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MY RESPONSE: Why Hindus are angry at Muslims in India?

Posted by jagoindia on September 13, 2008

This is a response by Narain Kataria to the gibberish of NRI Kaleem Kawaja, originally here and in this blog other sources.  For Hindu other responses you can visit

Saturday, September 6, 2008

MY RESPONSE: Why Hindus are angry at Muslims in India?

MY RESPONSE: Why Hindus are angry at Muslims in India?

From: Narain Kataria, New York

To: The Editor, India Tribune – Date: Aug 31, 2008

Here is my response to Kaleem Kawaja’s letter titled “Why Hindus are angry at Muslims in India,” published in the India Tribune of August 2, 2008. Hindus have not just one but one million reasons to be angry at Muslims in India. Let me list only a few of them for Mr. Kawaja’s kind-hearted understanding, even though I believe Mr. Kawaja is deliberately acting to be ignorant of the reasons behind this Hindu mindset and the history – past and present. So, I will try to make it as simple and as clear for him as possible… and, for all those ‘secularists’ and Leftists who pretend to be naive just like Mr. Kawaja.

1. First of all, Hindus hold Muslims responsible for the vivisection of their country that they consider as their MOTHER. Hindus adorably call it Bharat-Mata, Matru-Bhoomi, Puniya-Bhoomi, Dharma-Bhoomi, Swarag-Bhoomi, etc.

2. Hindus cannot understand why the Muslims are still living in India. It is a well-known fact that in 1946 elections, more than 90% of the Muslims voted for the breakup of the greater India and the creation of a Muslim land called Pakistan. Despite getting their Muslim land – believe it or not – only 15% Muslims left for the Pakistan and 85% of them stayed put in India. Hindus really want all these Muslims living in India to leave Hindus alone in their country.

3. Hindus are upset that Muslims are having a cake and want to eat it too. Thus, Hindus can see that Muslims have opened a separate bank account for Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh, while they are operating a joint bank account with Hindus in India. This is not right and absolutely unfair. Hindus do not want to share the India with Muslims.

4. Again, at the time of Partition of India in 1947, there were 20% Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan. Now there are only 1% or so. In 1947 there were more than 30% Hindus in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), at this time there are only 8% Hindus there. Hindus want Muslims to explain what happened to all those Hindus. Hindus are absolutely unhappy about the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

5. Conversely, during the same period the Muslim population in India has been rising with leaps and bounds. Muslim numbers in India have risen from 9% in 1951 to 15% now. Hindus abhor this. In the unprecedented rise of Muslim population in India, Hindus clearly see a mortal threat to their very existence as Hindus. They see this as a conspiracy to breakup and divide their country all over again.

6. Hindus simply will never be able to forget the massive scale of rapes, murders, loot and mayhem let lose by Muslims on the peaceful Hindus in Kashmir and the vicious ethnic cleansing in their own country.

7. How can Hindus forget massacre of our 35 Sikh brothers at Chattisinghpora in the State of Jammu and Kashmir in year 2000, an attack on Jammu and Kashmir State Legislature in October, 2001, another attack on the India’s National Parliament in December 2001, yet another attack on the American Cultural Center in January 2002, the roasting alive of 56 women and children in February 2002 at Godhra Railway Station in Gujarat State, the killing of more than 30 members of families of Army personnel in May 2002, serial bomb attacks on passenger trains and public places in the country’s financial capital Mumbai on August 2005 that killed 46 people and injured 160, another devilish attack on the Hindu religious place, the Akshardham Temple in September 2002 – 29 individuals including 16 women and four children killed, the butchering of Hindus in Mau in State of Uttar Pradesh, the Delhi bomb blasts in October 2005 – 70 people killed, massacre of Gujjars in Doda and Udhampur, in State of Jammu and Kashmir in May 2006, a second series of Mumbai train bomb blasts in July 2006 – 200 people dead, a separate series of bomb blasts in Lucknow, Varanasi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Bangluru – hundreds killed.

8. While Hindus in Jammu agitating for the legitimate rights of Hindu pilgrims in Amernath raise the slogan of Bharat Mata ki Jai, the Muslims in Srinagar, to the great mortification and chagrin of Hindus, wave green flags of Pakistan and openly raise the slogans of Pakistan Zindabad (long live Pakistan)! This treacherous behavior of Muslims is unacceptable and outrageous to Hindus and causes a serious heartburn to them.

9. Recently, in a shocking disclosure, India’s National Security Advisor, M.K. Narayanan while talking to newsmen in Singapore disclosed that 800 terrorist cells are operating in the country. These home grown terrorists are none other than the Indian Muslims who provide shelter, guidance, financial assistance and other infrastructure facilities to the terrorists to kill more and more Hindus and destabilize Indian economy. Hindus have every reason to express their indignation and angst at this blatant anti-national activity.

10. All Kashmiri Muslims are doing roaring business all over India. There are Haj Houses all over the country. But the Muslim leaders are openly and repeatedly declaring that they would not give “an inch of land” in Hindu India to Shri Amarnath Shrine Board. What an act of ingratitude!

11. Hindus simply cannot erase from their memory the Great Killings of Calcutta on August 16-17, 1946 in which more than 5,000 Hindus were butchered by Muslim fanatics supported by the Muslim Chief Minister of Bengal. Hindus also vividly recall the genocide of 5,000 unarmed Hindus in Noakhali in Bengal State around the same time. Hindus simply cannot forget the beastly brutalities perpetrated by the West Pakistani Muslim military establishment on the East Pakistan Hindus during the Bangladesh uprising in 1971. Events like these are unparalleled in the history of humanity.

12. Describing the unimaginable capacity of the Muslim mind to conduct the dance of devil, Mr. A. Ghosh, the celebrated author of book “Kafir and Quran,” writes: “In many cases a whole community (of Hindus in East Pakistan) was encircled. Mothers and daughters were raped on a mass scale, in presence of brothers or fathers. Breasts of elderly ladies were chopped off. Pregnant women were disemboweled; infants’ heads were smashed on the floor. Then followed the chopping off of genitals, gouging out of eyes, and on and on and on. As a grand finale, everybody was put in a house and the house was set on fire.”

13. Hindus also remember very well as to how the Sikh Guru Arjun Dev was made to sit on a hot plate over the raging fire and the hot sand was poured over his body… until he died. Hindus and Sikhs will never be able to forget as to how another Sikh Guru, Teg Bahadur Saheb, was murdered in cold blood by the Muslims because he refused to convert to Islam. Hindus remember the two young sons of the last Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh, who were bricked alive by the Muslim ruler, as they refused to embrace the Islam.

14. For the information of Mr. Kawaja, listed here are only a few of the Muslim militant organizations that preach hatred and violence against the Kafirs… principally the Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists… and are working overtime to establish Nizame-Mustafa (the Islamic domination) in India: (1) Muslim Volunteer Force, (2) Islamic Revolutionary Front, (3) Islamic Liberation Army of Assam, (4) Jamait-e-Islami, (4) Hurriyat Conference, (5) Jamit-al-Quran Hadis, (6) Tamilnadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, (7) Al Ummah, (8) Islamic Movement of India, (8) Student Islamic Movement of India (the notorious SIMI), (9) Islamic Youth Center, (10) Jihad Committee, (11) Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Assam, (12) Muslim Liberation Front of Assam, (13) Al Huda, (14) Jehad, (15) Tehreek-ul-Mujahideen, (16) National Democratic Front, (17) Mili Parliament, (18) Indian Muslim Mohammadi Mujahideen, and (19) Indian Mujaheden. The principal aim of all the above groups is the annihilation of Hindus.

15. Hindus in India and the Indian subcontinent have witnessed an unprecedented continued chain of barbarism by Muslims in the last 1400 years. In 712 A.D., the then Governor of Iraq sitting two thousand miles away from the Indian capital Delhi, ordered the Iraqi Muslim ruler in India to bring about the destruction on unbeliever Hindus (unbeliever: the Hindus that do not believe in Islam) if they did not accept Islam. The historical chronicles tell us that in the merciless slaughter that ensued, 26,000 Hindu men were murdered and 20,000 young Hindu girls were enslaved and dispatched to Khalifa in Baghdad.

16. Akbar was the slaughterer of Hindus. Jahangir, in his autobiography “Tarikh-i-Salim Shahi” wrote that under Akbar and Jahangir “five to six hundred thousand (over half a million) Hindus were killed.” (Tarikh-i-Salim: Translated By Price, pp. 225-6). In Akbar’s military conquest of Chittor in the State of Rajasthan, Abul Fazl recorded that “on Akbar’s orders, eight thousand Rajput warriors were first disarmed and then slain; along with them forty thousand peasants also were slain.” (The Islamic treatment of PoW, Surah 8, Ayat 67, the Quran) (Akbarnama by Abul Fazl translated into English by H. Beveridge)

We can go on and on and on… with the never-ending saga of Muslim misdeeds against the Hindus. Hindus may not have readily available with them the specific details of the each one of the above acts of extreme Muslim brutality. The Hindu ‘secular’ leadership also takes extreme pains to ensure that the endless trails of Muslim atrocities… against the Hindus… do not get recalled, remembered, written, memorialized, entered in history books, or spoken from the public platforms. But the naked truth is that the painful wounds of Muslim savagery, treachery, betrayal, deceit, dishonesty, disloyalty, duplicity… on the naïve Hindu psyche… are too numerous to count and too deep to heal.

These painful sores of history – the distant past and still ongoing – have traumatized the Hindus so much and for so long that they just cannot be healed, nor can their memory be completely erased from the Hindu subconscious mind. Hindu mind will continue to be haunted and tortured at the slightest glimpse of the classic pattern of Muslim dishonesty and betrayal.

Does Mr. Kawaja need any more reasons, any more examples, to explain why Hindus don’t trust Muslims and why they appear to be angry at Muslims

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28 Responses to “MY RESPONSE: Why Hindus are angry at Muslims in India?”

  1. C S Sundaresha said

    Dear Narain Kataria,

    It can’t be told in a better way, excellent. But, when the impotent Hindus will realizes!!

  2. Venkat said

    I agree with the author. Muslims think that they own India after Babar abd the moguls.Porus was a hindu king in Sind Area who defeated alexander.That area really belongs to India. Muslims in India never mixed with the Hindus properly.they were looters and that is in their blood and genetic code.They always talk about their women and children being protected by them from Americans etc.In fact they do all sorts of atrocities on womwn.They are brain washed easily by their imams as they are are emotional creatures still to develop better sense of the world.They lack the vastnes of mind of the Hindus and the subtlety of the Christians.

    In fact they are emotional animals brought up by their imams and priests with Friday brainwashings.Even Abdul Kalam who is a muslim says that we require strong punishment to correct the muslim terrorists.

  3. rudraroop said

    brilliant article man!!! let’s make it a ‘movement’ in India and get rid of muslims. if we don’t then our great grand children will suffer at the hands of the barbarians. had our forefathers were united in their stand against muslims we wouldn’t be witnessing all this killings today.
    jai hind

  4. hudson York said

    good article… however this is just the tip of iceberg….

  5. Venkat said

    Brilliat article.It is time that muslims leave for Pakistan and eat their cocaine cultivation

  6. Deepak said

    this article is really mind blowing,

  7. Vandana said

    Stand up and face the onslaught on the Hindus by the secularists who actually seem to be working on behalf of thr Christians and the Muslims.While Saudi Arabia and the Vatican will always speak out in support of their co religionists, no one,not even the Hindu politicians will speak on our behalf.The betrayal is from within.Vote in the right party and the right leaders.take interest in your religion and politics and stem the rot…….that is the only way to save our ancient civilisation.Do not feel defensive when they call you idol worshippers,cow worshippers or kafirs.Don’t hang your head in shame when they make false interpretations of our mythology and religion.Take your children to a temple atleast once afortnight.Instill pride in them(not hatred for others).We are not like them.We do not need to pull down their Gods to establish the truth of ours.WE KNOW and ACCEPT that God is ultimately ONE but unlike them we do not go to town crying that only their God is real.Let them practice religion within its narrow confines without the timeless wisdom that enriches ours.

  8. shailendra rajput said

    it is true the muslims are the major cause of unrest in india. they are infact dishonest when they have got their motherland why are they living in this country increasing population day by day and the burden on the economy too. they have create a major danger the “nation-in-making”. the greedy and gaddar politician are encouraging them. this country is going to be divided again very soon. the time has come that a face to face final war be fought over the liberation of bharat mata. vande matram bharat mata ki jai.

  9. Mukesh Kumar said

    We hindus are really impotent .
    we need to get up make our motherlant free from this traitors.
    I hate the way all the bloody pakistani artists are pouring in this country.
    This is all because of the disguisting bollywood.
    i can see many pakistani celebrities are still in our country and roaming on the street.
    we should not spare the disloyal muslims of our contry.
    lets finish them before they can.

  10. maxilo said

    I am really worried about India. What’s going on in the minds of Hindus? Why isn’t there a unified civil code yet? Why allowing these thousands of madrassah to operate freely? This is truly a cultural and civilizational suicide? Why aren’t Hindus waking up to the imminent danger facing India?

    The article says Hindus are angry at Muslims? But are they sufficently angry to vote according to their feelings? I think not.

    The real question is not “Why are Hindus angry at Muslims?”, but “Why aren’t Hindus more angry at Muslims?”

  11. jagoindia said

    The question is not “Why aren’t Hindus more angry at Muslims?” but
    “Why aren’t more Hindus angry at Muslims?”

    The reasons are
    1.Most Hindus do not know about the barbaric nature of Quran which openly calls Muslims to kill of kafirs
    2. Most Hindus believe all religions are peaceful and loving, like Hinduism, which is not true at all. Islam preaches hatred, violence, savagery, torture for non-Muslims
    3. Indian leftists academics have distorted history and as a result past Islamic atrocities are not taught in school and a false marxist version is presented.
    4. Politicians woo the Muslims since they constitute a voting block. Hindus do not count at all.
    5. Ignorant liberal Media/intellectuals are anti Hindu, pro minority and guilty of ommissions and commisions.
    6. Hindu middle class is educated on a steady diet of anti Hindu and they buy into the Islam is peace and minority Muslims are vulnerable bullshit.

    All is not lost however. More Hindus are becoming increasingly aware of evil Mohammed, hate inspiring Islamic ideology and its violent followers. So one can be cautiously optimistic about India’s future.

  12. Nimmy said

    I hate blame game..but can somebody explain this comment form a friend of mine…


    Understanding the Fanatic Mindset of Hindu Terrorists who use the following verse 1.40 of Bhagavad Gita to justify extermination of all Christians, Muslims ans Sikhs in India:

    adharmabhibhavat krishna
    pradusyanti kula-striyah
    strisu dustasu varsneya
    jayate varna-sankarah


    When irreligion is prominent in the family, O Krishna, the women of the family become polluted, and from the degradation of womanhood, O descendant of Vrishni, comes unwanted progeny. Bhagavad Gita 1.40


    Good Hindu population in human society is the basic principle for peace, prosperity and spiritual progress in life. Such population depends on the chastity and faithfulness of its womanhood.

    As children are very prone to be misled, women are similarly very prone to degradation.

  13. jagoindia said

    Nimmy, This blog does not entertain Muslim/Christian propaganda. The commentary “Good Hindu population” — Wherein does Lord Krishna says Hindu? The vedic teachings are applicable to all beings and creatures. There is no believers and non believers that you find in Christianity and Islam. Tell your friend to stop converting Hindus, she can live peacefully in India, but she should live like a pious Christian. Her religion is famous for mass exterminations, rape, paedophilia, burning of women in stakes, priests raping nuns, nuns molesting children and even our Indians are imitating slutty Christian behaviour in America. She should stop belief in this fantasy tribal god Jesus and return to Sanatana Dharma

  14. Siva said

    Stop acquisitions, believe in GOD, he will show us the way. Do your rightful darmic duty, you will get the results.

  15. Jaykrishnan said

    excellent article..highlighting completely the treatment meted out to hindus by muslims in the past and the present.

  16. Tariq said

    Every religion ordains its people to fight against injustice, oppression and tyranny and this is what Islam asks its followers to do and Krishna insisted Arjuna to do when he asked him to fight against his brothers Kauravas who were out of the right path.
    Will it be appropriate to dismiss Hinduism as Jihadi because of the acts of some handful of fundamentalist Hindu who demolished Babri mosque or participated actively in the Gujarat riot against a particular community?

  17. Jagannath said

    Excellent article. The author has done good research.Obviously in kali yuga evil wins. but the age is changing..Two ways to protect Sanatana Dharma.

    1.External:Educating hindus about çorrect history, role of muslim rulers, myth of Islam, elimination of Hindus in Greater India (includes pakistan,bangladesh, burma etc),developing India economically, utilising our energy for building strong Hindu India etc as many people told..

    2.Internal: TRUELY follow Sanatana Dharma..(dharmo rakshati rakshitah),follow meditation,yoga etc and become a true sanatana dharmi and then see and experince the POWER of our Sanatana Dharma. No words required becaz WE MAY NOT ACT, BUT NATURE(GOD) RESPONDS….

  18. Bouhoj said

    Yo just get rid of religion including HIndu and Muslim, become Marxists and wage war against the haute bourgeoise and establishe proletariat rule over the world.

  19. jagoindia said

    Marxists in both West Bengal and Kerala support muslims to the hilt. Did marxists stand for atheist Taslima Nasrin no. They kicked her out of the state.

    This shows that marxists are weaklings unable to meet the threat of Islamofascism. Marxists over the last 100 years have not shown any success in any country they ruled. All or most of the former Soviet Union has dismantled communism and reverted to their former selves .. capitalism, Christianity or Islam.

    So the idea of becoming marxists is a very bad and dangerous idea.

  20. R.SUNIL said

    muslims are beasts and cancer to our holy mother land. kick islam and muslims out of india, and from the world. there should be a world revolution against islam and its people. get the world free from this evil way of life.

  21. Mashuk Ahmed said

    Here is my humble response to author for his 20 glorious points. I hope he is brave enough to listen to me. let me go point wise as he..

    1. his first point is that hindu consider that muslims are dividing india.
    let me inform him that it is a part of “iman” in islam to love their mother land. and prophet mohammad told that “a person is not muslim if he/she go against their country or dont fight for their country if required”

    2. his statistics for indian muslim is wrong. as in 1946 it was not possible to do voting all over india. although it was few politician who voted and desired to have Pakistan so that they can have a country to rule. and we cant forget that mahatma ghandi was also signed in that agreement with ali.
    secondly, he himself proved proved me right by giving this data that 85% of muslim remained in India. thats mean that 85% of muslim were not agree with partition.

    3.muslims are going for islamic banking.
    i would like to suggest him to go to depth of the information he is gathering. For his kind information, islamic banking is interestless banking. as islam is against any kind of interest or “sood”.

    4. his fourth point clearly says that non-muslim are not interested to stay in their motherland. than muslim.
    so who wants partition.

    5. again i want to update his knowledge that muslim population in India is 12.5% not 15%.
    secondly a muslim never force other non muslim to convert to muslim. but yet people are converting so rapidly. then what is the reason? they must finding something good in islam. i would like to suggest him to ask to a converted muslim for more info.

    6. author must read islamic scripture before commenting. in islam the punishment of rapist is Death. so how can one rape other if islamic law (sharia) gets applicable.
    secondly, why dont author go for the search of reason for the incidence in kashmir. let me tell him that, it was started after a muslim kashmiri hockey player get beaten badly by some critic hindu in the hockey ground itself after indian team loosed the hockey match.

    7. author has good collection of data against muslims, but he forget to mention about hindu activist. actually when a man named khan or ahmed does some mischief then it is said that “a muslim man has done mischief” where as when the same is done by a person named ram or ashok it is said that “ram/ashok has done the mischief”.
    how ever author must know that: On the Christmas Eve of 2007, Hindutva extremists led a series of violent attacks on Christians and their property in Orissa state’s Kandhamal district, killing six Christians and razing at least 730 houses and 95 churches. In one of the events, in March, 2008, more than 150 intolerant nationalist Hindus stormed two Easter Sunday services and beat at least 16 Christians including two pastors in Bangalore and in Shimoga district as reported by the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC).
    Besides previous genocide of Muslims, more than 2500 Muslims were massacred in 2002 in the BJP-ruled Indian state of Gujarat where horrible scenes of arson, mutation and rape were perpetrated by the Hindu extremists against the unarmed Muslims. Apart from Gujrat, on September 13, 2008, the communal riots in Uttar Pradesh killed more than 200 Muslims. In one of the most tragic incidents in Assam, Hindu extremists burnt alive six members of a Muslim family on October 12 last year.

    8. author has forget to mention the date and year of that event. moreover this poor act may be done by some pakistani extremist! however why he is trying to link that event to the amarnath yatra, this is how riots bigins!!!

    9. why MK Narayanan is talking to anonymous newsman, he must go for some action and catch nuts if he is so sure of their activity. moreover 800 is too much, he must have said 5-6 so that people can believe. as no terrorist organization have more than 20-25 cell.

    10. in my view author need to learn a lot. he is unaware that it is restricted by central government to buy an inch of land in kashmir by any non kashmiri irrespective of muslim or non-muslim. so why he is trying to connect everything with religion?? this is how riot begins.

    11. undoubtly hindu cant forget that events like muslims cant forget gothra kand, distruction of babari maszid, maligaon kand etc…. this is all part of politics and politician use it in due time for the sake of vote and some critic use this data to create another events like this!!!

    12. who is Mr. Ghosh??? i can also write a book, will you believe all its content???

    13. i dont understand why dont the author dont go to the deapth of every story?? if he go then he will find that sikh was never a religion but it was a army to fight against mugal in india. so what do you accept from someone with whom you go for fight.
    secondly this concept of pressuring someone to accept islam is absolutely absurd. islam is the name of faith in one God from the depth of heart. forcefully one may change his name but he cant be considered as muslim!!

    14. author has collected the names of all islamic club many of them dont even have the pistol of Diwali. secondly none of the islamic group has basic aim of killing non muslim, each of them has their own reason and story behind. for example; ULFA (united liberation front of assam) has the basic demand of having separate country as central government is not treating Assam equally. but yet they are killing many innocents, including muslims. so should we consider them terrorist group against muslim??? no, never!! this consideration is act of people like the author of above article.

    15. we dont have any proof of above statement. but yet if a man is coming from Baghdad to india and enslaving girls of the nation, then what the hell men of india were doing at that time??? they were sitting and accounting the number of girls being enslaved??? or crying that they are loosing objects to burn in the name of “Sati”.

    16. as the author clearly mention that akbar did all this base less act in his conquer… then why he hesitate to accept that is is simply weakness of our rajput of chittor. rajput were not armless. they could also killed akbar if they had guts.
    secondly he mentioned referance of verses of quran but forget to tell the content.
    so let me do this for him so that he may know what Al Quran says about POW; it is mentioned that “kill them if they come to fight against you, but dont harm childrens and woment and aged. dont touch them if they surrender against you and escort them to the safe place”.
    now tell me which religion tells that Escort your enemy to the safe place if they will to stop fight against you???

    Muslims are never against any religion. it is mentioned in holy Quran that “never say bad about the god of other religion as in return they will speak against your god, and you will be responsible and punished for these words (against Allah) of those people.

    I request Mr. Narain to stop poisoning between two brother of a family as it is a big sin.

  22. s.kumar said

    Dear all

    The comments and replys made amusing reading and it was shocking to note how many of us have lost our humanity.Religion as an institution has ruined our society.Men of all religion have become beasts. That is evident from the writeups above.Mr. Narain’s hate is disturbing but he seems to have merely echoed the thoughts and beliefs of a vast number of hindu youth.
    It is very sad that Mr. Narain has also fallen into the trap of extremism while attempting to save our nation from the comforts of New york.
    Numerous issues of social and economin relevance remain unsettled in our country. Millions of Indians go to bed with just one meal a day…thousands of farmers commit suicide because they cannot repay their loans , as low as Rs 5000( thats INR and not USD Mr. Narain).A good___ % of population walk miles to fetch a bucket of drinking water,more than ___% of the population do not have basic sanitary facilities,___ % of the population cannot read or write,___% of the population do not earn more than Rs 10 a day ( again thats INR ),THE LIST GOES ON AND ON.

    Every privileged citizen , like Mr. Narain and others , must try to fill in these statistics and contribute in nation building instead of trying to figure out the alleged attrocities of Akbar and Jahangir who does not matter to our lives whatsoever.We are the masters of our present and future. If we waste our time spewing venom on others , we are merely destabilising our country and our people , that includes hindus, muslims, christians etc…
    I hope some day Mr. Narain and all those who appreciated his article would find it in their heart to forget the irrelevant history and join hands for a better future for all.

    I cannot help but make one last observation. From the article of Mr. Narain It is evident that he needs psychiatric help because he is mentally disturbed and the one representation of the Minority in the form of Mr. Mashuk Ahmed indicates that Mr. Mashuk is well balanced and secular. It is a shame that the glorious Hinduism is hijacked by the likes of Mr Narain Kataria.

  23. Mashuk Ahmed said

    Dear friends,
    I am thankful to Mr.S Kumar for his secularic view and i congratulate him for his broad mentality to accept the things. i pray for the same kind of mentality for every youth of the nation.
    I dont want to blame any of the above writer (Jagannath, Shiva, Jaykrishna or venkat…)who spoke against Islam because it is just there lack of knowledge thats why they flow with the wave of patrotism in wrong direction.
    I have a humble request to all the reader/writer of religion that “dont observe the follower of any religion but read the authentic scriptures of that religion to know and comment on that particular religion”. as you dont observe the driver of the Car to know the performance of that car.

    Moreover Mr. S Kumar has raised another good point here about the various problems in india. I find that the basic reason for these problems is Poverty.
    in this regard Islam says that wealth should be distributed equally among the people. For that every rich people of the world should pay 2.5% of his annual saving to poor people (it is called zakat). believe me friend if every rich person irrespective of religion pays his part of zakat then there will not be a single begger on the surface of this world.

    Hope you got my point.

    Mashuk Ahmed
    Indian Air Force.

  24. Naved said

    Why you are not allowing my post. Are you afraid or feeling shame being a hindu. Visit …….and see what is this cult religion hinduism

  25. hindu militant said

    This is the most blatant critique of islam. Every hindu knows this in his heart, but the public debate in India is extremely biased hence it is politically incorrect to say this

    Thanks to the author for saying this openly.

  26. krishna said

    dear mashuk ahmed ,you very silently embarressed jagarnath,vankat,shiva,jaykrishna and the auther..and also sprayed the knowledge of islam by it means….but i would like to open eyes of you and some of my hindu brothers and sisters who live in darkness of development and ‘nastikta’ among themself by same points that you explained mr jaganath,venkat,shiva,and jayakrishna be ready to face the truth of your thinking and reliogion
    1-you said that muslim did not want to divide the coountry and they have ‘iman’which states that loveyour country and fight for it.these words you yourself proved wrong when you said in point 14 that ULFA is fighting for seprate country…bangladesh you wanted as a seprate country…pakistan you wanted as seprate country…did you missed something in the defination of your ‘iman’ that you should love and fight for the country where there is only muslims….or d you dont have any ‘iman’as such explained in holy book quran
    2-you say that 90% voted for partition and 5% left.i say that the remaining 85% had the greed to not loose thier owened land and the remaining 85% of muslims are creating groups like ULFA so that they can have their own country again.but the cruel truth is you people are selfish and always look for the oppurtunities of your greed..
    3-you say that muslims dont belive in vote bank or’sood’then as per the servey of election commision of india(proven) congress total vote % of muslim have contrastically increased from 37% to 83% after the ram mandir case and has remained constant since then it means 83% Of total vote given to congress are of muslims..where i your ‘sood’
    4-if non muslim are not intent to stay in their motherland it is because of you behavior which has a prime example of what you do to hindus in pakistan and even then they dont want partition they want secure place in same country.
    5-you can put history on the line and give me one name of person who wants to be in islam by its will.whetheras,in same book i can give you examle that islam force people to covert into started to force coversion of hindus into muslim and i am afraid that your ansestors are also one of the conversions as all the people living in greater india were hindu before invasion of mughals.who wants to be coverted in islam by its people always force it..
    6-when rapist is punished to be death(sharia)then everyday a hindu girl is raped is pakistan hindu child are treated as slave..where goes your ‘sharia’.if you would have followed it half pakistan would be far as hockey player beaten by another player is not the sence you see it you see an muslim player beaten by hindu players.and this results in riots.the corrections needs to be in your thinking not ours and the latest example is laden murder protest in pakistan they dont see a terrorist died by militant but they see an muslim murder my a christain country..
    7-its true that gujrat ,assam ,up etc muslim got killed but first you,recognize the party who encouraged the riot.its always from your side.. and the thing that khan does mischeive its muslim doing it and ram does it its ram.its not our thinking its your laden drops bomb in twin tower its muslim who destroyed kafirs..and a mr lal krishn adwani helps creating ram mandir instead of babri mahzid..its mr adwani who’s the culpret..its your thinking that you yhink your religion as secular and othesr at indivisual.that has resulted inyour this questio
    8- their always have been link with pakistan extermist with indian muslim in every pakistan extremist activities their is direc or indirect support from indian muslim
    9-800 terrorist cels says mr m.k.narayan he hass the authority of sevey and government how can you say that their are only 20-50 cells.that much may only be in area around you live.
    10-i cant comment on this matter as i dont know much about it
    11-oo this is really intersting one one hand you say usnot to think much of these activities as themes are delibrately done by politician for their profit and other hand you say that muslims cant forget all these..bit confused .arnt you!i say the reason for this you people always look to make us see a matter with differnet view and you all have secular greedy view of own.
    12-if a muslim wrights a book against hindus then all muslim believe in all its content as per ‘fatwas’ for’kafirs’ and emplement them also.then why cant we believe in mr ghosh book..thanks mr ghosh
    13-you say islam does not force. the emforcement done on non muslim in pakistan is not forced ,does tthe beating and raping of non muslim in pakistan is not forced ,does the war of philistin and israel is not forced …i think yoy really need to think on it.
    14-its not just about ULFA in india,thier are many other groups who wants to do jihad with non muslim is our central government which are not stoping them compehensively..we need a government like BJP to handle this.
    15-i would like to remember you that when babar came to india ,he started breaking temples and converting hindus into muslims and we didnt do anything this does not means that we accounting to no of temples to be broken but we were following th ‘aagya’ of our superior which is in our !dharam’and lord ram showed us the way of that by spending14years for 1 ‘aagya’
    hope these point may support the auther and open the eyes of many hindu bhai and bahans..jaii shrrii raam

  27. TAMAL said

    Mr Ahmed

    Where is ULFA now ? ULFA has surrendered as it was Congress who created it LIKE AGP . Aurobindo Rajkhowan and Paresh Barua their leaders all took shelter in Bangladesh till India goverment threatened Bangladesh by stopping Ganges water , after which they extradeted and Handed those terrorists to India. The Reason !!! Muslims in Bangladesh were dying there without Ganges Water. So now you know who sheltered ULFA terrorist in the jungles of Chittagong from where they were caught over night .

    2) Yes Godhra was Wrong but who started it by Burning the pilgrims live in the Sabar Mati Express? You kill the people and burn them in their own country and you expect the HINDU population to seat like an Audience in a Cinema hall or to treat Muslims with Rose and Flowers ?
    3) Kashmir king signed the state under Indian Union and that time pandits were almost half the population .So now by driving out the 50% do you represent the whole kashmiri Population ?
    4) The burning of Christians was a sporadic incident where those who were doing it was caught red handed to Convert and it was the tribals who stood with Dara Singh and they saved him for next 10 years till he was caught . But what happened to destroyers of Kali Temple in Bangladesh ? Were they caught ? What happened to Destroyers of Bamiyan Budhdha the Oldest Budhdha statue in World at Kandahar, Afghanisthan ? Were they caught ? No they are still there till USA caught OSAMA and Mullah Omar and killed them without Informing Pakistani Arny and general Kayani ISI cheif cries foul.

    5) Who used to deposit lakhs of Rupees in Ishrat Jahans bank account ? She was a girl from a Poor family and It is really surprising that her Bank account had lakhs of withdrwals and deposits per Month .
    6) Why did Pakistani cricketer Yousuf Youhana Convert suddenly and that he immidiately got married to ex pakistani cricket captain’s sister as soon as he converted ? Why couldnt he stay asYousuf Youhana marry Saed Anwar’s sister?

    7) If country Comes first in Muslims religious practice then why is there a Funda of Muslim Ummah ? Why there is no Country based adaption of Islam ? Why cant a Muslim just go and pary in a mosque in India and get the blessings ?What is the need to go to Hajj ? Do you know that in Mecca no Non muslims are allowed .Thats why you will not see any Non muslim journalists covering Hajj . Even BBC sends Muslim reporters to cover the Hajj or just gets the footage from KSA the saudi TV channel . Is this tolerance to Other religions and that you promote not to speak against .Is their any word against Kafirs in any other religion no . Yes even in Quran sharief there is no anti Comment against other religions but in Sunnah and hadiths they have . Your marraige system is a great example of that .

    8) Please look at the website of HRCB (Bangladeshi Minorities Human Rights Commision) .You are talking about One church Burning in Kandhamal .But always remmeber that there is the Oldest Mother mary in thses country at Vailakenni at Kerala . Mother Teresa got Nobel Prize and Saint hood from thses country .A state Like Goa which has 70% Christian Population as per 2004 Census still exists with the body of St Xaviers openely declared as a holy site of Catholics round the world .Now In Bangladesh they have massacred the whole Christian Population and thus the issue went upto UN for the attriocities done against the Minorities .As per the Bangladeshi Goverment the Minorities are just more than 1% in their Country. And in Our Country Muslims were 5% of the whole Mass now they are 12.5% as per ur data so more than Double means almost 150 % Growth. Simple Arithmatic.

    9) What happend to Taslima Nasrin ? This is the tolerance ? Why cant the Painter Mr Hussain imaginete the Naked beauty of women of Prphet mohammed’s family like Fatima or Khadija . Why it was only restricted to goddeses saraswati ? Did anybody tell him that Fatima or Khadija were not good looking ? Or his creation comes out Only in drawing Naked Picture of Goddeses of Majority Community?

    10 ) Read the Sachar Commison why the Muslims are Unabvle to crack IIT and IIM ‘s and IES . Inspite of all Narendra Modis bashing Muslims of Gujrat still remained the Richest and safest in the country .The papers are checked and corrected by Machine so no partiallity can happen . Just to maintain social fabric the UPSC exma those who take it in Urdu or has Urdu has electives they are given more marks as to keep that Minority Vote bank in Tact.

    11) Lastly You are misinformed in 1946 there was a national refferendum among the provincial councils who were representing the provinces . Like Sylhet went to bangladesh though major population was Hindus but were driven out and muslims only voted for going with East Pakistan .The CM was Moinul Haq Chowdhury .PLEASE CORRECT YOUR BASICS . Now the fact that your fore fathers didnt leave this country as they were not that educated to leave their land and start something new in Pakistan and being Called MOHAJIRS . Pakistan those days had very strong Provincial Councils mailnlyt domainated by people who lived in Pakistani Punjab ,Sindh and Queta Provinces . So the peoiple who were bit educated went to Pakistan and Joined the Goverment services there .Thats is the reason the origianl Pakistanis are angry as MOHAJIRS ahve all eaten their Jobs there .NOW all who didnt leave were all Petty Labour Class , Farmers , Business man who had establised Shops and the Land Holders .

  28. TAMAL said

    There was No Voting as to who wants Pakistan as such coz the muslim league had sufficient representation in Provincial Councils and the referendum was taking among them as to how many elected Muslim Members want Pakistan as the divide was based on Religion. So except the muslim members of some elite muslim groups like frontier gandhi or Maulan Azad all of them voted for the formation of Pakistan . No what happened to Normal Popluation was that they neede a proof of their name residence and property in India and thus was given a choice to migrate to Pakistan if they wanted . What Mr Kataria meant was that 85% of Muslim Mmebers in Provincial Councils wanted pakistan but among Muslim Population 15 % Actually went from Indian side of the Border.Its not Counting whole of Pakistan. We are Debating here on basis of Muslims who were there in India and went there . The ones in Pakistan had no problems coz they were already there so it is imperative that a Independent Muslim Country will benefit them.
    The District Magistrate on giving the proof of residence in India gave a Certificate and while crossing the border was stamped by both the sides and they become eligible for getting any unclaimed enemy property or the special goverment grants and refugee camps in Pakistan. So I Agree with Mr Mustak there was never a voting option for commeon people to go with pakistan. But there was achoice given to them . Voting was restricted to Provincial Council members who were elected by people themselves in the provincial goverments.

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