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Fatwa against rascal Zakir Naik for supporting Islamic terrorist Osama bin Laden

Posted by jagoindia on November 8, 2008

Storm over fatwa against scholar Zakir Naik
Deepak Gidwani
Saturday, November 08, 2008  03:05 IST

LUCKNOW: A fatwa (edict) against well-known Islamic scholar Zakir Naik by a respected cleric here has divided the community.

The scholar has been charged with supporting al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden. The fatwa says his teachings are un-Islamic and contradict the Koran.

Naik, however, says he has been misquoted. “My speeches are being quoted out of context… I am being targeted by people with vested interests,” he told reporters.

Lucknow’s shahar qazi Mufti Abul Irfan Mian Firangi Mahali described Naik as a kafir (agnostic) in his fatwa, which states he should be ex-communicated from Islam.

“Zakir Naik is not an Islamic scholar. His teachings are against the Koran. In his speeches, he insults Allah and glorifies Yazeed, the killer of Imam Hussain,” Irfan told reporters. He said Naik had supported Laden and called upon all Muslims to become terrorists.

Noted Shia cleric Kalbe Jawwad told DNA: “Naik is bringing a bad name to Muslims. Such people should be condemned and socially boycotted.” He said Naik was being financed by the Wahabi sect that allegedly perpetrates violence in the name of religion.

“There should be an inquiry into how he is running a TV channel on his own. Where is he getting the funds from?” Jawwad said.

“Naik has just mugged up some verses from the Koran and pretends to be an Islamic scholar,” Lucknow’s Naib Imam Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahali said.

However, Naik defends himself saying he had never supported Laden or glorified Yazeed. “People quote a certain part of my speech without referring to the context in which I said it,” he said. “I have said Muslims should become terrorists in the sense that they should strike terror in the hearts of criminals and anti-socials.”

“Such fatwas mean nothing. They should also issue fatwas against Imam Bukhari. Some clerics who have limited understanding of Islam are doing these things. It doesn’t affect me.”

On the other hand, Naik has got support from the All-India Sunni Board and Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Foundation. “Naik is a respected scholar and he is trying to open the eyes of not only Muslims but people from all religions about the way the world sees Islam,” a board representative said.

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11 Responses to “Fatwa against rascal Zakir Naik for supporting Islamic terrorist Osama bin Laden”

  1. Beena said

    haha.. the rascal gets a taste of his own Islamic medicine!

  2. Moeenuddeen said

    I advice Dr. Zakir Naik to leave India and give his talks abroad. Because people in India doesn’t support educated and open minded people. India is still LAND OF IGNORANCE consisting of illiterates and narrow minded people.

    First they change his comments according to their own desire and then issue a baseless fatwa against him-Hypocrites at their best!

  3. Moeenuddeen said

    Dr. Zakir Naik never said that “If Osama bin Laden is terrorising America, we are with him and every Muslim should be a terrorist.” This statement shows only the half-truth and is completely out of context, and misplaced.

    Beware! The video shown on the youtube site is totally modified, the actual video is totally different.

  4. azeem said

    I’m watching Dr.Zakir’s lectures for last six years and I’ve never niticed him supporting Osama or insulting our prophet. He is genius and seeing his excellence of quoting the scriptures, these so called ulemas are feeling in secured.Dr. naik has done a great job and many non muslims like him but unfortunately our muslim brothers just cannot digest the think that a very educated Dr. is working full time for our religion and evn better than these maulanas…..quoting his lectures out of context is not a solution…..I’ve seen all his lectures many times…….prove this in media if you can.

  5. Mahendra Mathur said

    Moeenuddin should take his own medicine – leave India with Zakir Naik because India is a ‘land of ignorance’ as he says. The ‘ignorant’ people even accept Zakir’s argument that temples should not be allowed in Muslim countries even as mosques multiply in the ancient holy land of India!

  6. Hasan Iqbal said

    Moeenuddeen…Naik has himself admitted on NDTV and Zee TV on 7th Nov 08 that he has made remarks like “Every Muslim should be a Terrorist” and “If Osama is terrorising America, he is with him”. Get your facts right. If the video was fabricated Naik would have said so.

    I believe you would have read my post on Naik on NewAgeIslam.

  7. Hasan Iqbal said

    Dear Azeem,

    Watch the following videos on YouTube. These videos are not fabricated and also not out context. See for yourself what Naik has said about Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Also see for yourself what his views on Yazid and Osama. There is surely freedom of speech but one’s freedom ends where another’s nose begins. He can very well belief in whatever he thinks is true but he has no buisness to use his Channel-Peace TV to air and impose his views and hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims around the world.

    Check out these Zakir Naik videos on YouTube. Click on the links below,

  8. Love you zakir maik..he has proved that other religions are fake.if hinduism is right why is zakir naik converting them openly into muslims.even there were some hindus who abused hinduism infront of every one that it is wrong.if hinduism is right why can’t any hindu scholar prove it.zakir naik is today’s biggest scholar and is proudly a muslim.he is converting 70 non muslims every day into islam,stop if you bastard’s body has proved zakir naik wrong even if idiots like hindu pujari and scientist like dr cambell tried.zakir naik sealed their lips,proving to everybody that only islam is acceptible to God.if anybody has any doubt,go and ask zakir naik,he will wash your little brain with truthness.if hinduism is right,why anybody doesn’t ask a typical question which he can’t is a shame to hindus.


    the speeches of Dr Zakir naik should be banned because he is misguiding the people of india and insulting the hindussim

  10. Kiran said

    Abr hasan iqbal,

    When India had given muslims a seperate nation called pakistan. Then you muslims should go their and settle down. You have no rights to poke your nose into the other religions. This is our politicians mistake to allow the person like Zakir Naik to speak against other religions. I am warning you that hindus will not tolerate this much. One day will come and on that day you people will be finished. You bastards, cowards.

  11. Muhammad atikuzzaman said

    I love Dr. Zakir Naik. The man who show fatwa against Zakir Naik is a kafir.

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