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Islamic terrorists free Juhi Chawla’s uncle in Pakistan after paying Rs 16 million

Posted by jagoindia on April 13, 2009

Mon,13 Apr 2009

Juhi Chawla’s uncle freed in Pak after paying Rs 16 million

Press Trust Of India
Karachi, April 12, 2009

Pakistani filmmaker Satish Anand, an uncle of Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla, has been freed by his abductors after 6 months in captivity in exchange for whopping Rs 16 million as ransom amount.

Anand was kidnapped from the southern port city of Karachi and was freed in Bannu district of the North West Frontier Province yesterday after prolonged negotiations over the payment of ransom.

Sources were quoted by Dawn newspaper as saying that he was released after the payment of Rs 16 million as ransom.

He was reportedly kidnapped by the outlawed Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, which is now headed by Ilyas Kashmiri.

Police claimed Anand was released by his abductors after one of their accomplices, Major (retired) Haroon-ur-Rasheed, was arrested in Punjab province. They said five other suspects had also been arrested.

Anand, who owns a film studio and had earlier served as chairman of Pakistan’s Censor Board, was kidnapped on October 20 last year.

Juhi Chawla’s uncle freed in Pakistan after six months

Karachi, April 12: Well-known Pakistani film producer and distributor Satish Anand, an uncle of Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla, was freed by his abductors after six months in captivity for a ransom of Rs.10.6 million, media reports said Sunday.

Anand, who had served as Pakistan’s censor board chairman, was kidnapped Oct 20 last year by two unidentified gunmen while he was on his way home here.

According to The News, law enforcement agencies traced the kidnappers to Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and engaged in a negotiation for his release.

On Saturday, officials posing as family members of the film producer delivered the ransom money to the kidnappers, who belong to a faction of the Harkat-ul-Jihad-i-Islami (HuJI), in NWFP’s Bannu region, the report said.

After safely securing Anand, the officials launched a crackdown on the group and arrested five suspects.

Meanwhile, Anand is said to have been shifted to Islamabad.

The HuJI group, headed by Ilyas Kashmiri, had earlier demanded a huge ransom for releasing Anand, but later settled for Rs.10.6 million.


One Response to “Islamic terrorists free Juhi Chawla’s uncle in Pakistan after paying Rs 16 million”

  1. An Open letter to Juhi Chwala and Satish Anand(Juhi’s Uncle)

    Yes ! What to do now Mr Satis Anand and Juhi !!

    You were all secular not communal Hindus! But You had to taste the stool and urine of Talibani Seculars Mr. Anand.!! Beef is an edible thing but the human excretions ?? I don’t know how far they went ? But Juhi was excused by the Grace of Allah, if they be able to lift Juhi, the ransom will be doubled or more than that. And the captive period would prolong upto 1 year.
    Then the shots of porno will be publised in Al Zazir TV depicting a nude Juhi praying to a Kubuli Commander for the life of her uncle. All these were bound to happen after their full satisfection with Juhee.
    Please do not treat the above as a fabricated story. I tell you all these out of my own experience. In 1969, we had to leave our motherland at Karachi Pakistan after an abduction and death of a female member of my family and rescued her brother aged 9 yrs after paying a ransome of 55000/-
    My two questions to 1 each to Juhi and to her Producer uncle Mr. Satish………..
    1. To Juhi….. Would you still keep your normal relations with your muslim friends, even keeping in mind to marry a mulsim ladka ?
    2. To Satish….. Would you please make a film on the basis of great(@!?<$) experience under Pakistani Talibanis stored by you without taking a rupee from your trans-border muslim mafia and financer ??

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