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UAE Royal Sheikh in Torture Tape: Victim Whipped, Beaten, Electrocuted

Posted by jagoindia on April 25, 2009

video link

ABC News Exclusive: Torture Tape Implicates UAE Royal Sheikh

Police in Uniform Join In as Victim Is Whipped, Beaten, Electrocuted, Run Over by SUV

April 22, 2009

A video tape smuggled out of the United Arab Emirates shows a member of the country’s royal family mercilessly torturing a man with whips, electric cattle prods and wooden planks with protruding nails.

An investigation into a savage torture by a royal family member of a close ally.A man in a UAE police uniform is seen on the tape tying the victim’s arms and legs, and later holding him down as the Sheikh pours salt on the man’s wounds and then drives over him with his Mercedes SUV.

In a statement to ABC News, the UAE Ministry of the Interior said it had reviewed the tape and acknowledged the involvement of Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, brother of the country’s crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed.

“The incidents depicted in the video tapes were not part of a pattern of behavior,” the Interior Ministry’s statement declared.

The Minister of the Interior is also one of Sheikh Issa’s brother.

The government statement said its review found “all rules, policies and procedures were followed correctly by the Police Department.”

2 Responses to “UAE Royal Sheikh in Torture Tape: Victim Whipped, Beaten, Electrocuted”

  1. abu sabaya said

    after torturing and killing they said they follow all procedure what a brilliant muslim mind

  2. Athul said

    Finally the US opened their eyes. For these many years they were acting the sleep. Everyone know the hub of terror is Pak. Obama Warns Pakistan. After 26/11, a few American and Jewish causalities, they understood the terrorists targeted then first. Obama Warns Pakistan.

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