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Why Muslims are so Violent

Posted by jagoindia on July 3, 2011


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Kerala Muslim Extremists Cut off Lecturer’s hand

Posted by jagoindia on July 8, 2010

Taliban justice in Kerala: Lecturer’s hand cut off
Tue, 2010-07
From R. Vasudevan—Reporting from New Delhi
New Delhi, 06 July (

In a sign of growing Islamic fundamentalism in Kerala, Muslim fanatics in Kerala on Sunday chopped off the right hand of a college lecturer, accusing him of setting a question paper with a derogatory reference to the Prophet.

In this horrific instance of Talibanism, Lecturer T J Joseph who was returning home from church with his mother and sister in Muvattupuzha in Ernakulam district, was accosted by the attackers. The family had just got into their car when a van pulled up in front. Around eight people armed with swords and knives emerged and pulled out Joseph after smashing the windscreen. They then chopped off his right hand and stabbed him in the left thigh,” said Joseph’s sister, Mary Stella, a nun. “When we tried to prevent them, they attacked me and and our mother before exploding bombs and fleeing.”

A police team recovered the severed hand from the compound of a house about 200m away. The 52-year-old lecturer was rushed to a private hospital where his condition was serious. Police recovered the van in which the fanatics reached the scene. Two men, said to be activists of the Popular Front, a new incarnation of the hardline National Democratic Front, have also been taken into custody. Special police squads are searching sensitive areas in and around the town.

“Personnel from this district and neighbouring places are working as a team and we’ll nab the assailants soon,” said IG B Sandhya. In March this year, Islamic outfits had carried out protests against Joseph, who was a lecturer in the church-run Newman college in Thodupuzha in Idukki district over a portion in the Malayalam question paper for an internal examination for BCom students. They claimed that the question paper insulted the Prophet. The college later suspended Joseph who had set the questions and a criminal case was registered against him. The case is pending trial.

Reacting to the incident, State home minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan told reporters in New Delhi that the police would probe if any communal or terrorist outfit was involved. The BJP alleged that the home department could not evade responsibility for the growth of terror outfits in Kerala. “This is a direct consequence of the soft attitude adopted by the Left and Congress towards terrorist outfits,” said BJP state chief V Muraleedharan.

-Asian Tribune-

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Prophet Muhammad, Malignant narcissism and the religion of Islam

Posted by jagoindia on May 6, 2010

Dear Sir,

I have written a book on Malignant narcissism and the religion of Islam. According to my research, the Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam was suffering from Malignant Narcissism and because of this he considered himself a Prophet.

I wish to give this book for free download. It’s of 295 pages. You can download it from Islam-watch website; published on 27th Apr 2010. The link is,

Best regards

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Muslim Prophet’s picture in textbook stirs row in Uttar Pradesh

Posted by jagoindia on July 29, 2009

Prophet’s picture in textbook stirs row in Uttar Pradesh
Indo-Asian News Service
Lucknow, July 28, 2009
Taking serious note of a picture of Prophet Mohammed published in an officially prescribed textbook, the Uttar Pradesh Minorities Commission on Tuesday issued a show-cause notice to the state government.

This followed an uproar among Islamic scholars and the clergy, who consider publication of the Prophet’s picture “blasphemy”.

“We have asked the state higher education department to clarify how it could give its go-ahead to a textbook, prescribed for B.Ed courses, to carry the picture of the Prophet,” newly-appointed minorities commission chairman SMA Kazmi told IANS in Lucknow.

The textbook is prescribed for the B.Ed course run by the Ram Manohar Lohia Awadh University based in Faizabad.

The book titled “Udayimaan Bhartiya Samaj ke Shikshak” (Teachers in Emerging Indian Society) is authored by Karan Singh, a retired university professor, and published by Lakhimpur-based Govind Prakashan.

Earlier, a meeting of Islamic scholars and clerics was convened at the Islamic Centre of India here Monday evening. Prominent among those who attended the meet were Maulana Khalid Rasheed, the Naib Imam of Lucknow and head of Firangi Mahal, Lucknow’s oldest Islamic seminary and Maulana Athar, president of the All India Shia Muslim Personal Law Board.

“Firstly, it was against the tenets of Islam to carry any picture of the Prophet and secondly, no one on this earth has a picture of the Prophet; therefore, sure enough the picture carried in the said book was simply imaginary,” observed Maulana Khalid Rasheed.

“Earlier, it was a Danish cartoonist who sought to sketch the Prophet in a derogatory manner and now it is this book. While there was nothing derogatory about the Prophet in the contents of the chapter on him, yet considering the sensitivity of the issue, the book needs to be immediately withdrawn,” he stressed.

“The picture of the Prophet needs to be removed from the book before it is brought back into circulation in the market,” the Maulana added.

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Ten Top Reasons Why Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace

Posted by jagoindia on March 6, 2009

Ten  Reasons Why Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace

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10 Eternal truths about Islam — Must read

Posted by jagoindia on March 3, 2009

To read the article click here

Professor K.S. Lal has studied and taught the history of Islam in India for the last more than fifty years. His characterization of Islam as an ideology is being presented below:

1 Islam is understood more correctly when it is called Muhammadanism. Muhammad is the central figure in Islam. He controls the hearts and minds of all Muslims everywhere

2. Fundamentalism is not accidental but essential to Islam It sees unchangeability as strength. That is why the word reform is so abhorrent to Muslim thinkers and religious leaders …

3. In Islam truth is established by the sword… dissent is hated as heresy and stamped out as infidelity … early medieval Indian Muslim chronicles mention the sword as the greatest harvester of converts. Islam was made to spread, as the old saying goes, with Quran in one hand and sword in the other. Sword was freely used in forcing people to become Musalmans

4. There is a uniqueness about Islam. Non-Muslims are to be converted to Islam freely. But once a Kafir becomes a Musalman, he has to remain one for ever thereafter. He is not permitted to renounce Islam or revert to his original faith. Punishment for such apostasy is death…”73

5. Islam lacks any doctrine of coexistence... Muslim madrasas cannot shed their Kafir complex… The present adjustment of coexistence is a temporary expediency in India…74 It is the teaching of Islam to shun contact with non-Muslims except with a view to converting them… Muslim separatism expresses itself in many ways…”75

6. In Islam all human beings are not treated as equals. It makes a distinction between Muslims and non-Muslims. A non-Muslim is a Kafir, an inferior being. Non-Muslims do not enjoy any human right in this world; they cannot enter Paradise after death.  Islam has two sets of principles of morality, ethics and justice: one is for Muslims and the other for non-Muslims. Sincerity, well-wishing and brotherhood are for the believers and faithful Islamic scriptures recommend setting Muslims against non-Muslims, believers against infidels to defend Islam and destroy unbelief. Individual and group killings of Kafirs is encouraged…”78

7. Islam recommends Jihad or permanent war on adherents of other religions This makes Islam a totalitarian and terrorist cult which it has remained ever since its birth.79… There have been wars but wars fought by Muslims are in the service of Allah. This gives Islamic belligerency divine sanction and terrorism becomes a divine command…”80

8. Like proselytization, desecrating and demolishing the temples of non-Muslims is also central to Islam. Iconoclasm derives its justification from the Quranic revelations and the Prophet’s Sunnah or practice …81 non-Muslims cannot reclaim their desecrated temples. This is the law of Islam…”82

9.Islam has all the ingredients of imperialism found anywhere in the world in any age… 83 By destroying the national spirit of non-Arab Muslims, Islam has demolished the Asian centres of civilization such as Egypt, Iran and India…”84

10. The Islamic principles of denigrating the non-Muslims, of aggression and violence against them – principles that perpetually incite to riot and rapine – have boomeranged. However brave face the fundamentalists may try to put up, the victims of Islam today are by and large Muslims themselves. The Prophet must have known that violence begets violence and repeatedly exhorted Muslims not to kill one another after his death. He also had a premonition that violence of Islam against non-Muslims will be met with a backlash. There is a hadis in Sahih Muslim which says that once the Rasul opined that Islam which began in poverty in Medina would one day return to Medina in poverty. Just as a snake crawls back and coils itself into a small hole, so will Islam be hunted out from everywhere and return to be confined to Mecca and Medina. The increasing power of the non-Muslim West and the disenchantment of Muslim dissidents point towards that possibility, howsoever remote.

Prof Lal has presented many other facets of Islam such as that Islam has no word for democracy; that secularism and Islam are mutually exclusive; that Islam can set up only a theocratic state; that Islam has institutionalised slavery and degraded women; and that Islam has laid waste many countries.

Entire Quran is a Manual on Jihad

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Anwar Shaikh:- Mohammed himself was a terrorist

Posted by jagoindia on February 8, 2009

Anwar Shaikh on Islamic terror by Koenraad Elst

The answer, Mr. Sheikh argues, is quite straightforward: Mohammed himself was a terrorist, the most authoritative precedent for contemporary Islamic terrorists. To prove his point, he presents long lists of quotations from the Quran, the better-known Hadith (traditions of the Prophet) and also some lesser-known Hadith. In this respect, his book is a treasure-trove of first-hand data on the foundations of Islam and its doctrine of Holy War ( Jihad ).

Numerous canonical statements affirm that the Mujahid or Holy Warrior undoubtedly counts as the best among Muslims, e.g.: “Acting as Allah’s soldier for one night in a battlefield is superior to saying prayers at home for 2,000 years.” (from Ibn-e-Majah , vol.2, p.162) Or: “Leaving for Jihad in the way of Allah in the morning or evening will merit a reward better than the world and all that is in it.” (from Muslim , 4639) Jihad, while not a duty for every individual Muslim, is a duty on the Muslim community as a whole until the whole world has become part of the Islamic empire.

The cult of martyrdom is an intrinsic part of the doctrine of jihad: the martyr “will desire to return to this world and be killed ten times for the sake of the great honour that has been bestowed upon him.” (Muslim 4635) And from Allah’s own mouth: “Count not those who were slain in God’s way as dead, but rather living with their Lord, by Him provided, rejoicing in the bounty that God has given them.” (Quran 3:163) Contrary to a recent tongue-in-cheek theory which reduces the heavenly reward for the fallen Mujahid from 72 maidens to mere grapes on the basis of some Arabic-Aramaic homonymy, a number of Prophetic sayings, in varied wordings mostly not susceptible to this cute Aramaic interpretation, confirm the traditional belief that “the martyr is dressed in radiant robes of faith, he is married to houris (the paradisiac virgins)” etc. (Ibn-e-Majah, vol.2, p.174) This confirms that the suicide terrorists were not acting against Islamic tenets, as some soft-brained would-be experts in the media have claimed. On the contrary, to sacrifice one’s life in a jihadic operation against the unbelievers is the most glorious thing a Muslim can do.

In Jihad, it is perfectly permitted to deceive the unbelievers and subject them to terror. Anwar Sheikh provides all the scriptural references plus many precedents from history, which we cannot reproduce here. Suffice it to say there is ample evidence that Islam permits, and that by his personal example or by that of the men under his command, Mohammed has given permission for abduction, extortion, rape of hostages, mass-murder of prisoners, assassinations of enemies and dissidents, breaking of the conventions of civilized warfare, breaking of treaties, and suicide missions. From Osama bin Laden to the murderers of children in Beslan, North Ossetia, the Islamic terrorists are faithful followers of the Prophet.

Read  more here: Anwar Shaikh on Islamic terror by Koenraad Elst

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West underestimates the evil of Islam: Wafa Sultan — Must read

Posted by jagoindia on February 4, 2009

*West underestimates the ‘evil of Islam’*
By Richard Kerbaj
August 21, 2007

THE West was still underestimating the evil of Islam, an influential Muslim
thinker has warned, insisting that Australia and the US have been duped into
believing there is a difference between the religion’s moderate and radical

On a two-week “under the radar” visit to Australia, Syrian-born Wafa Sultan
secretly met both sides of federal politics and Jewish community leaders,
warning them that all Muslims needed to be closely monitored in the West.

In an interview with The Australian, Dr Sultan – who shot to recognition
last year following an interview on al-Jazeera television in which she
attacked Islam and the prophet Mohammed – said Muslims were “brainwashed”
from an early age to believe Western values were evil and that the world
would one day come under the control of Sharia law.

The US-based psychiatrist – who has two fatwas (religious rulings) issued
against her to be killed
– warned that Muslims would continue to exploit
freedom of speech in the West to spread their “hate” and attack their
adopted countries, until the Western mind grasped the magnitude of the
Islamic threat.

“You’re fighting someone who is willing to die,” Dr Sultan told The
Australian in an Arabic and English interview. “So you have to understand
this mentality and find ways to face it. (As a Muslim) your mission on this
earth is to fight for Islam and to kill or to be killed. You’re here for
only a short life and once you kill a kafir, or a non-believer, soon you’re
going to be united with your God.”

Dr Sultan, who was brought to Australia by a group called Multi-Net
comprised of Jews and Christians, met senior politicians, including
Attorney-General Philip Ruddock, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Labor
deputy leader Julia Gillard.

Private security was hired for Dr Sultan, who left Australia yesterday, and
state police authorities were also made aware of her movements in the

The organisers of her visit asked the media to not publish anything about
her stay until she had left the country because of security-related
concerns. Dr Sultan said Islam was a “political ideology” that was wrongly
perceived to have a moderate and hardline following.

“That’s why the West has to monitor the majority of Muslims because you
don’t know when they’re ready to be activated. Because they share the same
basic belief, that’s the problem,” said the 50-year-old, who was last year
featured in Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the

Dr Sultan, who was raised on Alawite Islamic beliefs before she renounced
her religion, began to question Islam after she witnessed her university
teacher get gunned down by Muslim hardliners in Syria in 1979.

The mother of three, who migrated to the US in 1989, said the West needed to
hold Muslims and their leaders more accountable for the atrocities performed
in the name of Islam if they wanted to win the war on terror.

But while she considered the prophet Mohammed “evil” and said the Koran
needed to be destroyed because it advocated violence against non-believers,

Dr Sultan struggled to articulate her vision for Muslims, whom she said she
was trying to liberate from the shackles of their beliefs.

“I believe the only way is to expose the Muslims to different cultures,
different thoughts, different belief systems,” said Dr Sultan, who is
completing her first book, The Escaped Prisoner: When Allah is a Monster.

“Muslims have been hostages of their own belief systems for 1400 years.
There is no way we can keep the Koran.”

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Was Mohammed tolerant of other faiths?

Posted by jagoindia on January 14, 2009

“If you read the Hadith you will see for yourself that nothing that was done in 1971 to Hindus in Bangladesh, or in 1989 to Hindus in Kashmir is against Islam. On the contrary, it is exactly as per the diktats of the Hadith.”

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50 things Mohammed did that Muslims DONT Want You To Know

Posted by jagoindia on January 8, 2009

What did Mohammed do:  Great quiz — 50 Things Muslims DONT Want You To Know

The original link got mysteriously deleted. Here is another source.

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