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Hyderabad police mole supplying information to Asaduddin Owaisi, president of Majlis Ittehadul-e-Muslimeen (MIM)

Posted by jagoindia on April 24, 2009

Probe on to unmask MIM mole among cops

Vikram Sharma, 22 Apr 2009
HYDERABAD: The Hyderabad City police has undertaken an investigation it, perhaps, had never taken up before — catching a mole in its own ranks.

It all started with the Majlis Ittehadul-e-Muslimeen (MIM) ‘managing’ to obtain a copy of a circular issued by DGP AK Mohanty through its ‘trusted’ men in the police department.

In the circular, the DGP had warned that there were intelligence inputs to suggest that the MIM might try to create trouble, especially in Yakutpura, Chaderghat, Bahadurpura and other areas.

Hyderabad Police Commissioner B Prasada Rao ordered a probe into the leak on Monday. Interestingly, the possibility of the circular being leaked out from his own office in Basheerbagh is not being ruled out! On the other hand, though the probe was ordered only on Monday, the MIM has already come to know of that too! ‘‘It is very difficult to say who could have leaked it but a probe is on,’’ Prasada Rao told Express. He said the copy of the circular was also forwarded to some inspectors. ‘‘Once we verify it, we will come to know who it was,’’ he said. Top sources disclosed to Express that the circular issued to Prasada Rao was in turn sent to all zonal DCPs, Joint Commissioners and Additional Commissioners.

The circular then reached MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi who raised a hue and cry over it, wondering why was his party alone singled out as a trouble-maker. Sources said while various sections in the Commissioner’s office and those offices down below (one Additional Commissioner and two Joint Commissioners also work in the five-floor complex) are under the scanner, the sleuths are looking at the possible role of camp clerks (CC) working under all the officers. Discreet enquiries are also being made in the police headquarters at Lakdi- Ka-Pool from where the circular was actually sent to Prasada Rao. In fact, telephone records of the staff, including police officials of different ranks, are being scrutinised.

This is not the first time that the senior Owaisi has managed to get an internal circular. Soon after the bomb blast at the Mecca Masjid in May 2007, Owaisi obtained a secret report prepared by the then south zone DCP M Kantha Rao on the possible suspects.

3 Responses to “Hyderabad police mole supplying information to Asaduddin Owaisi, president of Majlis Ittehadul-e-Muslimeen (MIM)”

  1. S said

    A suggestion to the Hyderabad Police Commissioner B Prasada Rao – look among the Muhammadan members of your police force. And if I may suggest that you might want to look up the meaning of the word Ummah.

  2. We must worry abt “MUSLIMS IN INDIAN MILITARY” that is more danger than some Mohamadans giving secret info in police…..I would say NO MUSLIMS IN POLICE ,MILITARY and INTELLEGANCE.

  3. hindu militant said

    ABSOLUTELY right sir. We cannot trust muslims. NO muslims in army, intelligence and police either.

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