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Lebanese Muslim gangs attacking Indian students in Australia

Posted by jagoindia on June 12, 2009

Indian students in Sydney allege Lebanese youths attack them
PTI, June 11, 2009

Sydney: Indian students alleged on Thursday that Lebanese youths were behind the racially-motivated attacks on them here as they took to the streets for the third consecutive night protesting against racial attacks.

The spate of racial attacks against Indians spread to Sydney after members of the community were targeted in Melbourne.

Scores of Indian students last night took to the streets of Harris Park in Sydney for the third consecutive night to protest racially-motivated against them by Lebanese youths.

The protesters alleged that police were ignoring their pleas for protection.

The protests came a day after prime minister Kevin Rudd warned Indian students against “vigilante action” to prevent attacks against them.

Indian protesters continue to say that they were being attacked by Lebanese youths.

Australian PM urges protesters to ‘draw breath’
By Talek Harris –
SYDNEY (AFP) — Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Wednesday warned Indian students not to take the law into their own hands as protests against alleged racial violence stretched into a third night.
About 50 Indians confronted Lebanese youths in Sydney’s downmarket Harris Park area in a stand-off lasting about an hour before being persuaded to disperse by community leaders and a heavy police presence.
The latest incident comes after hundreds of Indians demonstrated on Monday night in response to an assault blamed on Lebanese men, ending in a revenge attack. About 70 gathered in the same area on Tuesday.

Who is attacking Indian students in Australia?
June 10 2009

By John FG McMahon
Please be assured that the problem lies not with ordinary Australians but disaffected immigrant/refugee youth of Sudanese and Middle-Eastern origin. As the students have themselves described, their attackers are in the main “black men (Africans)” or “Middle-Eastern”.

These immigrants/refugees have been warmly welcomed and embraced but they repay us with conduct such as this. One incident involved a Catholic nun walking down a Sydney street. She passed by two Muslim women dressed in their garb who turned on her, assaulted her, spat on her and tore the crucifix chain from her.

So please ignore the media there in India who have no idea at all. Our media, because of political correctness, refuses to describe the ethnicity of the attackers.

The Cronulla riots a few years ago came about with frustration by the locals with the lack of protection by the police from marauading Lebanese Muslim gangs who were brazeningly invading shops, restaurants, bars and cafes spitting and urinating on patrons and assaulting/intimidating all and sundry. One incident involved a young mother who had taken her toddler daughter to the beach.

The toddler was playing in the water when a gang of these militants came up to the mother and demanded that she cover up her daughter who was wearing a regular modest bathing costume. She refused and told them to go away. They did but returned a little later with knives. The young mother fled with her daughter.

A young fellow who had been away at sea for some weeks returned and was withdrawing money from a ATM. He was assaulted by one of these gangs and critically injured. He was repeatedly stabbed and the assault only stopped when the knife broke off in his back. These gangs hunt the streets at night looking for “skips”, their term for Australians. Now they have turned their attention to easier marks- students from India.

My view is that these immigrants/refugees should return to their countries of origin and take their violent evil disruptive ways with them. Australia is a land of immigrants. I am second generation Irish-Australian. Everyone has assimilated. From Greeks, Italians, Lebanese Catholics/Christians,Russians,Eskimos,South Americans, South Africans (black and white), Mexicans etc etc all get along except for those from Muslim countries/areas.

The Government(s), politicans and police are afraid to control these Muslims for fear of being labelled “racist”. This is the usual cry (yelp?) from the Muslims when they are criticized in any manner, rightfully or wrongfully.

14 Responses to “Lebanese Muslim gangs attacking Indian students in Australia”

  1. Dr.A.K.Tewari said

    Australian Govt. must take stern action agaist these muslims, otherwise they will turn their country into a hell.

  2. Geez said

    Not all Muslims are like that, I guess. These Muslims have to at least appreciate the fact that they were allowed to immigrate to Australia so why do they want to destruct Australia. And plus, Lebanese Muslims shouldn’t attack people/ women of other religions and because of not dressing modestly because obviously they’re from Lebanon (a religiously diverse nation where people know how to co-exist with each other and tolerate other people of other religious beliefs). So, I don’t understand why Lebanese Muslims in Australia are committing these crimes?!!

  3. Hussein said

    Its not about Muslims, we have Muslims in New Zealand and we never had such problems ! its the people mate ! its all about the government to control youths !! Create opportunities and stop the discrimination ! PEACE !

  4. freedome said

    im an Australian from cronulla the words written on the top of this page i cant agree more
    you cant call some one with the blood of many nations a racist the indians deserve the right to live in peace as any australian would if any australians are involved in these attacks then you are not one of us
    my grandfathers come from the beginning of this place some of the first and they fought and died for peace in this country if you don’t want that……………… then leave
    you come here to get away from crimes and war but bring it here
    cronulla riots were not racists attacks but people here are sick of 10 guys attacking one loan man
    you people attack old ladys with knifes respect all religions
    take a look around there is no war here just those that have met freedom
    from an Australian im sorry to the Indians and pray that you find peace here and enjoy your life we welcome you as all men are created equal in Australia ………………….. …………………………..

  5. dharmayoddha said

    I KNEW it. THANKS for this post from a white aussie. I always suspected that it is not white australians but these muslims in australia who did it. Thanks for the expose. Now I know better. And the poor white aussies are getting the rap.

  6. Rick said

    First, I should think it logical to immediately curtail the immigration of Muslims. It’s time to man-up – just as we SHOULD do
    in America.

  7. Jazyb said

    Guys! can I tell you that I was attacked by Six aussies on the street, and knocked down with skateboards just for money. I contacted police and they caught them but didnt take any action caz they say they dont have authentic evidence. Though, my suffering, swallow face and bleedin all over dint signalled them any evidence that those bastards did this. They let them go! I had to pay $15000 for my face surgery. I m muslims, but I dint took dat as racial attack. I dint shout n cry infront of media. I found out where thoz guys live, i took my lebanese freinds, waited for those bastards come out, cracked them and taught them a lesson dat their mothers even wont forget, we dint left any evidence too but we spent days in jail until bailed caz this time their own brothers were bashed. I respect Australia and every person living in this, but I have no space for injustice. If we dont get justice then we have alternatives. Now. the problem is, I called those guys Australian not Christians or Catholic, though they were. But You and Media call poeple from Lebanon, Palestine and Pakistan etc Muslims, though we are but then If one do mistake and you count all of us then all of us will crack you down within seconds. So you decide, who is doin racial attacks?? either Lebos, Sudanies, Pakis or Muslims. Caz if you accuse muslims then we stand together and this is what will happen, again n again. Peace Out

  8. A Singh said

    The biggest problem here is not muslims or Indians. The problem is any immigrant. Australians are among the most racist people on the earth. They almost killed all indigenous people. They are racist and people like lebanese who have been living there for long, have faced these racial problems. And now they are also racist and will go against any other race being Indian or whatever.
    I was in Australia last year and everyone was talking about this stuff. My Indian friends have faced such problems. They were attacked by Somalians, Lebanese, White Australians and so on. Its only a matter of time when there are enough Indians and they have been there for long, that there will be Indian gangs. If police and government won’t do anything about it now, its gonna be a big problem.
    History says that anyone who has committed atrocities against another race have suffered from the same race later on. African Americans and Muslims in America are a very good example. Slavery and war on middle east has made African Americans and Muslims to commit crime in USA.

  9. mina makki said

    hi dear friend

    Here me and my partners have a questionary which will survey the essential needs of
    muslim minorities.
    Can I ask you see the link below and answer to short questions please? All data you give
    will be kept.
    I am grateful!

  10. singh said

    Lebanese and indians are generally good friends, it is just some loud mouth indian students who have no idea that this is australia, and you treat people with respect. i believe the reason why the lebanese youth got enraged is because some indian students probably said something. I live in western suburbs of sydney and also in a town in with a large Afghan community and we live peacefully. Lebanese people aren’t bad we just have give them a fair go and indians and lebanese should live with peace as we use to

  11. Aussie said

    well they dont fit in anywhere so who cares as indians don’t adopt the culture of any country they lob in on – sorry not adopt as they dont adopt any culture. Have leb friends and they play ausie sports , share a joke, have a beer and are good mates – not indians – they use leaf blowers on christmas, play no man sports – do thir own culture and don’t fit in???

  12. The majority of Lebanese are not savages but there is a`savage element. yes i beat up aggressors. A message to any of you racist Irish Aussies or Middle eastern Muslims beaten by tiny Israel. You can’t beat me. But I can beat you. So behave and you will be safe and things will be ok.

  13. shatruajaat said

    I have been told by a couple of Indians who living in Australia that most of the attacks on Indians are actually being carried out by Lebanese people. Indian media should be more carefully while reporting such attacks, a little investigation into attackers profile would be appreicated. Also, even before we accuse Australians or Europeans of being racist we should first look at how we have treated people from Bihar in Delhi and most recently in Mumbai.

  14. shatruajaat said

    The problem is not just about Racism, its about immigration, taking up jobs, not adjusting to the culture, treating women from other countries as having no character etc. The people in Australia and other European and western countries are a way ahead of people from middle easterncountries and south asia. Women there are more liberated than what we have here, men there are more open and understanding than their counterparts in the Middle-East and South Asia. A few months ago the UK government issued a circular that all immigrants be taught to mind queues by which I mean to learn to stand in queues. Now the Brits are a polite people and give lot of importance to mannerisms, the immediate provocation behind this circular was frequent breaking of queues by Asians like we do it here in many Asian countries. I personally get enraged whenever this happens with me and I live in India, have witnessed several times. Imagine how a European or an Australian would feel if he is subjected to the same treatement in his own country? Secondly, treating white women as if they have no character is a big problem especially with muslims. I have white female friends, know quite a few white families and really respect them for what they are. Why is it so difficult for some people to believe that a girl who smokes, wears short skirt, goes to discs, drinks alcohol and enjoys sex can be as morally upright as our own women can be, deserves as much respect as our own women do. This they do it in Delhi also, the immigrants in Delhi never miss a chance to say mean things about Delhi girls just because they wear a certain outfit, smoke in public, go to discs, have boyfriends! Unemployment is a serious issue here, why blame Australia-forgotten the violence against UPiites and Biharis in Mumbai? The issue of violence against immigrants is a complex issue, linking every attack to racism, painting whole Australians or Britishers with the same brush is not an intelligent thing to do.

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