandira. That goes well with the story.

And you pegged the movie plot on autism.

I wept. It was too much. I wept as a father of a son who needed a story as an Indian. Who cares for his autistic son, his relationship with the western world, his love affair with a young  sweet something as a human, as someone whose heart goes beyond being a Hindu, a Muslim or a proselytizing Vatican-centric aggressive soul. Not the one who would declare in newspaper interviews: “I think I am an ambassador for Islam”.  Shah Rukh is Shah Rukh, not because he is an ambassador for Islam. If that was true, he could have found a room in Deoband. Fine enough. But he became a heartthrob and a famousl star because he is a great actor. He owes everything he has to Indians and not just to Muslims. We love him not because he is some Mr Khan. We love him because he has portrayed the dreams, aspirations, pains, anguish and ups and downs of our daily life. As  an Indian. As one of us.

If he wants to use our goodwill and love for strengthening his image as an ambassador for Islam, will we have to think to put up an ambassador for Hindus? That, at least to me, would be unacceptable because I trust everyone: a Khan or a Kaul or a Singh or a Victor. Who represents India represents us all too, including Hindus. My best ambassadorship would be an ambassadorship for the tricolour and not for anything else because I see my Ram and Dharma in that. I don’t think even an Amitabh or a Hritik would ever think in terms Shah Rukh has chosen for himself.  But shouldn’t these big, tall, successful Indians who wear Hindu names make a movie on why Kauls were ousted? Why Godhra occurred in the first place? Why nobody, yes, not a single Muslim, comes forward to take up the cause of the exiled and killed and contemptuously marginalized Kauls whereas every Muslim complainant would have essentially a Hindu advocate to take on Hindus as fiercely as he can?

If you are Mr Khan and found dead on the railway tracks, the entire nation would be shaken. And he was also a Rizwan. May be just a coincidence that our Mr Khan in the movie is also a Rizwan.

Rizwan’s death saw the police commissioner punished and cover stories written by missionary writers. But if you are a Sharma or a Kaul and happened to love an  Ameena Yusuf in Srinagar, you would soon find your corpse inside the police thana and NONE, not even a small-time local paper would find it worthwhile to waste a column on you.  No police constable would be asked to explain how a wrongly detained person was found dead in police custody?

Because the lover found dead inside a police thana was not Mr Khan. No KJ would ever come forward to make a movie on ‘My name is Kaul. And I am terror-struck by Khans’.

Give me back my identity as an Indian, Mr. Khan and I would have no problem even wearing your name and appreciating the tender love of an autistic son.

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Pune bathed in red blood, red carpet welcome for My Name is Khan’s Shahrukh, Karan and Kajol

Posted by jagoindia on February 14, 2010

Can  secular Karan Johar and his friends make a film on Pune bombing, Mumbai terror attack?  Why secular Karan Johar has no heart for the victims of Islamic terrorism?

They were all foreigners… they were crying in shock and pain: Eyewitness

TNN, 14 February 2010

Local residents, shocked by the loud blast at German Bakery, say tin sheets and furniture parts were lying about 50 metres away and that there was blood and body parts strewn around, indicating that the explosion was caused by a sophisticated device. An injured Sivasa, a foreign national, said the Bakery had been completely destroyed. ‘‘I was inside German Bakery and it was crammed with people. Suddenly I heard a loud blast and saw many people lying on the floor. Though I have suffered minor injuries, I can’t speak much as I am in deep shock.’’

Narendra Darode, a local resident, had gone to a temple near German Bakery for the 7 pm aarti. ‘‘Just as we were about to start at about 7 pm, we heard a loud blast. I came out of the temple and looked towards Bakery and saw massive flames and smoke coming out … There were several body parts scattered around.’’

He said after informing the police, he along with his friend carried three bodies — mostly of foreigners — in rickshaws to nearby hospitals. Rajesh Dhage, owner of a footwear shop, said: ‘‘I rushed out to see what happened and saw many bodies lying on the road.’ He said people were running around in panic, women were crying and people were coming out of Bakery with injuries on hands and feet. ‘‘They were all foreign nationals, who were crying in shock and pain. I went ahead and helped them. By that time, the police had cordoned off the Bakery area by putting up barricades.’’ Santosh Bhosale, another shopkeeper near the bakery, said the blast was very loud. ‘‘When I heard the blast, I thought it was an earthquake,” he said.
My Name Is Khan is handshake between India and the West
Meenakshi Shedde / DNASunday, February 14, 2010

Berlin: Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, and Karan Johar got a hysterical red-carpet welcome and a rousing reception for the screening of My Name Is Khan at the Berlinale Palast at the Berlin International FilmFestival on Friday night.

Hundreds of German fans jammed the avenues leading to the Palast in -6ºC and snow to catch a glimpse of the stars.

The film is a love story, with Shah Rukh Khan presenting the Muslim point of view after 9/11, and is being distributed by Hollywood giant 20th Century Fox worldwide.

Bollywood already has a loyal core fan base in Germany and Europe. Moreover, Germany has a significant population of Muslims, including immigrants from Turkey, Iran, and other Islamic nations, so there is a high level of interest in the film.

“My Name Is Khan is an important handshake between the Indian film industry and the Western world,” said Uli Gaulke, German film-maker and a fan of Hindi films, whose feature-length documentary Leinwandfieber (Comrades In Dreams) was shot in Satara, India, and nominated for the grand jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

“It is the first film that tries to force a discussion on the very important topic of terrorism post-9/11, and the Muslim point of view on it, in the US and the rest of the world,” said Gaulke. “And to carry this discussion through the very famous Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is very good and an important move.”

Gaulke, who was at the Berlinale premiere of My Name Is Khan, was earlier also happy to be swept up by the infectious energy of Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om and danced joyously in the Kino International Theatre in Berlin where the film premiered at the Berlin film festival in 2008.

“The decision of Hollywood’s 20th Century Fox to back My Name Is Khan is connected to many larger issues,” Gaulke continued. “It clearlywants to open up the discussion on the Muslim point of view post-9/11.

“But it is also connected to the new leadership of a black president in America, and the connection Hollywood wants to make with India as a growing socio-economic power, whose images of Bollywood influence the Western world.”

Commenting on the German response at the premiere, he said, “Germanyis a very multi-cultural society that includes Muslims, so there is an audience for this film in our big cities, and it is an opportunity to open the discussion here in Germany.

“Initially, the audience may have been disappointed that there was no dancing in a Bollywood film, but the film more than makes up with its intense drama. It is the first time I am seeing a Bollywood film with dramatic storytelling that is nearer our own Western cinematic tradition. It is wonderful how the story develops, linking the Hindu-Muslim problem in India to the larger issue of Muslims after 9/11.”

The film opens in German theatres in May. Said Karan Johar in an exclusive interview before the Berlin premiere, “I’m very excited to be at the Berlin film festival in the official selection. Germans love Shah Rukh Khan as well as our commercial films, and he ‘is’ the film.”

Explaining the intention behind the film, Johar said, “I wanted to give humanity a voice and religion a platform. Every religion has
beautiful things to say. Shah Rukh has talked to me so much about this, and there are books that say amazing things. I thought, why not put it into a narrative with an emotional heart? So Rizvan Khan actually lives the teachings of religions.”

Did the film expect to do good business worldwide, but especially in Islamic nations? Johar said, “The story is connected with Islam, but thanks to Fox, it is a wide-spectrum release. It had a world premiere in Dubai, and will screen in the Middle East, including Egypt, where we have ordered 30 more prints than usual. In the UK, it had the highest opening ever, taking in £1,23,000 in just one day, even more than 3 Idiots, which took £1,21,000 in two days.”

Said Shah Rukh Khan, “Yesterday, a German told me My Name Is Khan is naïve. But that is the most beautiful part of the film. When we are children, we are innocent. We are taught inherent goodness by our parents, about loving your fellow beings. As we grow older, we become more complex and complicated. My character’s simplicity is untouched by these complications, and that takes him to a higher plane.”

Jutta Hausler, 50, a German housewife and mother, was on a higher plane just being in the vicinity of her favourite film star. She had come all the way from Hanover for the Berlin premiere along with her son Sven, 32, an engineer in the German Navy.

Hausler was completely unashamed to stand on the pavement in the snow, along with the other giggling teenage fans of Shah Rukh Khan outside his hotel in Berlin, and squealed with excitement when she caught a glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan in the lobby through the glass revolving doors.

“I love Shah Rukh Khan,” she said. “He is a natural actor, true to himself and others, and honest. I have seen all his movies, including Don, Swades, and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.

“I love Bollywood films because they are bigger, they are about love and families — and life as it is,” she said. Prost to that!

Meenakshi Shedde is India consultant to the Berlin film festival and curator to film festivals worldwide.

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My Name Is Khan And I Am A Terrorist

Posted by jagoindia on February 13, 2010

Kasab’s partner terrorist – Ismail Khan alias Abu Ismail

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) pair had long been identified as Ismail Khan alias Abu Ismail from Dera Ismail Khan district in the North-West Frontier Province and Mohammad Ajmal Amir ‘Kasab’ (Iman) alias Abu Mujahid, his training name. Ismail was killed in the Girgaum Chowpatty encounter and Ajmal was nabbed. Link

What happened at CST
Arrested terrorist Mohammad Ajmal Mohammad Aamir Qasab alias Abu Mujahid and deceased terrorist accused Ismail Khan arrived at CST railway station in a motor taxi. En route this journey, terrorist accused Mohammad Ajmal Mohammad Aamir Qasab was seated on the rear seat of the taxi cab. Whilst his `buddy’ Abu Ismail engaged the taxi driver in conversation, accused Mohd.

Ajmal Amir Qasab planted the RDX laden IED, which he had ferried himself, beneath the driver’s seat. Then the two terrorist accused alighted from the taxi at CST railway station. The terrorist accused Mohd. Ajmal Qasab, then entered the lavatory near CST railway station. Meanwhile, the terrorist accused Ismail Khan, alias Abu Ismail planted the IED, which he was carrying with him, in the CST station premises. These two terrorists accused ruthlessly and indiscriminately fired from the AK-47 assault rifles and lobbed deadly hand-grenades on the hapless and unsuspecting passengers waiting at the main hall resulting in the massacre of innocent ladies, children and senior citizens.

Continuing the blood bath, these two terrorists attacked police officers, constables and home guards who made a valiant attempt to nip their diabolic agenda. Being hounded by the valiant police officer and personnel led by PI Shashank Shinde, these two terrorists were pushed out of railway station premises on the foot over bridge/pedestrian staircase adjoining platform no. 1.

Mohammad Sidique  Khan–  London Bombing Terrorist

On the morning of 07/07/2005 Mohammad Sidique  Khan, with his
three friends, drove a car from Leeds to Luton, 30km north of
London, and took the train from Luton to King’s Cross station in
London. Mohammad Sidique  Khan detonated his explosives on 09:17
near Edgware Road station.

Pakistan’s Nuclear Terrorist – A Q Khan

Our Motto is constant jihad? (Interview with Nawabzadaa Nabiullah Khan)

Introduction: In February 1999 the “Jamhooria Islamia”, a monthly
Baluchi magazine published from Panj-gar, published an interview
with Nawabzadaa Nabiullah Khan, a confidant of and adviser to the
leader of one of the prominent Pakistani Islamic militant
outfits, Jamaat-e-Islami, which was conducted by Jalil Amir. The
following constitutes excerpts from that conversation (which
relates to Bharat) which reveals the fundamentalist ideology &
designs of the organisation and its leader.

Parviz Khan: Promising footballer to terrorist

Parviz Khan, the ringleader of the Muslim beheading plot, was
once a promising footballer

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