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Mangalore’s entry into India’s Islamic terror map

Posted by jagoindia on January 28, 2009

Mangalore’s entry into India’s terror map

Vasanthi Hariprakash

Sunday, October 26, 2008 10:49 AM (Mangalore)
Mangalore in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district has been an unlikely newsmaker, first because of church attacks in September and now because of the number of arrests that have been made in connection with the blasts in Delhi and Ahmedabad.

There have been six arrests of those accused in serial blasts in the country, all within a fortnight and all by the Mangalore police. Mangalore’s terror connection came as a surprise to many, most of all, in Mangalore’s Muslim dominated areas like Ullal, from where the arrests were made.

Arrests were made in the area over the course of two weeks in October, mostly on charges of supplying the explosives that would be used in the bombings in Delhi and Ahmedabad.

Arrests made on October 3:

Mohammed Ali – Age 56

Javed Ali (Mohammed Ali’s son) – Age 20

Naushad – Age 25

Ahmed Bawa – Age 33

Arrests made on October 16:

Rafiq Bawa – Age 26

Fakir Bawa – Age 40

The police say that Rafiq Bawa was the driver of Riaz Bhatkal, one of the main founders of the Indian Mujahideen and who comes from the nearby town of Bhatkal.

They say Rafiq and Fakir were among five Indian Mujahideen members, who had taken a house at a remote village near Koppa taluk of the neighbouring Chikmagalur district, where they assembled the explosives and even tested them.

“During investigation, the Delhi Police got certain clues that the explosives for the serial blasts were transported from here. Whether Mangalore is a place for enhanced terror activities, it is premature to say, but it is a fact that few of the boys from Mangalore are found to be involved in the blasts,” said Ashit Mohan Prasad, IGP, Western Range, Karnataka.

Police say they have proof not just based on confessions. They found gun powder, a chemical mixing jar, a chemical-testing thermometer, and also tools used during target practice.

However, Mangalore’s Muslims and activists, unused to being linked to the geography of terror, are deeply upset. They warn that police excess may only increase the radicalism.

“The manner in which the police behaves here, during the time of riots or say during the recent church attacks, is actually pushing the youth towards terrorism. Police must conduct enquiry even thousands of people, but they should not harass the innocent,” said Umar U H, founder, Citizens Dignity Forum.

Familiar arguments from Azamgarh and Delhi’s Batla house are now heard in Mangalore, marking its tragic entry into India’s terror map.

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Girl’s disappearance from Mangalore raises Islamic terror fears

Posted by jagoindia on January 28, 2009

Girl’s ‘disappearance’ from Mangalore raises terror fears
20 Jan 2009, 0409 hrs IST, Ananthakrishnan G, TNN

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Intelligence agencies have begun a probe into the mysterious disappearance of a student of a Mangalore nursing college and her
arrival at an Islamic seminary in Kerala’s Kozhikode.

The incident assumes significance following reports that Pakistan’s ISI has been giving training to women for jihad. Intelligence sleuths say four people, including two from Kerala, have been involved in the recruitment of women cadre for jihad, especially after 26/11.

With Mangalore’s links with terror modules coming out in the open, intelligence agencies suspect there may be a racket operating in the region to woo women. SIMI is believed to have established a women’s wing in Kerala.

The nursing student, in her early 20s, went missing from the college about 45 days ago. Later, she informed her parents in Kerala she was going to study Islam in a Kozhikode seminary, family sources said. The parents, with the help of police, contacted the seminary in Kozhikode. They met their daughter in the seminary and asked her to return home, but she said she would come home on January 14 after finishing studies. But when the parents again went there on January 12 to bring her back, they were told that she had left the place about a week back.

The same seminary was in the news as it was here that Varghese Joseph alias Mohd Yasin one of the four terrorists from Kerala killed in an encounter with security forces in Jammu and Kashmir in October 2008 was converted from Christianity into Islam. At least 40 people 32 Hindus and eight Christians were converted here in December 2008 alone, intelligence sources said.

Family sources said the student contacted her mother over the phone on Sunday, but there was no information about her whereabouts. Police, however, said the student was in love with a Muslim man and wanted to marry him.

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Two more suspected Islamic terrorists held in Mangalore

Posted by jagoindia on October 18, 2008

Terror probe: two more held by Dakshina Kannada police
Staff Correspondent
click link for photo
Items used for making explosives recovered

Seized: The items recovered by the police at Koppa in Chikmagalur district which were displayed in Mangalore on Friday.

MANGALORE: The Dakshina Kannada police have taken two more persons into custody in connection with their investigation into coastal Karnataka’s influence on the recent spurt of terrorist strikes across the country. They have also recovered things that they claim are integral to the process of bomb-making.

Speaking to presspersons here on Friday, Inspector-General of Police (Western Range) A.M. Prasad said the district police on Thursday took into custody Rafique Bava of Bolanthooru village in Bantwal taluk and Fakeer Bava of Heleyangadi village near Mulky.

The recovered items included an air-rifle and targets, a wooden bow, chemical laboratory equipment, automobile tool kit, carpenter tool kit, electrical tool kit and a synthetic camping tent. Several packets that the police claimed contained gunpowder and chemicals were also seized.

Mr. Prasad explained that the “haul” was the result of “relentless” efforts of the district police who had acted on the tips received from the Mumbai police who were still interrogating the four persons arrested from the district on October 3.

The police said that on the information provided by Ahmed Bava (one of the four persons arrested on October 3) they raided two houses in Chikmagalur district — one at Vittalmakki in Koppa taluk and another at Hakkalamane in N.R. Pura taluk.

The recovered items displayed at the press conference were allegedly recovered from these houses which are believed to have sheltered several terrorists. The houses also doubled as chemical laboratories where suspected jehadis honed their bomb-making skills, the police said.

The elusive Riaz Bhatkal, who is being projected as the central figure of the so-called Mangalore-based Indian Mujahideen module, had also been a resident of the Hakkalamane house, according to the police.

Other visitors to the Hakkalamane house were Ahammed Yasin, Ahamed Bava (namesake of the person arrested on October 3), Badabhai, Chotabhai and Moosa. All of them are at large and the police are hunting for them.

Mr. Prasad said there was growing evidence that the coastal region, particularly Mangalore city, played a role in the pan-Indian logistical exercise that led to the recent terror strikes.

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Karnataka: A popular base for Islamic terrorists

Posted by jagoindia on October 18, 2008

Why coastal Karnataka blips on IB radar
Vicky Nanjappa in Bengaluru

How Hubli turned into a terror hubDelhi blasts: The Karnataka connection • The dossier of a terror mastermind
Andhra Pradesh: Jihad’s new hotspotWhy South India is a jihadi targetGod’s Own Country, a terror base

October 14, 2008 12:46 IST

A few years ago, the moment the word terror was mentioned, one’s mind easily shifted to Jammu and Kashmir.

However over the years, this scenario has changed and it is not only the troubled state of Jammu and Kashmir which is associated with terror. Sleeper cells and terror modules galore were being set up across the country and according to security agencies and intelligence bureau officials states like Uttar Pradesh had becoming a breeding ground for terror activities.

However, now one sees a complete shift and it is becoming more and more clear that the costal belts of the country, especially Mangalore, have become a hub for terror.

While states like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra,  Bihar and Assam are constantly under the IB watch, security agencies are now saying that Karnataka is the state to watch out for.

Karnataka has over the past two years become one of the most important states where terror is concerned after terror outfits found this state a safe haven to regroup in.

Not only did SIMI have its most crucial meeting in North Karnataka, but the entire process of recruiting youth from the IT background began there.

While North Karnataka remained the terror hub for nearly a year, the focus has now shifted towards Mangalore.

So what makes coastal Karnataka a hot spot for terror? A senior Karnataka police official says terror operatives decided to shift operations to this belt largely due to the numerous underworld activities.

Mangalore has always followed the Mumbai module, he says. Mangalore,  being a port city, was the preferred destination for underworld dons.

The IB says that it is a well-established fact that terror operatives work closely with the underworld.

An IB official told that most of the underworld dons are holed up in Pakistan.

The ISI’s directive to these persons is that they ought to help out in terror activities if they needed to hide in Pakistan. Help from the underworld would include sneaking in of arms and ammunition and counterfeit currency. Moreover, the money made through drug deals would have to be shared for terror operations. To cut a long story short, the ISI demands protection money from the underworld.

Coming back to Mangalore, the police say it has always been a hotbed for communal tension. Mangalore and other places in coastal Karnataka had seen violence in the aftermath of the Babri Masjid demolition. To counter Hindu activists, outfits in Pakistan started to send out men to the coastal town. These persons did not immediately focus on terror activities. They coordinated more with the underworld, built up their base and for a long time only focused on creating communal tension, the police say.

It was around the same time that two men, Riaz and Iqbal Bhatkal, left to Pakistan and later returned to coastal Karnataka after undergoing training. The duo, based in Bhatkal also in coastal Karnataka, started to effect the change among Muslim youth in coastal Karnataka.

The Bhatkal brothers commenced their work in the year 2001 but it was only in 2003 that they started getting more and more aggressive where terror was concerned.

They selected groups  in the district and tied up with several religious schools in the belt to stress on the concept of the Jihad.

The IB says that similar recruitment and training programmes were being undertaken in Northern Karnataka. While terror operatives had decided to carry out attacks through the modules in Northern Karnataka, the modules in coastal Karnataka were lying low. The brief was clear and that was the modules in the Mangalore belt would act as a back up in case operations from the Northern side failed.

Earlier, this year the police had a massive crackdown and crippled a large part of the terror module in Northern Karnataka.

Immediately after this, the modules in coastal Karnataka became active. The Bhatkal brothers rallied their men and ensured that operations in various parts of the country did not come to a halt. The bombs that were made in Hubli, according to the confession of Riazuddin Nasir were transported into Mangalore and then to the rest of the country. The Mumbai Anti-Terror Squad, too, has confirmed this fact. The ATS also said recently that the men who were arrested following Operation BAD were all linked closely to the Bhatkal brothers.

The Karnataka police say that they are approaching this problem with an iron fist. Policing has been increased and there is also a thorough check being conducted on illegal immigrants, the police say.

On IM trail, Karnataka beachfront is hotspot
Sagnik Chowdhury
Oct 17, 2008

BHATKAL, OCTOBER 16 : With rolling hills on one side and the shimmering Arabian Sea on the other, Jali beach in Bhatkal is a serene stretch of sand frequented by locals who come here to unwind after a hard day’s work. But if the Mumbai Police is to be believed, this picture-postcard location in coastal Karnataka is the Ground Zero of a new wave of home-grown terrorism. It is on a remote tip of this beach, they say, that six of the 20 Indian Mujahideen operatives arrested recently were trained in the use of arms and explosives.

A row of elegant and spacious beach bungalows overlooks this stretch. Built by the local Nawayath Muslims who migrated to the Gulf for employment and prospered, these houses are mostly empty when they are not rented out to the occasional tourists. On one end is the ‘American Bungalow’ — so named because its owner is settled comfortably in the US where he is said to own several fast food outlets.

At the other end is a bungalow named Bahrain House, in which Mumbai Police claim Indian Mujahideen kingpin Riyaz Bhatkal and several operatives stayed and held meetings. Its entrance is locked but entry is easily gained through a gaping hole in the wooden gate. Set in the centre of a large compound is a large bungalow along with an outhouse, a gazebo and sit-outs, owned by Dubai-based Abdul Gaffar Sadma.

Some locals who gather outside the gates reject the police claims. “It is simply not possible that terrorists trained here. These houses are picnic spots built by successful members of our community. They will never be given on rent to suspicious persons. The police claims are unbelievable. Instead of making up lies, they should catch the real culprits,” says A Damda, a Dubai-returned local who made his money in the construction business there.

But others like Vasant Devadiga say that there is some basis to the police story. “Since 2006, we have often heard gunfire and noises of explosions in this area at night. However, nobody bothered or was too afraid to do anything about it. Some had informed the local police, but even they turned a blind eye to the problem,” he said.
Police also raided Fatima Manzil, Riyaz and his elder brother Iqbal’s residence at Tingangundi Cross Road. Today, the house is conspicuous as all its windows remain shut. A knock on the door is answered by Iqbal’s five-year-old…

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Mangalore: A bee hive of islamic terror activities

Posted by jagoindia on October 5, 2008

M’lore could be a bee hive of terror activities
By Team Mangalorean, Mangalore

MANGALORE, October 3, 2008:  With four  persons being formally arrested for possible links with the international terror groups in Two towns of Dakshina Kannada by the police during the last one week it is more or less castes a suspicion over the city that it could be a possible bee hive of Mujahideen activities. It can be recalled here that one person was apprehended in Kukke Subramanya yesterday.

While the investigations being conducted on the first arrest made in Subramanya the four who were apprehended in Ullal had high tech equipments including Laptops, CDs, Mobile phones and crude bombs and a cash of Rs. 11.4 lakhs. These are unlikely possessions of a group who purportedly earned their livelihoods by a student, a construction worker, a petty shop owner and an estate agent.

According to Inspector General of Police (Western Range) Ashith Mohan Prasad who displayed the seized materials in the police headquarters in Mangalore, these  arrests could lead the police into a larger group of terror links in the country.  The fact remains that it was the Mumbai police who had the tipped off the local police. No body can deny that Mumbai was still the target for a larger terror attack says one of the inspectors who took part in the raid on Ullal township at Mukkachcheri. Whatever blasts occur in Mumbai would have devastating effect on the entire country as the losses in terms of life and property would be greater than anywhere else.

The inside sources in the police intelligence told that soon after the BJP and its fundamentalist fraternity had started gaining prominence in the coastal district the Mujahideen groups had also started intensifying their activities in the coastal districts particularly in Mangalore. The nabbing of the suspects proved it abundantly. The BJP had won all the assembly seats in Dakshina Kannada except Moodbidri and Ullal constituencies.

The suspects have been identified as Mohammed Ali (56) a real estate agent from Mukkachari in Ullal and his son Jawed Ali (20) a student from Ullal, Naushad (25) from Subhashnagar who is engaged in construction work, and Ahmed Bawa (33) a petty shop owner in Haleyangadi in Mulky hobli. Several others have been detained for questioning, police sources said.

“We are also ascertaining the nature of work Bawa was engaged in as he has not given clear information on it,” they said.

The Karnataka police, the state Anti-Naxal Force and Mumbai Police jointly raided several places in and around Mangalore early Friday and picked up 11 suspects for questioning.

Four of them have been formally arrested for having links with Indian Mujahideen and in connection with series of explosions in several parts of India, Prasad said.

The initial interrogation of the suspects has brought out the fact that all four of them were in constant touch with each others and perhaps they were trying something big in the district. A few other links were also being investigated into.

In a related development another suspect was apprehended in Kudroli whose name and identity was yet to be established.

Later in the evening the top brass of police have gone into a huddle in the state police headquarters in Bangalore with the Director General R. Sreekumar presiding. Additional Director General (internal security) Neelam Achuta Rao, Bangalore Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari, Joint Additional Commissioner Gopal Hosur top officials of police including Ajay Kumar Singh were locked up in a meeting for the entire evening on Friday.

According to inside sources in the department the meeting was held to discuss about the internal security threats in the state particularly Mangalore and Bangalore.  The Police chief was to brief the Chief Minister and the Home Minister on Saturday, first thing in the morning. Mr. Gopal Hosur who has been on a short visit to Mangalore on Friday has returned to the city in the evening to take part in the high level meeting and has briefed the Police chief about the situation there.

The source has a lot of photos here

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